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  1. the commonwealth games federation approached Melbourne and asked them to host 2026 (as there is currently no host) as they know Melbourne can do it with next to no notice and minimal spending. having lived in melbourne until i was 19 and than moving to brisbane, if i could have the sports of melbourne (AFL, F1, Australian open, Boxing Day Test) and the weather of brisbane i'd be happy as larry
  2. don't forget durban was stripped of the commonweath games after a trail of missed deadlines and financial problems, whereas you have Brisbane / gold coast who staged a sucessful comm games and a country who hosted, in the words of than IOC president Samaranch the best games ever,. i don't see an african olympics in the next 30 years
  3. its quite easy (but involves some mode changes if going via PT - get the G:link tram to helensvale, than the city train to roma st than the bus to the gabba, will be easier when CRR opens
  4. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/politics/queensland/olympics-push-plan-for-400-million-brisbane-rail-overpass-20220308-p5a2u7.html
  5. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/new-kangaroo-point-bridge-could-be-named-for-2032-games-20220222-p59yn1.html New Kangaroo Point bridge could be named for 2032 Games
  6. i would think metricon or alan boarder field would be the locations for cricket
  7. i did my minor in my degree in marketing so ive been speaking to some mates who work in the field. one works for a billboard company and they are already getting enquiries about securing space during the games, whilst another works at another tourist attraction that has native animals (i will not name it) and they have had a massive influx of enquiries from film crews since it was announced the border was opening doing puff pieces on brisbane
  8. they did for 2006. they had the boxing day test in December, than the ground closed whilst it was prepped for the comm games in March. it just ment the AFL had more reliance on other gorunds - i think Princess park was even called into action again
  9. not a bad idea - i was a volunteer at 2006, but it is a bit concerning they are basically relying on the UK and Australia to alternate hosting. i think realistically, this is the last roll before 2032 and Australia won't host before 2038 as the corporate dollar will not be there post 2032. they need to really diversify hosts - Jo'burg could be a good one and use it as a steeping stone to an olympic bid (worked for Brisbane), I'd love to see another NZ comm games and even one in the Caribbean.
  10. thats been the majority of the projects we have and one of the reasons we are got the games. we have all this infrastructure going in anyway - Cross River Rail, Brisbane Metro, Coomera Connector, Brisbane Live, etc I said this to my wife the other day - the legacy of the games is not the 2 weeks of sport. It's the infrastructure upgrades
  11. may not look at hosting but there are plenty of teams that will be looking for pre-games training venues
  12. as both a Rugby & Baseball fan, this makes me beyond happy. I hope the reds play at ballymore again (if only preseason games)
  13. considering they are tearing the whole place down anyway i can't see the run up / pack down of the games being a concern. I can see them doing what they did in 06 when the MCG was out of action for the comm games - use alternate venues. Alan Border field for the shield cricket, Metricon for Big Bash & ODI and no BNE tests for the time its out of service
  14. the 2032 host city contract is on the Olympics website at https://stillmed.olympics.com/media/Documents/Olympic-Games/Brisbane-2032/Host-Contract/Host-City-Contract-2032-Principles.pdf there's a few interesting clauses in it, in particular clause 14" 14. No inconsistent activities The Hosts, the Host NOC and the OCOG hereby agree that: a. no major event, conference, or other meeting which could have an impact on the successful planning, organising, financing and staging of the Games or their public and media exposure, shall take place in the jurisdiction of the Host City or in the jurisdiction of other local government authorities within the Host State or the Host Country hosting other competition sites or their neighbourhoods, either during the Games or during the preceding or following week, without the prior written approval of the IOC; and b. no negotiations shall take place nor agreements be entered into, having any connection with the Games, between the OCOG and any international or supranational organisation (whether governmental or non-governmental) without the prior written approval of the IOC. in other words the IOC has a monopoly for the entire city for the games period
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