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  1. I am looking for a gymnastics ticket as well. The venue looks superb. But as you know they will be difficult tickets to grab especially since the Japanese are well into the gymnastics.
  2. As you say, the ladies of Team USA will have a lot of support at their games. I hear some US supporters specifically come to the Olympics to see the women’s team. Other nations will have support but most of that support will be Olympic fans who happen to get tickets for the games. As a side note, I noticed there are actually a total of 38 Olympic sessions for football (some sessions include 2 games). Most of the games are to be held at stadiums with 50,000 plus capacities. That’s roughly 2 million tickets by my calculations. Tickets are as cheap as 3,000 yen. Contrast t
  3. Regarding the men’s game, ticket prices are high considering the quality of the players. Coupled with the heat, I don’t think many will get too excited by it. Interestingly, ticket prices aren’t dissimilar to World Cup prices. Some people have had their pants pulled down by paying $500 for final tickets. Also, most of the games are far from Tokyo. Foreign visitors need to be careful that they don’t buy ticket to games hundreds of miles from the capital. Agreed, the Japanese female team will be a draw for local supporters. The conduct of the female U
  4. Hmmm… Anyone who knows anything about football (soccer) doesn’t bother with the Olympic versions. The Olympics is just an under 23 year olds kickabout. Canadians should stick to daft sports like ice hockey.
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