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  1. BBC used a grey filter presumably to make it look worse. I expected better from BBC.
  2. The big-air competition slope in Shougang a striking feature of Beijing's Winter Olympics
  3. I just came here to see the reaction. While I do enjoy a good ceremony, I watch the Olympics for the sports so I'm not overly upset.
  4. Brisbane Olympics 2032: Why Ash Barty is perfect candidate to light cauldron
  5. How many are expected to be attending the ceremony?
  6. We've got so many Kiwis in SE Queensland that 2032 can be a pseudo home games for New Zealand too.
  7. No doubt it'll be in March again (or thereabouts) so only just over 4 years away. Exciting. Despite living near the Gold Coast I wasn't able to attending anything because I was too sick for the whole uration (have a pretty serious chronic illness) so hopefully I'll be healthier during 2026.
  8. I think most Aussies would be happy for them to give it a miss.
  9. This is the more likely scenario. Ash is a self admitted homebody and isn't obsessed with legacy like Serena is so I just don't see her being away from home all the time deep into her 30s and when she was asked about Brisbane 2032 last year she gave the impression that playing that long is not on the cards.
  10. I don't see Ash extending her career all the way to 2032.
  11. I think it only seems that way because they were awarded so early.
  12. Surely Americans don't have to pay to watch the Olympics?
  13. The loss of all that eye candy in the Judo and Wrestling would be a tragedy.
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