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  1. Thank you for your comment. For the Cauldron lighting, I think so too bro. PS I think this Opening Ceremony uses a local production team to make this ceremony(Sorry, I'm unknown who produced this ceremony), not like in 2018(using a professional production team name Bangkok Exhibition) and the results is different.
  2. Opening Ceremony of 47th Thailand National Games "Sisaket Games" (First Thailand National Games in COVID-19 Pandemic) 5th March 2022 at New Sisaket Provincial Stadium. (This coverage of Livestream is all Thai Language from T-Sports 7 Channel) "The New Normal of Opening Ceremony with less or without Firework."
  3. Hello Folks!!! 10 years ago, Chonburi was hosted the 39th Thailand National Games. and this is Footage of Opening Ceremony of that games from Prapassorn Wittaya School.(The School sent students for walking into stadium with Athletes parade.) Part 1 - Before Opening Ceremony Part 2 - Parade of the Athletes from 76 Provinces* (It's just Partial not Full) PS. In that time Bueng Kan is not Province like today. and This is Music during Parade of Athletes. - Onward Golden Eagles 1 - John Cacavas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoyJ0vmb7Us - Pushing the Limit - Network Music Ensemble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AvmiV3aLWM - Liberty: Americana - Network Music Ensemble https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsFsIczeO0A - and Unknown Music Name (Because I've been trying to find those songs for many years, But not yet successful, but If you know you can tell me.) Part 3 - Ceremonies/Lighting the Cauldron and Conclusion of Opening Ceremony The 39th Thailand National Games "Chonburi Games" Ceremonies Created and Conducted by Supaksorn Team.(No.1 of Games Ceremonies Creator in Thailand, and same Creator as SEA Games 1995/2007(2007 is so Nightmare/1995 is the Best haha:),Asian Martial Arts Games 2009/Asian Beach Games 2014.) And Next Year Chonburi will be Co-Host Cities of 6th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games with Bangkok. (I'm Thai and I hope it will not be postponed anymore.) But, I felt intuitively the Ceremonies Created and Conducted Team it will be Supaksorn Team(Comm. Arts Production). Why I think so, Because International Games was held in Thailand will use their team almost every events especially the Games with Opening & Closing Ceremonies, and after 2007, their team is not making the impression more like than before(This is some Thai internet users opinion). But everything can happen until News released. I hope you will enjoy the Videos. Thank You. ขอบคุณครับ
  4. You're Welcome, I hope to someone have full ceremonies footage of these games too. PS. From now I'll share some Games Ceremonies from Thailand (for example Thailand National Games, Thailand National Youth Games and more.) if I Found, Stay Tuned Thank You.
  5. Hello Folks! I've found some rare footage. This is News Footage from Channel 7 of Thailand about 18th SEA Games "Chiang Mai 1995" In this video include 11.12 to 12.09 - Closing Ceremony at Eastern of Thailand(for Sailing and more.) 14.23 to 15.15 - Closing Ceremony at 700th Anniversary Stadium at Chiang Mai 17.51 to 17.56 & 19.01 to 19.12 - (Very Important Scene if you want this.) Lighting the Cauldron by Two Great Nagas() 17.56 to 18.01 - (Very Rare!) Extinguish the SEA Games flame by Same Two Great Nagas from Opening Ceremony I hope you to enjoy some little footages in this time. Thank You, Kob Khun Krub.
  6. Correction after watch again District 1 Leader Province is Saraburi(Sorry for this). Thank you ขอบคุณครับ from Thailand.
  7. Thank You Ikarus360 for This Opening Ceremony share. and In that Channel I Found Another Opening Ceremony and that is "Opening Ceremony of 24th Thailand National Games Krung-Kao Games" at Phra Nakhon si Ayutthaya Province Stadium in 1991 I'm from Thailand I will description something in this Ceremony video. Blue Flag is a Flag of Sports Authority of Thailand(SAT) this is a Thailand National Games Flag before Use Current National Games Logo in 2004. and front of SAT Flag is a Province Flags of all 10 participating Districts in This games. (after Millennium Thailand National Games changing system of the Games from 10 participating Districts to All 77 Participant Provinces in Thailand until now) Parade of Athletes from 10 participating Districts Running by order... --Province Slogan-- 2(Eastern - Leader Province is Chonburi) 3(North-Eastern South Zone - Leader Province is Si Saket) 4(North-Eastern North Zone - Leader Province is Khon Kaen) --Province Slogan-- 5(Northern North Zone - Leader Province is Lam Phun) 6(Northern South Zone - Leader Province is Kamphaeng Phet) 7(Western - Leader Province is Samut Songkhram) --Province Slogan-- 8(Southern North Zone - Leader Province is Karbi) 9(Southern South Zone - Leader Province is Satun) 10(Bangkok - only 1 province in this District) --Province Slogan-- 1 HOST (Central - Leader Province is Lopburi(I observe from the flag because on flag appear Phra Prang Sam Yot, That's Landmark of Lopburi) but Host Province is Ayutthaya) (Leader Province of district and Host Province is a different province not same.) and Organizing Comittee Parade after all Athletes. Enjoy This Video!!! Thank you ขอบคุณครับ from Thailand.
  8. Hello Folks. Even today There will be no complete video found. Of the SEA Games 1995 opening ceremony, But I will present to you for some little special Footage from my country. This video is a Preparation Presentation of 32nd Thailand National Youth Games at Suphanburi Province in 2016. In this video is including a some short footages of Opening and Closing Ceremonies in Thailand, List of Opening and Closing Ceremonies Footage by appearing order. 01:07 - Opening Ceremony of 27th Thailand National Games at Suphanburi in 1994 (It's First time for Suphanburi held the National Games/First Time for Supaksorn director OC and CC and First Time for Modern OC and CC in Thailand.) 01:38 - Lighting the Cauldron of 27th Thailand National Games 01:55 - Opening Ceremony of 35th Thailand National Games at Suphanburi in 2006 (2nd time for Suphanburi) 02:36 - Lighting the Cauldron of 33rd Thaliand National Games at Chiang Mai in 2002 but Overlay in photo of Opening Ceremony of 35th Thailand National Games at Suphanburi in 2006 02:40(Only 1 Second) - Opening and Closing Ceremonies of 18th SEA Games at Chiang Mai in 1995(Couples of Nagas is a scene from Lighting the Cauldron from Opening Ceremony) 02:41 - Lighting the Cauldron of 35th Thailand National Games 03:01 - Opening Ceremony of 42nd Thailand National Games at Suphanburi in 2014 (3rd time for Suphanburi) with After OC Special Football(Soccer) Match of Suphanburi FC vs SCG Muangthong United. and all of OC and CC in this video is Directed by Supaksorn(Pseudonym of Suphawat Jongsiri) He is No.1 of OC and CC Director in Thailand. Thank You.
  9. PS I'm Sorry for Coding, But You Can Watch at this Thank You. I just found a Special Video at a few days ago(But this video was uploaded at 2017) This is Very Special Show of Bird Thongchai(Superstar artist of Thailand) from Opening Ceremony of 18th University Games of Thailand in 1990(5 Years Before 1995 SEA Games Opening Ceremony) at Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok Thailand.
  10. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/oonkIzP_SR0" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Hello From Thailand with Feel of 90s. I just found a Special Video at a few days ago(But this video was uploaded at 2017) This is Very Special Show of Bird Thongchai(Superstar artist of Thailand) from Opening Ceremony of 18th University Games of Thailand in 1990 at Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok Thailand.
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