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  1. 2 hours ago, Bear said:

    indeed - 1443 athletes competing in 2023 compared to 257 in 1972, and the 1072 that competed at the 1980 Winter Olympics

    It is the lowest number of total entries since 2001 though :(

    RUS/BLR ban probably plays heavily into that, along the event being held in the post-Olympic year and in North America (winter athletes tend set up shop in Europe for the season). I’m still excited for another multi-sports games nonetheless!

  2. 15 hours ago, Victorian said:

    Hi, do we know if there will be any live streaming of the World Games?

    This is from Bulletin #2 released by the local organizing committee. However, I should note that Bulletin was released pre-postponement.

    ”The BOC and IWGA have engaged world-renowned International Sports Broadcasting (ISB) to provide host broadcasting services for The World Games 2021 Birmingham. The BOC and ISB have a joint meeting in October to discuss details about production hours, sport coverage and overall production planning.

    As with The World Games 2017 Wroclaw, a 24/7 Channel will be available for the global distribution of The Games. In addition, international broadcasters will get the chance to pick up specific streams of sports that are popular in their countries. ISB will use up to eight OB vans for the production of the TV signal.

    ISB will not only act as the production arm of The World Games 2021; they will take over the international marketing of the media rights too.

    In addition, IWGA and ISB plan to continue to work with Olympic Channel to secure distribution of The World Games 2021 to all territories in the world.”

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  3. On 3/28/2022 at 1:39 PM, SeriousPotato said:

    For me, it's... whichever one I happen to be watching. :unsure:

    Rio 2016 is my favorite, in that I've re-watched it by far more than any other ceremony.

    I’d say it’s pretty much the same for me :P

    I voted Rio 2016 as my favorite summer ceremony. I liked the message and theme of the ceremony. I liked that the creative team was willing to address topics like colonialism, slavery, social discord, and climate change. It was a bold creative risk to take. 

    I can also appreciate what they were able to achieve on a smaller budget compared to the previous edition of the Games. Projections were used well, and the favela set design was unique. The music was fun and varied. Plus, I really like the cauldron concept they went with, and that they chose de Lima to light it. 

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  4. I wanted to get involved much sooner, unfortunately I struggled to find some inspiration for designs this year :(

    Fortunately, I was finally able to come up with something for Glasgow 2034. I didn’t have much time to throw it together, but here’s what I came up with:


    The design is inspired by, and titled, “Flower of Scotland.” Blue and white flames form petals of the flower, with a curling house with thistle colors forming the innards of the flower. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Triplecast said:

    I think the next biggest athletics stadium in LA holds fewer than 10000.  Hayward Field is I'm sure the largest athletics stadium in the US, as every other large college football stadium has removed the running track, so as to provide better seating.  

    Hilmer Lodge Stadium (Mt. Sac) recently finished the renovations on their stadium, the university claims the permanent capacity is 11,500 and that it the stadium can be expanded to a larger capacity if needed. The new facility looks really nice, and I believe it is WA certified.

    Info: https://www.mtsacathleticscomplex.com/main-facilities/stadium-track-field




  6. Our green overload from an egg-shaped planet (@yoshi) has requested logos, and I am not one to disappoint.

    Here is my Milano-Cortina 2026 entry: https://imgur.com/gallery/wML8c4e

    The logo consists of a mountain peak, slalom ski gates, and a typeface. The mountain peak (that I have nicknamed “The Pinnacles”) represents the craggy Dolomite mountain peaks that surround Cortina d’Ampezzo. The peak is colored gold to symbolize the glory of victory, and the shape of the peak is reminiscent of the podium. The slalom gates are formed by pillars that resemble the architecture of the famous San Siro Stadium in Milan. The slalom gates are also colored green and red in a reference to Italy’s national colors. The typeface is in a style that feels modern, yet evokes a blast to the past. It brings to mind those classic ski resort style typefaces used in the early days of skiing, that was still in use when Cortina previously hosted. 

