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  1. While I agree that this whole stadium debacle is a complete and utterly joke. In fact, delaying it has made it more problematic for us as it's costing us $1.2 mill a month for it. I just don't see how this stadium would lead to a Commonwealth Games bid considering that there is no intention of making it an Athletics capable venue. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see another Commonwealth Games bid in CHCH, I just don't see the stadium lead us into bidding for the games.
  2. The Qatar Olympic Committee has announced it's interest in hosting the 2032 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Qatar unsuccessfully bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in both 2016 and 2020. The Qatari capital of Doha hosted the 2006 Asian Games, an event which was seen to have encouraged them to bid for other global events. This included the FIFA World Cup, which Qatar will host in 2022 after being controversially awarded the tournament in 2010. This was despite the bid process being the subject of allegations of bribery and corruption. Similar allegations also surrounded the World Athletics Championships, which the country hosted last year. Opponents have claimed Qatar has used major sporting events to improve its image amid a poor human rights record, and criticism of migrants' rights at World Cup construction sites. Qatar is also bidding for the 2027 Asian Cup, and is set to be in a head-to-head battle with Saudi Arabia for the hosting rights for the 2030 Asian Games, with the two neighbours locked in a diplomatic crisis. Following the announcement of the two bidding countries, Amnesty International called on the Olympic Council of Asia to ensure all bids are assessed to identify potential risks. The organisation said the Games should be used to bolster and defend human rights in host countries. - Article
  3. I don't know about you but I'm keen to watch a few games live here in Christchurch, maybe even go to the opener in Auckland.
  4. I guess now's a good time to get rid of that watermark on our flags On a serious note, the Women's World Cup could be a great catalyst event to see if we could potentially co-host the FIFA World Cup as soon as 2034.
  5. Here's the FIFA Council vote breakdown, for those who are interested. My congratulations to both Australia and New Zealand!
  6. Well now this is interesting.... Even though the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup is set to be announced in a couple of days, it appears Japan will be withdrawing their bid meaning the Australian/New Zealand bid is poised to win the hosting rights for the tournament. "Japanese news website, Kyodo News, which is said to have around 50 million subscribers, reported on Monday afternoon that Japan's Football Association is set to withdraw its bid. Shortly after, Japan's national broadcaster NHK also reported that the bid would be withdrawn, with an official announcement expected on Monday evening at 7:30pm (AEST). If confirmed, that would leave only Colombia as Australia and New Zealand's only competition to host the tournament..." Read more: https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/japan-to-withdraw-2023-women-s-world-cup-bid-report
  7. FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ Bid Evaluation Report published – three bids submitted to FIFA Council Following a detailed assessment of the bid books and visits to the bidding countries, today FIFA confirmed that three bids will be submitted to the FIFA Council in order for it to select the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ host(s) at its meeting to be held online on 25 June 2020. The three qualifying bids are: joint submission by Football Federation Australia and New Zealand Football; submission by the Colombian Football Association; submission by the Japan Football Association. The Brazilian Football Association informed FIFA on Monday, 8 June, of its decision to withdraw its bid. The evaluation report is now available here. https://www.fifa.com/who-we-are/news/fifa-women-s-world-cup-2023tm-bid-evaluation-report-published-three-bids-submitt
  8. They decided to postpone uploading the ceremony to June 8th out of respect for the global community.
  9. Singapore would be a great candidate city. It has the facilities, they have a stable economy, they've proved they can host mid tier multi-sport events, it's a safe country etc. I would personally like to see the games held in Africa. Imagine the Commonwealth Games in Lagos or Nairobi (I would mention South Africa, but after the Durban fiasco... )
  10. Just wait until Paris 2024 where the surfing event is literally held on the other side of the world
  11. If Hamilton ends up winning the bid for 2030, can we have Hamilton in NZ host the 2034 games for the laughs.
  12. Gaborone, Abuja and Tunis were the other participating cities wanting to host the 2022 Summer Youth Olympics. I probably would've liked to seen Botswana host it since it hosted the 2014 African Youth Games.
