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  1. So.. it doesn't matter.. this is a forum website, we all can reply even the comment will be like 2 years ago.. 2030 it is long time from this recent year that time Covid-2019 will be no more
  2. Salt Lake 2030 and Sapporo 2030 are officially competiyors for the bid to host the winter olympics, also Barcelone would like to bid too and Ukraine would like to compete the bid too but they no representative city yet.. But I like to see to bid are the loser cities like Almaty or Stockholm another shot for bidding to host the winter olympic games in thier respective cities
  3. It is official Sapporo is in the game of bidding with Salt Lake for 2030 olympics (winter games) and Barcelona is rumored they to compete in the bid and Ukraine but no city selected as thier representative host for bidding for winter olympics
  4. I think a Mime inspiration mascot will be.. I believe it is kinda represents the French culture, even tho I am not a french.. just guessing too
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