    Here is my Brisbane 2032 entry: https://imgur.com/gallery/uhdtAGm

    The logo consists of one main graphic element and a typeface. This logo represents both the Brisbane of modern times, and the Brisbane of past eras. The graphic element has three main parts: a stylized B, a sun, and the sun’s rays. The stylized B represents the Brisbane River. The B flows like the river and it is placed centrally in the sun, since the Brisbane River is the “life-blood” of Brisbane in many ways. It is colored in that dark green color that many urban waterways have. The Sun represents the well-known Australian heat and beach culture, as well as, the heat of Olympic competition. The yellow color of the sun, and the dark green color of the river, also form the colors used in much of Australia’s national sports attire. The Sun’s Rays are formed by shark fins. These represent the Bull Shark, a fearsome predator of the Brisbane River and surrounding ocean areas. Their placement around the sun also suggests motion, which breathes life into the logo. Finally, the typeface is formed by a modern font, that has been stylized in a manner similar to aboriginal artwork. 

  7. 46 minutes ago, Mr.M15ter said:

    Hi. I know it's been a long time since anyone responded to this thread. Just wondering if there is any advice someone could impart on new Gamesbids Forums members such as myself. Thank you very much.

    I joined not too long ago myself, so I don’t have much advice to offer up, but I’ll say hi back :D

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  8. 17 hours ago, Ikarus360 said:

    I think either Shanghai or Guangzhou should be the next chinese city to be host of the Summer Olympics, not literally whos like Chengdu and Chongqing. First one is hosting the Summer Universiade next year (well, if the Pandemic is gone which I doubt it) but I'm not sure if Chengdu has enough charisma compared to Shanghai.

    Chengdu will host the World Games in 2025 as well. 

  9. 40 minutes ago, Nacre said:

    I think the heads of these sporting federations simply do not understand the problems facing host cities. Bidding is a tiny fraction of the total cost. Saving $5 CAD million on bidding is not much compared to a total budget of $1 CAD billion that will almost certainly have cost overruns, although creative accounting will undoubtedly be used to make sure politicians don't look bad and executives get their bonus pay.

    Reducing the minimum venue sizes should be job #1 for the CGF. It is simply indefensible that many sports like athletics and cycling have higher required capacities for the Commonwealth Games than for the world championships.

    Yes, this. 1,000 times this. 

  10. On 6/24/2019 at 3:43 AM, yoshi said:

    I assume it’s to do with Olympic qualifying as a reason for these events, but it’s always struck me as odd that there’s almost no major quadrennial sports events held in the first year of the Olympic cycle. The European Games (in any form) would own 2021, 25, 29 etc if they went there. 

    Kind of under selling the World Games there :P

    Granted they have a small following, but they’ve been experiencing some major growth over the last 2/3 editions.

  11. 9 hours ago, baron-pierreIV said:

    It's a good one, but they'll really have to pick one just for the records and even the displays at Olympic Museum in Lausanne where all the other logos are static, and then here's 2028 throbbing digitally??  How will that look?  And what logo will also go on the Torch?  Or will that also be a thousand different versions?  I mean -  I see the commercial possibilities.  But what's the cut-off number?  They usually have these books which specify everything about the use of the logos -- the size, the exact color palette -- where and when it can be used.  How about this one?  And where and when and how can they take pirated "copies" to court if this is an  "ANYTHING GOES" logo?  I wonder if they checked out that legal angle???

    I’m sure they have a plan. This isn’t LA’s first time hosting after all. 

  12. 2 hours ago, baron-pierreIV said:

    So what if the MTV thing was first.  It's just absolute garbage -- all over the place -- which is why it didn't even register in my ken.   

    LA has done a very disciplined version of it.  And nothing says it's the OFFICIAL and FINAL logo.  I think it's the interim-Covid-period logo.  

    It’s not been made explicitly clear, but it’s been indicated by LA2028 media releases and statements that this is likely the final logo. I think they can change it if they want, but there’s no reason to if people like it.

  13. 2 hours ago, baron-pierreIV said:

    Look at the Tokyo 2020 medals.  

    See the source image

    I wonder where they will put the athlete's name and the sport?  On the swirly (kinda "pastry"-like) sides of the obverse?  Or on the medal's rim?  It's actually quite a boring design.  

    My guess is the rim, that’s the common practice at multi-sports games nowadays. I’m not the biggest fan of the design either.

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