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  1. Bonjour, no im not french im from Austria
  2. Yes i feel like, events like these should be reconsidered because of everything going on, except theyre gonna do empty stadiums. But I personally feel like that a lot of people will be against it being held in china.
  3. So I guess that didnt go as planned...is it still happening in switzerland? Heard they are on lockdown....
  4. Yes I too hope that they will show and tell the rich history of France and maybe even focus on the renaissance and baroq times. France has so much to tell and im excited for their presentation.
  5. I think that the whole current situation might affect whos gonna do the honors, but yes Marie Jose Perec sounds like the best option right now.
  6. When I went to Doha in Winter 2018 they were already building the stadiums. I dont know if they were already existing or if they just renovated most of them. All I do know is that they are doing eveything they can to accomodate all the fans. But i highly doubt that quataris will actually go and watch the games.
  7. Wow what an ad! Im sure that this ones gonna have a huge impact on all of us. Def an eye opener it just shows that everone can achieve their dreams if they truly work for it!
  8. wow thank you for this, it truly feels like as if we forgot this year about the olympics! Great video!
  9. Yes I think that the London Olympics were one of the first Olympics Games i thoroughly watched and enjoyed. Loved the opening and ending ceremony so much. Remeniscing the good old days.
  10. Hey, I think that your graphic is very well made. Thank you for that :)
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