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  1. If they were to bid for any sort of upcoming Winter Games, I think they'd be more likely to see success for the 2028 onward Winter Youth Olympics. From what I've researched, they seem to be the only place talking about hosting the 2028 WYO. They could recycle Lviv's 2022 WOG bid. I don't know if I'd call competition for the 2030 WOG "stiff", but four cities (Barcelona-Pyrenees, Salt Lake City, Sapporo, & Vancouver), three of whom are veteran hosts, are talking about bidding. I think if Ukraine wants to set itself up for success, it should shoot for the next possible WYOG (2028). Maybe they could shoot for a senior Winter Games as soon as 2034, with a WYOG serving as a "test run." Where summer games are concerned, Kiev could be an okay host for the Summer Youth Olympics, but they would certainly need to build quite a bit of infrastructure. A senior summer Olympics is a long way off, to say the least. All the while, however, politics may doom any future bid, both because of referendums and Russian aggression.
  2. Given these four cities, I'd probably put my faith in Indianapolis or Austin soonest because they would have to build the fewest things. They both have great university/major league sports infrastructure including track and field stadiums and swimming centers. A Universiade could also give the US a dry run for a potential Youth Olympics, most likely in the 2040's.
  3. According to this article by The Sports Examiner (http://www.thesportsexaminer.com/the-ticker-exclusive-u-s-to-try-for-world-univ-games-in-2027-drama-in-russia-over-drive-to-oust-rusada-head-usopc-bill-now-in-house/), the United States is thinking of bidding for the 2027 Summer Universiade. Nothing has been officially announced, but the Sports Examiner article proposed Raleigh-Durham, Houston, Indianapolis, and Austin as possible cities, each with their own unique pros and cons. Competition for this edition could come from Budapest and potentially other cities. Sandwiched between the 2026 World Cup set to take place across the US (and Canada and Mexico) and the 2028 Los Angeles Olympiad, an American 2027 Universiade would certainly be a very interesting prospect. What do people think? Should the US go for it? Which of the four cities do you think has the best shot? Is there another American city you'd like to see host the Games?
  4. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/vancouver-2030-olympics-bid-discussion-postponed Vancouver, Canada is also considering a bid for 2030. If they bid and win 2030, SLC will have to wait even longer to host the Games again unless the IOC is desperate in 2034. Expect more information from Vancouver to come in 2021.
  5. "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne. When I was a kid, I hated it because it had swearing in it. Now that I'm a grownup, it doesn't matter as much.
  6. Between Seoul's 1988 Olympics venues and Pygonyang having the world's highest-capacity stadium (suitable for track and field) as well as two large arenas (Pyongyang Arena at 12K and Pyongyang Gymnasium at about 20K), certainly there are plenty of sports venues that could be used for any future Olympics. Obviously, however, sports venues seem to be the only thing in this proposal's favor.
  7. Hi. I know it's been a long time since anyone responded to this thread. Just wondering if there is any advice someone could impart on new Gamesbids Forums members such as myself. Thank you very much.
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