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  1. Hi everyone I am from Germany and I used to organise sport events for amateurs. Now we were looking for some cameras to record and produce some clips for our own marketing. I found an article according cameras... But I am not sure whitch one could work best for our sport clips. This is the article (it is in german) https://www.fotospring.de/filmkamera-test/ Does anyone can give me some advice or has some expereance with the 4K Camcorder ORDRO? Thank you for your help.
  2. Hey, fantastically done from my personal point of view. It really goes well together, logo and font. Simple but yet some character in it.
  3. Nothing wrong with the minimalist at all! Well designed. Simple but yet effective. Serve its cause well. IT represents something Asian and strong at the same time
  4. Good that they notice this. Announcing something to soon is never ideal. i guess at the moment everybody are slightly paranoid, no matter whether it will take place in China or not. Also maybe giving other country the chance to host might not be a bad idea, since the time gap of the two big events is not that much. Further than that, you still don't know whether the event for 2022 can take place at its fully capacity.
  5. i totally agree with a lot of opinion here. The medals are really simple when it comes to design, yet it represents a certain power and strength due to the thickness of the medals. I really like it.
  6. I know this post is a little while ago, however is the information provided here still more or less the same? What about the insurance incase i won't take place? thank you for any further update
  7. I agree towards your statement concerning the fact that Ukraine might be more successful for hosting the Winter Youth Olympics 2028. As already mentioned, the other alternative hosts are also from my point of view strong "players", when comparing the experience holding bigger events (might be a disadvantage for Ukraine, since they are lack on the experiences). Nevertheless, the with the support they might could have chances
  8. I guess you are not to wrong with your statement. With the economical situation, not a lot of country can afford to look interesting as a host for the Games. Only the rich countries can take this opportunity. This does not have to be seen as a complete wrong move, since at least they put in this effort. Luckily for them, the effort pays off. Hope they can create a safety and successful event.
  9. I guess it is still now a little tricky question to have an answer towards to. Everybody hope to be able to say yes of course, since nobody likes to live their life in an uncertain way and want the normality to be back soon. However i guess we have to be okey with the so-called new normality. According to the numbers which we all can see, the tendency of the games to take place is still kind of low, however you never know.
  10. Inspiring pictures and input. A Basketball Team comprised of just Universal Studios employees, it might sound so uncomplicated however very inspiring. What i am trying to say is, sometimes having extraordinary experiences does not have to involve anything extravagant, just people with same passion and goal. Reaally amazing for them to win Gold.
  11. I also agree to most of the comments. Focusing only on history or tradition might could narrow down the actual meaning of the Olympics rings. I hope they will present something that represents diversity or at least something that combines the five continents together. Of course it would not be be wrong to introduce their country, however the focus should not be on the country itself only. But i am also excited of what they will be offering at last.
  12. Hey, i know it 2021 now, however i am new to this forum and just want to make some inputs for the video you have created. Really great sum up of the history of the medals achievements of each countries. Really tidy and clear. Thumbs up. I am also excited for the future Olympic games and really hope to experience it soon without any disturbance.
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