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  1. On 11/18/2021 at 5:39 AM, StefanMUC said:

    Actually, the whole Peng story can develop into something super embarrassing for the (so far silent) IOC. WTA has given some strong statements already and don‘t seem willing to bow to Chinese efforts to keep this under the rug.

    Of course this will not lead to a „full boycott“, but it adds yet another topic to the list of issues we might get unwanted (by IOC and China) comments/protests by athletes about.


    I bet it leads to at least 10 countries fully boycotting. 

  2. 4 hours ago, Chris_Mex said:

    Is it your opinion? or there's actually a confidable source behind what makes you compare china-us relations to the Iron curtain division the world had in 20th century

    It’s easy to tell that the majority of people in the west hate China for Covid and other issues. Polls have shown in Canada for example the majority want their country boycott the games. 

  3. On 8/18/2021 at 9:03 PM, stryker said:

    Not to mention a boycott by one or two countries can have repercussions in terms of hosting future sporting events. Case in point, the Soviet Union was an early favorite to host the 1990 World Cup which would be awarded to Italy. The host selection in 1984 coincided with Soviet decision to boycott the 1984 SOGs in Los Angeles. Joao Havelange has denied the boycott influenced FIFA but I think it's a peculiar coincidence. 

    I wonder if that was also because he feared that some western countries might boycott a soviet hosted world cup.




    The BOA will decide independently if to compete or not. 


  4. 52 minutes ago, stryker said:

    Trudeau would not have called a snap election if he thought his party would lose control of Parliament. If anything, he's called it because the Liberals are only a few seats away from a majority. Right now, they have power due to a power sharing agreement. None of the polls are indicating the Liberals would suffer enough of a loss to lose power. Trudeau isn't going anywhere.

    That was what Theresa May thought in 2017 and she ended up with a hung Parliament and her authority never recovererd. 

  5. 15 minutes ago, stryker said:

    Trudeau never said this. O'Toole did. Last I checked Trudeau is the PM and he's not going anywhere. O'Toole calling for a boycott is no different than what Rick Scott said in Congress. It means nothing. Team Canada will be at the Olympics in full force. Trudeau will not call for a boycott just because of some outlandish politician in Nova Scotia.

    Except there is an election in September and on current polls it’s basically 50/50 as to who will form the new Govenment.

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