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  1. I personally believe that 2031 would be the perfect time for the US to host a PAN AM games. I think if you look at what the Rhine-Ruhr model in Germany is doing by spreading events around the entirety of a metropolitan are, you can take that idea and use it for a a set of cities, or an entire state here in the US. I'd say a joint DC- Baltimore bid with the use of the numerous universities in the area, as well as pro-sports infrastructure, to accommodate any need. Also, the Naval Academy is there to be used as well, and there are multiple news bureaus that can be used for an IBC. The Only true hurdles in terms of sports facilities are a top-grade athletics stadium and a velodrome, and even that can be seen as splitting hairs because you could just potentially renovate and use on of the track stadiums at one of the universities in the area.
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