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  1. Just watching Sanremo and they’ve just shown the two options. My god they are awful
  2. When I say ‘bit’ disappointing, I mean very disappointing.
  3. Given what I expected bit disappointing. The grey one looks like it has more potential, but the colour one for me seems very cheap. Rushed job?
  4. Great work @Victorian and everyone in the Brisbane competition - it was hard to choose between them!
  5. Wow! I wasn't expecting that and so really great the deadline was extended! Otherwise it would have to have been another year before finally getting an entry in! Massive thanks to everyone for your votes; and to all designers for making it a competition - and of course, to you guys for running a great competition. I'm mega excited to be joining the community again properly - and a nice way to do it! Looking forward to voting on the Brisbane designs next week! J
  6. Hi everyone - I used to have an account on here a while ago, but never posted, was just a lurker and lost the details. I've always meant to enter this contest as it combines two of my favourite things; the Olympics and graphic design, but I always forget about it, and end up coming on around Christmas time and have missed the entry slot. So was overjoyed to see this competition extended when I looked yesterday. I've therefore come up with this entry for the Milan Cortina 2026 competition. I hopefully will get round to doing a Brisbane one before Monday but that might not happen! Milano-Cortina 2026 I was looking to produce something that had the simplicity and elegance of Italian design, together with something that spoke to the winter themes of the games. I've therefore built this logo which is the Italian mountains made out of two interlocking 'M' shapes (for Milan). The bottom 'wave' M creates a triangle depicting Milan on the left, and another higher up to portray Cortina. I've paired the mark with a font which brings the same distinctive line-based shapes into its design. The colours, obviously, come from the Italian flag - and the logo is accompanied by the Olympic and Paralympic motifs. You can see the logo in games mode via this short visual presentation which lays out how the theme could be utilised. I've attached a few tasters below. Looking forward to getting stuck in more across the forum.
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