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  1. Opening ceremony is in Australia...well makes sense but it is only fair New Zealand gets the closing ceremony
  2. Australia will no doubt be playing the opening game but I can only imagine New Zealand will be playing their home game simultaneously on the same matchday. But what I am more interested in is the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup Group Draw and seeing who ends up in Australia's group but also who ends up in New Zealand's group. They still haven't told us the allocation for spots I mean since there will be 32 teams for 2023, it only makes sense that they use the same allocation for the Men back when the Men's World Cup had 32 teams FIFA World Cup allocation when it was 32 teams for the men it worked out like this: UEFA- (13 teams) CONCACAF (3 teams) CONMEBOL (5 teams) CAF (5 teams) AFC (5 teams) OFC (0.5) But with the women how I would do it UEFA (13 teams) AFC (4 teams + host Australia which makes 5) OFC (New Zealand as host) (1 team) CAF (5 teams) CONCACAF (4 teams) CONMEBOL (4 teams) Which makes up your 32 teams for Australia/New Zealand 2023 Just how I would do it if I am FIFA for the Women's game
  3. Yeah okay but at the same time Australia and New Zealand did have the better bid
  4. I mean was it ever really in doubt that Australia/New Zealand weren't going to win the rights to host? I mean they have better infrastructure, better tourism hub, better airport access for teams to arrive in country by plane, better transportation hub to get from and to the stadiums I am sorry to say all of this but it is true and that is why they were awarded the tournament
  5. I love it...Australia and New Zealand are co hosts...this is not only great for the Women's game but great for Women's football as a whole. The first time the tournament will be held by 32 teams and it only made sense that Australia/New Zealand won this right to host given the infrastructure.
  6. It seems Qatar are ready because their stadiums are next to being complete
  7. Yeah apparently multi-nation bids are going to be the way to go now starting from 2026 and beyond
  8. Since I am Canadian, I can't wait until the 2026 FIFA World Cup comes to Canada personally myself. Pros outweigh cons here, people: - Improved infrastructure. - Team automatically qualifies for World Cup especially if you are Canada, USA or Mexico - Getting revenues in form of tickets sold, merchandise, selling TV rights, etc. - Give other countries' national teams a chance to shine on the world stage. Like really where can you go wrong? - Chance of home fans meeting global superstars face to face - Increase awareness about the game in general public here in Canada especially. - Tourism, as fans from 47 other countries visit here to watch WC. - What’s more, it will be easier to advance to the knockout rounds with two teams in every three-team group advancing to the round of 32 (as opposed to two of four teams in each group advancing to a round of 16). And with more emphasis on the results of one game—in a sport where crazy bounces, fluke goals and bad officiating often decide games—it could also be easier for the U.S. or Mexico to advance deeper in the knockout rounds against easier teams than they faced before. - If you’re a country that has never made it to the World Cup before—and there are plenty of nations in this group—your chances of qualifying just increased immensely. That is no small thing as the world’s game becomes increasingly global. In general, inclusion is a better thing than exclusion. Despite having a bigger tournament, it won’t take any more days to complete. The 48-team World Cup in 2026 will last 32 days, just as many as the 32 days it will take with 32 teams at Russia 2018. The tournament winner will still play seven games, no more than is currently the case, so I don’t totally understand people saying that the new format will put more wear and tear on players. It won't really.
  9. The 10 US cities that I would choose even though I am Canadian 1- Boston 2- New York City 3- Los Angeles 4- Miami 5- Seattle 6- Atlanta 7- Washington, DC 8- Dallas 9- Denver 10- Philadelphia
  10. But I wonder how allocation will work for the Women since it will be 32 teams? For me I think allocation would have to be similar to how the Men have done it: CONCACAF (3.5) CAF (Africa)- (5) AFC (Asia)- (4.5) CONMEBOL (South America)- (4.5) OFC (Oceania)- (0.5) UEFA (Europe)- (13) Basically equals up to 32 teams for the women and you can have your Inter continental playoffs for the women (AFC vs OFC) (CONCACAF vs CONMEBOL) Basically giving the Women's World Cup more of a Men's World Cup type feel
  11. So far the only 3 bids that are for sure definite are: Australia/New Zealand co hosts Colombia Japan Honestly, for me I know I want to see the tournament hosted in Australia/New Zealand. Because not only would it be the first time in the history of the Women's World Cup that it would be hosted in 2 different countries but this would be the first time the tournament expands to 32 teams. 32 teams worked out well for the Men for decades so who knows what this can do for the Women's Game
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