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  1. Maybe the Gold Coast can get a spot on the comittee now.
  2. Bad argument which is trotted out every time there's a discussion of trans inclusion in women's sports. It's bad because sports aren't segregated based on these other attributes but they are segregated based on sex. These exact same arguments could be used to argue for the abolition sex segregation in sports which I don't think anyone wants.
  3. Prince Charles? Well that's unfortunate.
  4. So I guess this is gonna happen whenever there's a change of state or federal government? Did this happen during Sydney preparations? I was too young to care at the time.
  5. Moreton Bay Regional Council reveals plans for indoor stadium ahead of 2032 Olympics
  6. Kazan wasn't building a swimming arena just for the 25m swimming world championships. It was going to be hosted at the Palace of Water Sports where the 2015 World Aquatic Championships were hosted.
  7. Stubblety-Cook is terrible in the 25m pool but Titmus already owns the 25m 400m world record and could challenge the 200 and 800 world records.
  8. The 25m world championships are of much lesser importance than the 50m with Australia usually sending a pretty weak team that's not in peak form but being in Australia this year I'd imagine it'd be taken more seriously and some world records would surely fall if they're near full strength.
  9. The competition pools at MSAC have moveable bulkheads to adjust the length of the pool.
  10. What's this "$100 million facelift"? Isn't there supposed to be a $1 billion new stadium?
  11. Yes, they should keep building white elephants so you don't get bored with the host cities.
  12. While it is technically true because Queensland couldn't do the Olympics alone, a federal Labor government would've likely done the same if they were in power especially considering there's a Labor government in Queensland.
  13. MCG being selected to host the final would be a joke.
  14. They really should pick a rectangular stadium for the final.
  15. Now that News Corp seems to have fixed their paywall it's hard to properly follow Brisbane 2032 news.
  16. Tokyo was a terrific host under the circumstances.
  17. Isn't Orban the driving force behind bidding for a lot of these sporting events? Seems to me that without him cosying up with sporting federations there'd be a drop off.
  18. The group of countries doesn't include the Solomon Islands.
  19. Hopefully not Craig Tiley after the Djokovic debacle earlier this year.
  20. India have requested archery, shooting and wrestling be included https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1122278/ioa-archery-shooting-wrestling-victoria
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