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  1. https://www.smh.com.au/world/asia/global-push-to-strip-beijing-of-winter-olympics-20200920-p55xen.html Boycot movement growing. Led by Ian Duncan Smith who is a former leader of the opposition here in the UK and influential. Meanwhile leader of the Norwegian libreal party is opposed to a boycott.
  2. China is the main theme of his campaign - it could easily be mentioned.
  3. I think it's quite likely Trump will commit to a boycott before election day.
  4. Remember Fair chance of trump winning the nobel peace prize for the Abraham Accords.
  5. The Main USA advocates for a boycott atm are Trump supporters through.
  6. And for example the letter last week got mentioned on BBC News broadcasts.
  7. A lot of politicians are very concerned by the Uyghurs and Hong Kong so not hard for them to publicly pushing for boycotts. I can comfortably say many more than 1% will have a view as it gets nearer and further up the agenda.
  8. I don't think they will be many politicians in the UK or USA not in favour of a boycott - and it be the same in most western countries - both the left and right hate China atm.
  9. Could they survive if they lose all that money. If Trump wins the USA might not even be in 2024 if he pulls USOC out of the IOC.
  10. They might care if they lose the likes of the USA, Canada, UK and Japan.
  11. Denver pulled out of hosting 1976 - if savings to pay for the virus are needed 2026 will be one of things they get rid of.
  12. Will the IOC go bankrupt having to refund all the 2021 tv broadcast and sponership money.
  13. https://www.macaubusiness.com/rights-groups-urge-ioc-to-strip-beijing-of-2022-winter-olympics/
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