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  1. What are the transport plans for Tokyo 2020? The Heritage zone the transport is relatively clear as they are existing venues served by Metro mostly. Tokyo Bay, the transport isn't obvious at all. Take the swimming or gymnastics venues for instance... Will they use the Oedo line, the docklands light railway (Yunikamomo Line) or buses?
  2. I'm having the same thoughts as you. How do they plan to get the spectators to and from the Tokyo Bay area venues?
  3. Looking at venues 8-27, just going off the transport map there would appear to be potential for a bottleneck where people get off the Oedo line and move onto a docklands light railway (Yunikamomo Line) or buses. At the past 2 games moving people onto buses off the metro (as in Rio) or moving people on a docklands light railway (as in London 2012) caused significant delays.
  4. This is an up to date venue map https://tokyo2020.jp/en/games/venue/olympic/
  5. The Yunikamomo Line appears to be quite important for Games, do you agree with that? Maybe a hotel within walking distance of that is a good move. Where is the easiest place to interchange between the Yunikamomo Line and the Oedo Line? Do all these metro lines have roughly the same capacity or are some more modern,bigger or less busy ? - like the Jubilee line in London
  6. It's the concentration of venues in the Toyko Bay area that makes me think a hotel in the Bay area might be a sensible option
  7. So, my next question, how much per night would you expect to pay outside of the Olympics for a 3 star hotel? And during the games can we expect the usual 400% increases? Or is there so much accommodation it won't make that much impact (unlikely I guess)
  8. Thanks, very good to get some advice from someone who understands the layout and transport
  9. Thanks. Sounds like you have stayed there already? Tokyo Bay was an option I was considering, there appear to be more venues around there but less hotels ?
  10. Based on this venue configuration , if you wanted to be closed to metro and a major venue hub what are the names of the Toyko districts to start my hotel search? (Assuming the really big hotels will be signed up to the games)
  11. Anyone know Tokyo well and understand the venue layout? Based on the venue layout, if you wanted to be within walking distance from a major venue (like athletics) or a venue group which are the best Tokyo districts to target for a suitable hotel? What I don't want is a 2 hour commute just to get to my first venue which was the case every day in Rio.
  12. Swimming medals ran later than this though, I know people who were stuck. In fact I've been stuck one night too with thousands of people
  13. Anyone understand, what is the actual travel arrangements from Olympic park after midnight? People were leaving park at 1am after swimming last night. Metro was closed. Some of my party where put on a bus to Cocacapana, great except they're not staying in Cocacapana. Seems to me they've built line 4 but not running Metro when late night events finishing
  14. Line 4 closed unexpectedly last night at 12:30am . Chaos at Jardim Oceânico Station for people returning from Olympic Park
  15. Thanks. Can you buy the transportation card at any Metro station?
  16. This is too small to read, where did you get it. Is there a bigger version?
  17. I would guess its because there will massive scheduling clashes and they've already sold the tickets at those times for water polo. Bottom line is this late in the day you should not be making changes.
  18. That's the Park though, aren't the other new venues worse?
  19. My guess is the international press will start pushing about this with a year to go, which is soon
  20. Where is the Olympic park in the pictures above. I don't see it.
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