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  1. The Tollcross International Swimming Centre only has a capacity of 5000 even with temporary seating.
  2. No way a boycott by politicians and dignitaries is a stronger staement than not sending anyone at all.
  3. I like this idea. Why does it matter that they've already had her in a ceremony last year?
  4. Would they really give this honour to someone who doesn't even speak Japanese?
  5. U.S. State Department backs away from the idea of a Beijing Olympics boycott
  6. Threatening to cut funding if they don't boycott an Olympics would still constitute interfering in BOA's autonomy.
  7. It might be a bit naive to think that China would approve their visas.
  8. There'd be consequences if Biden (or anyone else) interferes with USOPC's autonomy.
  9. Japan Aims to Vaccinate Most of Country Before Olympics, Report Says
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if @REDWHITEBLUE24is having wet dreams each night about boycotting the Olympics.
  11. It's also nowhere near as popular in Australia as Fox News is in the US.
  12. Sky News is basically the Australian equivalent of Fox News and even has the same owner.
  13. An opinion piece that doesn't even have the authors name.
  14. What a terrible idea Sri Lanka hosting would be.
  15. I just noticed this headline but the article is behind a paywall: Top-flight push to reignite Adelaide's 2026 Commonwealth Games bid
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