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  1. True but China is just as hated in the UK and Australia as it is in America.
  2. Quite a few countires would likely join the boycott including other top tier winter nations like Canada and Norway.
  3. The Principle of not proping up the Chinese regime and an IOC who if they were decent would pull the plug on the games being held there.
  4. https://www.floridadaily.com/rick-scott-wants-a-meeting-with-ioc-to-talk-about-2022-olympics-in-china/ Uyghurs in Xinjiang and Hong Kong - neither a major issue in 2008. Also comparisons with the Bans on South Africa during Apartheid and Afghanistan due to the Taliban. I can even see Trump pulling the USA out of the IOC if they refuse to cancel. If I was a American or British athlete preparing for 2022 I would be preparing to accept that it is probable I would be bared by my country to take part.
  5. It might be seen as the opposite of 1936 - not tolreating the same type of behaviour that attending 1936 helped to further support.
  6. Carter led the 1980 boycott remember - so Biden might well support a 2022 boycott.
  7. The UK would Join the USA - so would probably Australia, Poland, Hungary among others.
  8. With the boycott movement starting China has already got countries very likely going to boycott 2022.
  9. I don't think people realise that if the white house wants a boycott (And Biden is just as anti China as Trump) no American athlete will risk being seen as a traitor by pushing to compete.
  10. I am 90% sure the USA, UK and Japan will all boycott and in return they will be boycotts of western held games.
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