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  1. Brisbane Airport Corporation flags third terminal option with air traffic expected to double by 2040



    Brisbane Airport Corporation is considering adding a third terminal to keep up with future demand ahead of the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    Stephen Beckett from the Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) said the airport was running out of space with its two terminals.

    "We really need that extra capacity to make sure that Queenslanders and people visiting Queensland can get to the destinations they need," he said.

    "We know that we're going to see the number of people using Brisbane Airport more than double between now and 2040." 

    BAC estimates 50 million passengers a year will travel through its terminals by 2040. 



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  2. Gabba redevelopment still has bipartisan support



    Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has backed a redeveloped Gabba to be the main stadium for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, saying the inner-city location was unbeatable.

    Speaking on The Courier-Mail and Nova’s Toward the Games podcast, Mr Schrinner said the Gabba was in need of a considerable upgrade regardless, and it lacked significantly compared to other sites around the country.



  3. 57 minutes ago, Scotguy II said:

    The draw for this tournament takes place today in Auckland. The draw will be the biggest event ever staged in New Zealand with Kiwi superstar Rita Ora performing, alongside a cast of 800 - the event will finish with the biggest ever fireworks display in NZ, spread over 30 sites across Auckland.

    Since when is Rita Ora a Kiwi?

  4. 4 hours ago, yoshi said:

    ?! :wacko:

    ...the African Games would be a better bet ;) I don't know how feasible this is without getting NBC to change the dates. Also isn't the traffic and pollution famously bad in Cairo? (Not that that stopped Beijing). Sporting tradition though, so far more worthy than Doha...


    Haha. I can't believe I said that. Are the African Games even big enough to be a decent stepping stone to hosting an Olympics?

  5. The problem with building a stadium elsewhere is one of the new stadium or the Gabba will turn into a white elephant. They could potentially knock down the Gabba and repurpose the land but that'd be a huge shame because part of the reason the cross river rail station is there is because there's a stadium next door.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Nacre said:

    There are lots of possible cities; there are about 25 cities -if not more- in the USA that are big enough for the Pan-American Games. But much of our existing sporting infrastructure isn't suitable. Even in Los Angeles the swimming pools at USC are outdoors, for example, and thus technically are not acceptable for high level competitions by FINA.

    As far as I'm aware FINA doesn't have any requirement that a pool be indoors so unless the organisation that arranges the Pan-Am Games has there own special requirements I doubt an outdoor pool would be a problem. 

    These are some other major championships that I can recall were outdoors:

    • 2022 European Champs (Rome, ITA)
    • 2018 Comm Games (Gold Coast, AUS)
    • 2014 Pan Pacific Champs (Gold Coast, AUS)
    • 2009 World Champs (Rome, ITA)

    Probably there are others.

  7. 12 hours ago, Quaker2001 said:

    Born and raised in Compton.  They moved to Florida for a while to be closer to their coaches, but eventually moved back home.  So their roots are very much in Southern California

    Neither of the sisters were born in Compton and Richard moving his daughters to Compton was intended to toughen them up.


    Even though Richard is depicted as being so protective of his family and determined to keep them off the mean streets, in fact the Williamses had the money to move out of the neighborhood. Venus spent her first three years in sleepy Long Beach, California before Richard deliberately moved the family to Compton, over the objections of his wife, because he believed the tough environment would give the girls a fighter’s mentality. “What led me to Compton was my belief that the greatest champions came out of the Ghetto,” he wrote. “I had studied sports successes like Muhammad Ali and great thinkers like Malcolm X. I saw where they came from.” He also told CNN, “There was no place in the world that was rougher than Compton. The ghetto will make you rough, it’ll make you tough, it’ll make you strong. And so that’s why I went to Compton with them.”


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