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  1. such a shame. might have been a good chance ot move it from the Bids sub forum to the Olympic Games sub forum given the games have been awarded
  2. because lets be honest, (and i say this as a Brisbane resident) Brisbane is hardly a tier 1 city. But what Brisbane will show is that tier 2 cities can host the games opening up the hosting to many more cities
  3. so true. Brisbane is looking pretty certain to host 2032 and there is no bid logo there.
  4. as they should. It gives them time to refine and work the bid. The thing that worked in Brisbane's favour - the advanced state of the bid could work for Rhine-Ruhr
  5. this bid will not get up. the geo-politics of this region will ensure that
  6. agreed on both. I live in Brisbane and work in the CBD. I would love to discuss the bid from a locals perspective, but when i do post, it just gets drowned out by the long form articles. The long form articles are great as a historical record but it really stifles conversation
  7. here is a youtube video from channel 10 news in 2008 talking about bidding for 2024. here is another from 2017. Another from 2019. Brisbane bidding for the games was no secret - it's been in the news and on the TV. if anyone was suprised by the bid, they were not paying attention given Bach has met with the Premier multiple times, including in brisbane
  8. did you look at the feasibility doc? the public approvals are all listed there. I'm also old enough to remember the bid process in the lead up to the awarding of Sydney 2000 in 1992/3. there was a lot of people who were extremely against the bid, given both Brisbane and Melbourne had bid for previous games and been rejected. to give you an idea of the popularity of the games come the opening ceremony, this is from a newspaper article talking about the ceremony's tv ratings The Friday night broadcast of the ceremony saw ratings peak at 72 in Sydney and 71 in Melbourne, while Seven’s share of the viewing audience hit 96.3 per cent in Sydney and Melbourne. In contrast, in Sydney the Nine Network had only 0.9 per cent of the audience and the Ten Network 1.4 per cent. In Melbourne, Nine had 2 per cent of the audience and Ten 2.4 per cent. Across Australia, Seven had 10.4 million viewers on Friday night, with the highest viewing figure recorded in Sydney (2.4 million) followed by Melbourne (2.1 million).
  9. yep. I'm starting to think that brisbane 2032 could be the most important games in a century. Brisbane is really the first smaller city to host the games in the new norm era, after LA & Paris. It’s also no secret that the games are struggling to find host cities, for a myriad of reasons including economic viability and public support. Should Brisbane 2032 be successful it will show the IOC and smaller cities that the games can be in regional cities, therefore opening up a lot more hosting opportunities and cities that considered themselves too small may now see that they could host a successful games, whereas if it fails, it will block these cities from hosting and really restrict the cities that can host.
  10. no. they lowered the bar to allow anyone to host. its called the new norm...
  11. jeez thats a bit harsh. what i would say is that Brisbane 2032 Coates' pet project - the same way Barcelona was Samaranch's.
  12. maybe, but you need to look at who is backing brisbane 2032 and how much power John Coates has in the IOC. I would not want to piss him off
  13. that might be part of it, but ever since the IOC was instant of a July / August date it eliminates Melbourne and Sydney simply due to the weather (remember Sydney 2000 was in september and Melbourne 1956 was November / december. He's probally more obessed with an olympics in australia and given the IOC's instance of july / august the only real option is Brisbane
  14. heres an advert featuring Dean Lukan and for some reason former australian cricket captain "Tubby" Tailor selling tickets to the sydney games
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