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  1. I doubt it. theirs no mood for constitutional change, and even if a referendum does happen i would not expect it to pass as the bar is so high (a majority of voters, in a majority of states - you can't just get 50%+1 in votes, you also need all the states to vote for it as well- something hardly ever happens)
  2. still a spin to me as a Brisbane resident to hear Brisbane mentoned in the same sentance as Tokyo, Paris and Los Angeles
  3. South Brisbane site to become 2032 Olympics media centre and parkland
  4. Ive seen the first signs of the games in brisbane this weekend on a digital billboard. across the top 1/3d it says "and the winner is... Brisbane" and underneath it says 2032 Olympics and Paralympics host city
  5. lets go for Brisbane's biggest cultural export. Bluey.
  6. oops. slipped and hit enter. everyone would need bussing in to QEII as there is no way for a train line to be built. it is also on top of a hill and is windy and frankly shocking. The Gabba makes sense. it will be an 8 min train ride from the city, has extensive bus network links as well.
  7. please no. Its in a way worse location with absolutely terrible public transport - everyone would need
  8. theres very few times a stadium of 60 or 70k will be filled outside the games. perhaps AFL finals (if the lions are performing) and when we play England and India in the cricket - on average not even once a year. The geography of the Gabba is also a massive limiting factor - theres major roads on 3 sides, with a heritage listed school on the other. there was talk of the albion railyards. I'm not keen on this for a few reasons 1 - the gabba is being connected by cross river rail and will have a dedicated train station opening in 2025. adding another station would need more infrastructure to access it, adding even more to the cost. the gabba is already well served with buses and will be (by the time of the games) served by the Brisbane metro 2 - The gabba needs a rebuild anyway -- we almost lost the first test multiple times thanks to the state of the stadium. people complain it's 1 billion for 8000 seats. it's not just adding 8000 seats. its better media facilities. its better corporate facilities. better facilities for people going to matches. i get the idea of a new stadium but from a financial and legacy perspective it makes no sense to build one
  9. 2028 was the original target when the process was underway. As a brisbaneite, I like the extra 4 years tbh. just gives a buffer and extra time is always good
  10. one of the reports on the brisbane win stated that coates will retire from the IOC next year but will be on the Brisbane organising committee
  11. Better chance to have T10 cricket than the 9s.
  12. was a real party. Had Jon Stevens singing live and it was just euphoria
  13. Haven’t checked too busy partying at southbank
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