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  1. They are US sanctions against Iran that do that. Haven’t been struck down in any court.
  2. American politicians have talked about sanctions on sponsors as a way to push the USOC into boycotting.
  3. I bet it leads to at least 10 countries fully boycotting.
  4. The IOC might end up ensuring in 15 years they are no more Olympic Games
  5. I think a full boycott is going to happen. Peng Shuai will be the final catalyst.
  6. There hasn’t been anything to post. Very little mentions of boycotts recently. Chances of any boycotts declining every day unless circumstances change.
  7. The Press here in the UK are speculating that China might invade Taiwan soon. I can’t see them doing it before the Olympics but if they do that would make boycotts much more likely.
  8. In July the House of Commons approved a motion that the games should be moved from Bejing. https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons/2021-07-15/debates/E27E0D4E-5C70-4184-A044-E9B0103AF01F/BeijingWinterOlympicsAndChineseGovernmentSanctions?highlight=winter olympics#contribution-50AFBBFF-5ABC-44A3-9737-105A18897707
  9. The new UK, USA, Aus submarine deal is very reminiscent of the Cold War.
  10. It’s easy to tell that the majority of people in the west hate China for Covid and other issues. Polls have shown in Canada for example the majority want their country boycott the games.
  11. In terms of tensions between the west and China things are not that far of it. Particularly in terms of how the populations of the the likes of the USA think about China.
  12. https://www.tvbeurope.com/business/european-broadcasters-urged-to-pull-out-of-beijing-olympics https://abcnews4.com/news/nation-world/genocide-games-nbc-broadcasters-urged-to-boycott-beijing-olympics More calls for boycotts.
  13. https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2021/09/04/exclusive-beijing-olympics-boycott-leader-woke-athletes-silence-on-china-shows-double-standards/
  14. Until they in China they could easily be pulled out by sponsors or countries wanting to boycott.
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