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How and Why To Use Twin Needle

So many sewers must be going through a difficult time when it comes to sewing stretch knits. This fabric can be handled by best basic sewing machine but you need to use twin needle. If you don’t know anything about twin needle then you have landed at just the right place. The twin needle is just not going to help you in making project fun but also it’s a great tool to work.

Double Stitches:


Use twin needlefor double stitch sewing

Let’s suppose in the stretch knit project, you have to sew double line and you have less time, twin needle is the solution. This needle can do double row stitching, you just have to set the stitch type and will get enforced stitching. The biggest advantage of using twin needle is that it can save your time and you need to do less work.

Seams on Sheer Fabric:

The twin needle is just not suitable for thick fabrics but it can also help you in sewing sheer fabric seams. If you are tired of trimming bulk on sheer fabric then twin needle will create neat seam allowance as well as save your fabric from creating bulk. A twin needle can save your fabric from damage and you will get the most durable seams.

Decorative Double Stitches:

If you are sewing something fancy on the best sewing machine for beginners and now you have to add some decorative stitches to prominent a specific area then twin needle can do this for you. Select a stitch from the machine and twin needle will make two rows of it. You can use two different colors of threads for it and before applying it on the project, use it on some scrap piece to get the result.


As a beginner, you can stick at pin tucking and needle adjustment can be a big question for you. With the double needle and pintuck foot you can create beautiful pintucks. It will be clean and professional and can make your work simple. A twin needle can definitely help you in providing durability, reliability, and cleanliness to the work.

Hem like Cover Stitch:


Twin Needle Hem like Cover Stitch

If you will ever take a closer look at the shirt then you can see double stitched hem. This hem is possible to prepare without owning the best coverstitch machine, just by using a twin needle. At the right side of the shirt, you can just see two parallel lines traveling but when you will turn the shirt, you can see zigzag lines at the back for connecting.

You can use needle number 4 for this kind of hem. In the same way, if you are working with the stretch knit then you have to use stretch thread as well to match the fabric. Cotton thread will not provide reliable stitches to knit.

In conclusion

Twin needle must be a new tool to people who are new to the sewing world and they are in the learning phase but this tool can make your work much easier. Experiment with different tools and see how they can complete your work in no time.

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