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  1. I planned a Tokyo trip with my friends this year. Since corona is still a thing we will probably postpone it to next year. As some members mentioned Shinjuku or Shibuya are a good option. Tokyo Bay is even better. From my point of view hotels won't be that occupied due to Covid-19 next year. Since I was quite busy, my friends planned the trip. Unfortunately they are not into the Olympics and researched basic sighseeing points. This is an usefull link https://www.travelspring.de/staedtereise-tokio/ in case you end up in Tokyo and the Olympics are going to be postponed again due to cor
  2. I love to play, Ghost of Tsushima, you take on the role of Jin Sakai, a powerful samurai warrior whose adventures were inspired by Japanese history and the famous traditions of samurai cinema, creating a great story of revenge, outgrowth and hope. Greets, Kilian
  3. Hey Hans, I just read your crazy idea and I don't think that this would be too crazy. If this would happen, I would be a big fan of your idea! I'm just not sure if 2 hours are enough to change the floor, would be interesting to know... Also i do agree with your point to have more teams playing in the handball tournament. Greets, Kilian
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