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  1. Hi ! The London Olympics in 2012 were the first Olympics that I really took seriously. It is always a good memory to remember. The Opening Ceremony was just like the UK.
  2. Hi ! I fully agree that the Beijing ceremony was the most beautiful opening ceremony of all the Olympic Games combined. China represented its strength, discipline and art in a breathtaking show.
  3. Hi all! I think the best logo is the Toronto logo for the 2026 Olympic Games. The colours and the size are harmonious. The city is well represented with its famous monuments. In the blink of an eye you can see directly which place it is. Great job from the artists!
  4. Hi! Your graphic is very well done. There are just two points that are still important to me: the choice of colours for the different regions and for the background of your graphic. Why didn't you respect the basic colours of the continents? Once you've changed this, you'll have to use a lighter colour for the background, for example light grey?
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