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  1. And if Los Angeles does held the Pan American Games in 2027, it would have the same scenario as Seoul in South Korea. In this case, Seoul hosted the 1986 Asian Games; two years prior to their hosting of the 1988 Olympics. It acted as a test event to the Olympics, as the venues and facilities that would be used in the 1988 Games, were also used during the Asiad.
  2. Looked like an April Fools Joke from Gamesbids, but that would be a great idea or concept when it comes to the IOC's new bidding procedures. Just like the IOC double awarding both 2024 and 2028 to Paris and Los Angeles respectively, that would do the same to both the Winter Olympics in 2030 and 2034, so does the Summer Olympics in both 2032 and 2036. That scenario would give an elected host city more time with the period of 11 years (within 12-15 years if given 2036 Games) to prepare sports venues and accommodation facilities for athletes, officials, and spectators, as well as completing trans
  3. Surprisingly, 2021 will be 125 years after the first Modern Olympic Games held in 1896 in Athens, Greece. A 125th anniversary is commemorated in term, as a Quasquicentennial. The term is broken down as quasqui-, meaning "and a quarter", and centennial, which is 100 years. "Quasqui is a contraction from quadrans "a quarter" plus the clitic conjunction -que, which means "and". That term was coined by Funk and Wagnalls editor Robert L. Chapman in 1961. It would have followed suit from Atlanta in 1996, branded itself as the "Centennial Olympic Games", and the Tokyo Games in 2021
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