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  1. Germany might be more willing to bid for an Olympics after Bach is gone.
  2. Not that I agree with Doha hosting but Doha is much closer to a European timezone than an East Asian timezone. London GMT+1 Paris GMT+2 Doha GTM+3 Beijing GMT+8 Tokyo GMT+9 Sydney GMT+10
  3. Mexico will be dropped in favour of a bid in the Europe/African timezone. They should focus on 2040.
  4. I still wouldn't go swimming in early September. Brrr.
  5. So they're gonna build a city and all the infrastructure needed to host an Olympics before 2036? You too silly Indonesia.
  6. They better get used to it because even Brisbane 2032 will have multiple villages.
  7. Track cycling doesn't have to be a problem except that organisers stubbornly insist that no event will be hosted in Melbourne.
  8. Excuse my ignorance because I know very little about stadiums in NZ but would Albany Stadium even fit a track? It appears to be rectangular.
  9. NZ or Malaysia would be preferable to another location in GB.
  10. It seems like a country wide bid shouldn't be too hard or expensive for NZ to pull off. Has anyone done up a possible list of venues?
  11. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/gabba-locked-in-despite-potential-olympic-cost-blow-out-20220801-p5b69p.html Most interesting part:
  12. Could you maybe use the title from the article for the links instead of just the url?
  13. Even so, New Zealand isn't much bigger than Victoria so it could be viable.
  14. World Athletics to introduce repechage round to track events from 200 to 1500 metres at the Paris Olympics in replace of the fastest qualifiers (top placings still go direct to semis). https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/sports/world-athletics-introduce-repechage-round-paris-games-2022-07-25/ I thought this must be a joke when I first saw it!
  15. It's the enormous building for all that seating that is a waste. Aquatic centres simply don't need that much seating and it's hugely wasteful to build an Olympic size aquatic centre only to then downsize it. They have the right idea to use an existing arena with a temporary pool and then if Paris needs an aquatic centre they can build one that fits their needs rather than a ridiculous Olympic scale one that no city needs.
  16. Swimming Australia also proposed hosting the FINA World Chanmpionships in 2029 or 2031 https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/olympics/swimming/kyle-chalmers-breaks-100-metres-short-course-world-record/news-story/b06fcf0a00ebb99f1453e31c64a25483
  17. I don't even think I saw Australian media report about it. Did we even send a team?
  18. World Netball has spent years sabotaging the development of the men's game so there's little chance it'll get introduced to the Olympics.
  19. @Chris_Mexwill be disappointed that they're not building a stadium there instead of using the Gabba.
  20. Shocking. No one could've predicted this.
  21. That is the English name and it's easy to pronounce.
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