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  1. China backs Indonesia’s ambition to host 2032 Olympics Indonesia’s National Olympics Committee (NOC) chief Raja Sapta "Okto" Oktohari, on his current visit to China, has secured China’s support for the country’s ambition to host the 2032 Olympics. China has also offered full technical support so Indonesia can realize its ambition. See also 88betid.com The statement was issued after Okto’s meeting with China’s General Administration and Sports Minister Gou Zhongwen, who is also China’s NOC chief. “Mr. Gou has stated that China has pledged its full support for Indonesia’s ambition to host the 2032 Olympics. China has also offered technical support through its wide connections,” Okto said as quoted by Antara news service on Thursday. He said one of the reasons behind the support was China’s acknowledgment of the successful 2018 Asian Games that was jointly held in Jakarta and Palembang. Okto added that China was very impressed with the quality of the tournaments and also the Indonesian people who had been very nice to foreign athletes and their contingents, including theirs. Okto added that China had also offered Indonesian athletes, from all sport branches, to train with their coaches and facilities. The fact that China was now leading in its sport science research and implementation had also been a main consideration, he went on to say. “China has long impressed the world with its focus and discipline. It has been implementing sport science remarkably so it can maximize its usage to monitor and boost the quality of its athletes,” he added. Spokesman of the Indonesia’s embassy in China, Arianto Sur'ojo said Indonesia had also pledged its full support for China as the host of the 2022 Asian Games in Hangchou and the 2022 Winter Olympics. “They have been asking for our assistance as they acknowledged the success of the 2018 Asian Games organization,” he said.
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