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  1. I’m sure they have a plan. This isn’t LA’s first time hosting after all.
  2. It’s not been made explicitly clear, but it’s been indicated by LA2028 media releases and statements that this is likely the final logo. I think they can change it if they want, but there’s no reason to if people like it.
  3. Interesting article about merchandising: https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1098169/la28-launch-new-merchandise-range
  4. Yeah, it’s one of my favorites. I don’t get why people hate so much. It’s a great representation of the Olympic symbols, France, and French art culture.
  5. My guess is the rim, that’s the common practice at multi-sports games nowadays. I’m not the biggest fan of the design either.
  6. I would have been okay with this, but I like what they came up with much better.
  7. I wouldn’t mind a medal that completely disregards the logo, for a more typical LA scene (Skyscrapers Downtown, Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica Pier, etc.)
  8. Yep times 1,000 to that, make that two proud Angelenos. For me, their branding really managed to capture LA well. I really hope to be involved in these Games somehow, rather that be working, volunteering, or reporting I don’t care. I just want to be a part of it.
  9. Besides all of those awesome things, this is great for merchandising as well. People can pick and choose between the logos they like, which may lead to more people buying merchandise, or making more purchases to try and “collect” all the logos. I will say that they already have an A styled in the 84 style for their merchandise. I would really like to see them open this up to public, and let even more Angelenos have a part in what the logo looks like. I do really enjoy the focus placed on athletes for these first few designs though. The Games do face some opposition from the com
  10. Yeah, someone suggested that they should just change all the characters to the desired style. I suggested maybe leaving the A normal, but they coming up with a fun shape for everyone to create/fill in a different way. I will say that this matches the culture of LA very well. The blocky lettering is typical “brutalist” style you’ll see in street art and other lettering around the city.
  11. Adam Rippon’s reminds me a lot of the last logo it’s one of my favorites, along with Lex Gillette’s
  12. As a proud Angeleno Californian, I love these. I would have preferred to see specific shape in the emblem that was then done in different fashions, but this is really cool, and it does really reflect the LA arts and culture scene.
  13. Equestrian was obviously an egregious inclusion in a “Indoor and Martial Arts Games,” but the program was still composed of mostly of martial arts and indoor sports. Tennis even had an indoor arena for the Games. It might be best to think of the AIMAG as the Asian Mini Games. In fact, the 2013 edition in Incheon served as a test event for the 2014 Asian Games. I don’t have the souvenir program for the opening ceremony, but I do have the link for the media guide: http://media-cdn.ashgabat2017.com/ckeditor_assets/attachments/642/ashg2017_343_cer_opening_ceremony_media_guide_rgb
  14. Ashgabat 2017 was a really successful multi sports games. Turkmenistan hired a mostly foreign workforce that had experience working on Olympic organizing committees, and other large international events. They wanted the Games to look and feel like a miniature Olympics/Asian Games. The OCA even invited all of the Oceania NOCs to compete for medals at the Games. I remember watching that ceremony live. The artistic segments were very good, but the “President” of Turkmenistan got something like 20 minutes of applause. I believe the host broadcaster (IGBS) started their broadcast on delay
  15. I’ve watched that Tokyo 2020 +1 video way too many times this week, and Ikee still gets me emotional every time.
  16. Oh, they are available. It’s not in my top 10, but it was a solid ceremony.
  17. We’ll always have the 2015 Pan American Games I think it’s nice to see France try some different stuff with their Ceremonies.
  18. I would be happy to participate in one of these contests going forward, but I’d like to know what programs/applications you guys use to create your logos?
  19. Iceland all the way! I would put Ukraine second, and Russia third. Azerbaijan, Malta, Armenia, and Latvia also had good entires. I’m also pretty sure San Marino couldn’t be broadcast on national TV in the US
  20. That is exactly what I was going to guess. I can’t think of many more people who would need a booklet like this. Plus, it seems to nice to have been distributed to the general public.
  21. Thankfully those games aren’t in 2025, because that’s when Birmingham (AL) will host the World Fire and Police Games...
  22. If anyone has the PDF results for the following, I’d love to get in contact: 2009 and 2013 Mediterranean Games 2009 and 2011 Summer Universiade 2010 and 2013 World Combat Games 2010 Asian Beach Games 2010 and 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games 2010, 2014, and 2018 South American Games 2011 Pan American Games 2011 All-Africa Games 2011 and 2015 CISM Military World Games 2011 Pacific Games 2011 Pan Arab Games 2017 Winter Military World Games (CISM)
  23. Ah, I’ve awoken this thread it seems. Yes, I was aware of Panam Sports new website and their reports. The Lima2019 results books were perfect because they were in the style I collect (of course I’d already downloaded all the PDFs and created results books myself before they published those ), but I wasn’t that interested in the official reports since they seemed not well copied, and most had information I already know existed elsewhere. It was still great that Panam Sports took some initiative to publish those though because it’s not like that information is easy to come by (until now).
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