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  1. i believe i read somewhere (and i can not find it now) that the bid docs have been submitted to the IOC. now we wait for July
  2. this bid will not get up. the geo-politics of this region will ensure that
  3. agreed on both. I live in Brisbane and work in the CBD. I would love to discuss the bid from a locals perspective, but when i do post, it just gets drowned out by the long form articles. The long form articles are great as a historical record but it really stifles conversation
  4. in my day job i'm a lawyer and in the past ive dealt with domain name disputes. i can tell you know auDA will roll over and turn over any .com.au domains with a quick lawyers letter, especilly when someone has 200 domains. one company i acted for had the aussie distribution rights for a productm and someone registed <producttrademark>.com.au with a competing product on it - AuDA assigned that to us within 10 days
  5. here is a youtube video from channel 10 news in 2008 talking about bidding for 2024. here is another from 2017. Another from 2019. Brisbane bidding for the games was no secret - it's been in the news and on the TV. if anyone was suprised by the bid, they were not paying attention given Bach has met with the Premier multiple times, including in brisbane
  6. did you look at the feasibility doc? the public approvals are all listed there. I'm also old enough to remember the bid process in the lead up to the awarding of Sydney 2000 in 1992/3. there was a lot of people who were extremely against the bid, given both Brisbane and Melbourne had bid for previous games and been rejected. to give you an idea of the popularity of the games come the opening ceremony, this is from a newspaper article talking about the ceremony's tv ratings The Friday night broadcast of the ceremony saw ratings peak at 72 in Sydney and 71 in Melbourne,
  7. yep. I'm starting to think that brisbane 2032 could be the most important games in a century. Brisbane is really the first smaller city to host the games in the new norm era, after LA & Paris. It’s also no secret that the games are struggling to find host cities, for a myriad of reasons including economic viability and public support. Should Brisbane 2032 be successful it will show the IOC and smaller cities that the games can be in regional cities, therefore opening up a lot more hosting opportunities and cities that considered themselves too small may now see that they could h
  8. to those coming in here and having a moan about Brisbane 2032: look at this from the IOC's point of view you have a country with a successful history of hosting international sporting events - at one point they hosted what the IOC president called "the best games ever", along with sports such as the commonwealth games, and other various events. this city that is putting there hand up has support from all 3 levels of government, large public support and no need for a referendum. Approx 80% of the venues already exist 11 years out. your also struggling for hosts
  9. no. they lowered the bar to allow anyone to host. its called the new norm...
  10. ‘An opportunity for Qld’: SEQ must build legacy if Games bid successful, Olympics boss says credit: brisbane times By Tony Moore March 19, 2021 — 5.45pm In the lead-up to the 2032 Olympic Games, national and international sporting bodies should base themselves in south-east Queensland, the preferred host bidder, Australia’s Olympics boss said during a visit to Brisbane on Friday. The idea was one of 20 economic and cultural potential legacies of the 2032 Games proposed by the Committee for Brisbane, if the region was confirmed as the host o
  11. it would be madness to not keep him on BOGOG - his experiance and connections alone would be worth it
  12. really interesting stuff. thanks for sharing that
  13. brisbane arena is the name they are using for what is being called in the press here "Brisbane Live" - the concert venue built over the roma street rail yards
  14. the proposal is that the new privately funded brisbane live venue will have a temp pool installed for the swimming. Nissan Arena has a capacity of 5000 in basketball / netball config. i am unsure how many they can reclaim by adding additonal seats but i suspect it is at a minimum 500 it's not out of the realms of possibility that the north Ipswich reserve will get an upgrade anyway to NRL standard, should the Ipswich bid to join the NRL is sucessful over the redcliffe dolphins bid, which should be announced later this year
  15. i suspect the event will have national artists - sydney 2000 had John Farnham (Lives in melbourne), Human Nature (Sydney), Vanessa Amorossi (Melbourne), Tina Arena (Melbourne) and Pee Wee Ferris (Sydney) amongst others
  16. Brisbane's busways were constructed with the ability to be turned into segregated tramways in the future so this is not out of the relams of possibility
  17. jeez thats a bit harsh. what i would say is that Brisbane 2032 Coates' pet project - the same way Barcelona was Samaranch's.
  18. maybe, but you need to look at who is backing brisbane 2032 and how much power John Coates has in the IOC. I would not want to piss him off
  19. but not in the areas where the games would put it. taking into account the accessibility needs of a pool for the games (extremely good transport for starters) there is no need for an olympic sized swimming pool in the areas where the space would be for the pool to be built. it would need to be an outlying suburb, and this would require a train line (lets be honest - bussing in 8000 people for 2 sessions a day is not viable) and good road connections to move athletes and equipment in and out. a much better option is to use the Brisbane live site - one that's alread
  20. Been thinking about the first place we will see an Olympic reference in Brisbane, be it the rings or 2032 on a sign and i think the most likely place is this Brisbane sign - i feel it would be rather simple to add either 5 rings or 2032 to the end of it a few other places i would expect the rings to pop up would be the below: 1 - The storey Bridge. This has the ability to be lit up in different colours and for 3 nights after we were awarded preferred city status it was lit in the colours of the rings. I would not be surprised to see rings on the side of this come
  21. that might be part of it, but ever since the IOC was instant of a July / August date it eliminates Melbourne and Sydney simply due to the weather (remember Sydney 2000 was in september and Melbourne 1956 was November / december. He's probally more obessed with an olympics in australia and given the IOC's instance of july / august the only real option is Brisbane
  22. The Brisbane live area is not the right place for a permanent pool. but for the games it works great as a temp venue. It's literally on top of a major transit hub (long distance trains and buses as well as commuter trains and buses stop there)
  23. Pool above Roma Street would be pulled down after Brisbane Olympics credit: Brisbane Times By Lydia Lynch March 2, 2021 — 3.44pm An indoor swimming pool proposed atop of Roma Street station would be turned into an entertainment centre after athletes headed home from a 2032 Olympic Games hosted in Brisbane. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed on Tuesday the aquatic centre inside the planned Brisbane Live arena would be temporary. An agreement was expected in the first half of 2021 about whether an aquatics centre wou
  24. very true but in this case, i suspect there is some cross-communication going on. I suspect Brisbane Live will not be a full time aquatic venue but will be a general entertainment venue, with a temp pool installed for the games
  25. any sugestion brisbane live would be a full time aquatic centre is ludicrous. There is simply no need for it - there is much more need for a good centrally located concert and entertainment venue in brisbane since the demolition of festival hall. if people want to swim that bad, southbank has the lagoons and the beach just down the road and the valley pool is not too far away
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