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  1. Queensland Olympics bid rebooted with high-level talks Queensland’s proposed bid to host the 2032 Olympics is back on track after a COVID-enforced hiatus. Dan Knowles Exclusive December 7, 2020 - 12:00AM The Courier-Mail Queensland’s race to host the 2032 Olympics is back on track with high-level talks between Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and AOC boss John Coates being held today to reboot the bid. The bid proposal was put on the backburner in March as the world grappled with COVID, but the Premier and Mr Coates – president of the Australian Olympic Co
  2. Scott Morrison to meet with International Olympics Committee to push Queensland’s 2032 bid Prime Scott Morrison will meet with the International Olympics Committee in Tokyo today to push Queensland’s 2032 Olympic Games bid and outline the Federal Government’s plans for financial support. Prime Minister Scott Morrison will meet with the International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach in Tokyo today about Queensland’s 2032 Olympic Games bid. Mr Morrison is outlining the Federal Government’s fiscal support for the Queensland Government bid, which incl
  3. if i was Bach i'd be on the phone to Palaszczuk this morning telling her the games are hers if she wants it. Get 2032 wrapped up before the only hosting option is some backwater
  4. New South Wales Bids For 2027 Netball World Cup source The NSW Government and Netball Australia have launched their bid to host the 2027 Netball World Cup in Sydney and regional NSW. Minister for Sport John Sidoti said the 2027 Netball World Cup bid campaign is now officially underway, as part of the NSW Government commitment to bid for 10 World Cups for the next decade. “After Sydney hosted a successful tournament here in 2015, the world’s best players could be on our shores once again in e
  5. Australia and New Zealand win bid to to host 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup Credit: ABC Australia By Jacqueline Howard 26/6/2020 Australia and New Zealand have been successful in their historic joint bid to host the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup The trans-Tasman bid beat out that of final rival Colombia by 22 votes to 13 at the FIFA council meeting in Zurich early this morning. The tournament will be the first-ever co-Confederation hosted FIFA World Cup (Australia, being part of the Asian football confederation and New Zealand a member of the Oceanic branch),
  6. As a Brisbane based politics nut even i struggle to see where this is going. Sure the north and west traditionally vote conservative, but it;s the city seats where the election is won, and given whats happened in Qld with the last few elections i would not call it at all. There is no mood for change. no one has the baseball bats out like we did for Bligh and especially Newman. Theres also next to no election advertising at the moment (there was a Frekington billboard around the corner from me for about a week and than it was pulled down) meaning a good chunk of voters are not even
  7. Queensland Olympics bid to drive post-COVID-19 recovery: AOC Credit: Brisbane Times https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/sport/queensland-olympics-bid-to-drive-post-covid-19-recovery-aoc-20200526-p54wkf.html By Gregg Baum May 26, 2020 — 2.53pm Far from dampen Queensland’s 2032 Olympics bid, the coronavirus crisis can work in its favour as well as acting as driver of recovery for the state, the Australian Olympic Committee says. AOC chief executive Matt Carroll says Queensland already has the edge on less advanced bids from I
  8. makes sense at the moment to sit and see what happens. There was a radio interview this morning with a sports reporter and the thinking was as follows: we don't know whats happening with Tokyo. It's possible Tokyo will not go ahead. if this is the case, Tokyo has flushed big money down the toilet. they will want some return for this money. therefore, do we push everything back 4 years? (ie Tokyo 2024, Paris 2028 and LA 2032) or do they award Tokyo 2032 as a compensation? The bid is not dead - as much as some on the more extreme right would like it to be - it's just paused, an
  9. I've noticed this talk as well. i would not be surprised to see Coates as the next IOC president. I also would be surprised if sometime in the next year or 18 months Brisbane gets some recognition as the "preferred bidder" for 2032 (similar to what the CGF has done for Hamilton) I would also expect that should Brisbane get 2032 cricket is in with a good chance to be included (Probably in the 20/20 format)
  10. oh and just to add onto the above. if all levels of government are really are on board i would think Brisbane would almost be dead certs to get this now, given how we have managed covid and it looks like we are though the worst of it with minimal deaths and infection rates into the single digits a day now, where as places like India and indonesia are still struggling to contain the virus
  11. Fully Agree. A big event the whole community can build towards and get around might just be what the economy needs. 2032 in Brisbane would be something that we could look forward to, and be used to do some big projects that would make brisbane a better place to live. My only concern is that i can see politicians being scared of even talking about hosting the games with the current economic situation of high unemployment given i can see people thinking "why are we spending billions to host the olympics when so many people are out of work" not thinking about the jobs that would come
  12. Queensland just had it's first day with no new diagnosis of COVID-19 in 3 months. Qld and Australia in general are getting on top of this and i expect this would be something that the IOC would be looking at when deciding if they want to award the games to Queensland. That of course hinges on if Queensland still wants it. I suspect as a queenslander myself there is a lot less support for an olympics now given the mass unemployment that we now have thanks to Corona
  13. The problem with AFL is that it is a secondary sport in Qld. people only show up in big numbers when the lions are winning. if they are not you would really struggle to get 20,000 to a game (look at the Qld reds where if they play a south African side in super rugby they struggle to get 10,000) In terms of cricket, people only come out if we are playing the Poms for the ashes or india. if we are playing pakistan or someone else they also struggle to get numbers. Even the MCG with a capacity of 100,000 really only sells out a few times a year Day 1 of the boxing day test
  14. I hope they don't redevelop the QEII. The problem with the QEII is it's location. it's miles from any decent public transport. I remember when Suncorp was redeveloped and the Broncos went to QEII during the building. It was painful to get to / from via public transport. required a train than a switch to a bus. It's an interesting question. I can't think of any teams needing a venue even of 40,000 in a configuration used for track and field. The only thing that comes to mind is if the venue is convertible (same as eden park in auckland that can be used for Rugby and Cricket) and th
  15. Just to expand on my previous post, the below projects are underway in Brisbane regardless of the outcome of the games bid. Cross River Rail Main feature is a 3.7 Mile underground tunnel 2 new stations on on the tunnel route including one across the road from the Woolloongabba Station and the first new city station in 130 years (Albert St) along with 3 New stations on the gold coast line (Pimpama, Helensvale North and Merrimac) upgrades to another 10 stations (4 on the tunnel route (Boggo Road, Roma St, Exhibition and Dutton Park on the route, and Major upgrades to
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