  13. (5 Years later...) Though I'd prefer to see Auckland host the Senior Games like most people, Auckland undoubtedly can host a SYOG before 2050. NZICC would be the Media Hub/International Broadcasting Center, Mt Smart stadium could be redeveloped into the Athletics Stadium etc. A new Aquatics center and possibly a velodrome (Unless Cambridge is open to a joint bid) would be needed for the games. Otherwise, new Infrastructure is well and truly underway such as the redevelopment of Auckland International Airport and the City Rail Link. I would definitely want Auckland to be the first city in Oceania to host the SYOG. Christchurch has potential, but it still slowly recovering from the quakes. Lastly, Wellington... Yeah good luck with that. Now in terms of the Winter Youth Games, Lakes Districts is the obvious choice. Population wise, Queenstown Lakes Districts has around 40,000 residents, which is comparable to a certain host city that hosted the Senior Winter Games in '94 and the Youth Winter Games in 2016 (With Lakes Districts having 10,000 more residents than Lillehammer). The Olympic Village would be located in/or near Frankton (Near Queenstown Airport). The International Broadcast center could be located in the new Convention Center in Christchurch with a minor one in Queenstown. Venues such as Ski Jumping and Sliding centers would need to be constructed, though these would be justified to be used in the annual NZ Winter Games post games. Satellite cities could host ice events such as Dunedin and Invercargill. It would be a picture-esk location for the WYOG however the main draw back is the scheduling conflicts with other international sport competitions. Overall, I think it can host it around 2050. If Lakes Districts started planing and upgrading current infrastructures like airports, roads, and venues, then it could be sooner. But knowing Queenstown residents, they wouldn't want these games. (TL;DR, Auckland has 80-90% of the venues and has major infrastructure boost. Auckland definitely can host it before 2050. Lakes Districts has around 60-70% of the venues, new venues would be used in the NZ Winter Games. Lakes District could host around 2050, could be sooner if planing started now.) So what are the chances? Probably a 65% chance of a SYOG before 2050 and a 40% chance of a WYOG before 2050. However, we Kiwi's can only dream of an IOC sanctioned event in New Zealand...
  14. [Spoilers] As we draw near to the Opening Ceremony, I thought I'd share one last batch of photos/screenshots from the rehearsal yesterday. This batch contains artistic performances and a possible Cauldron? (Still unsure as it could be apart of an artistic performance). These are spoilers nonetheless.
  15. Here's some images taken inside the Vaudoise Arena from the Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal.
  16. Yeah, Perth would only be eligible for Group Stage matches only. I would doubt that Perth would host any knockout matches due to low capacity seating (20,000) and would lose out to other cities in the bid.
  17. Just some key points noted for the Australian and New Zealand bid Subject to FIFA’s final approval, highlights of the Australia New Zealand tournament hosting concept include: A minimum of five stadiums in each host country, located along Australia’s coastline and across New Zealand - up to 13 stadiums in 12 host cities Ensuring record attendance of 1.5 million, averaging 24,000 fans at each game Ticket prices starting at just USD 5 with all match tickets priced below USD 90 Official opening match and ceremony at Auckland’s Eden Park, while a standalone match on Day 2 will inaugurate the tournament in Australia Four groups will be located in each country during the Group Stage The Group Stage would be evenly split, while Australia will host five of eight Round of 16 matches, three of four Quarter Finals, a Semi-Final, the 3rd Place Play-Off and Final The Aotea Centre or the New Zealand International Convention Centre in Auckland as the potential venue for the 2023 FWWC draw Primary International Broadcast Centre located at Sydney Olympic Park; secondary IBC at New Zealand International Convention Centre in Auckland Innovative match scheduling to deliver broadcast content in windows that work for established football markets in Europe, Africa and the Americas Earmarking the development of an International Centre for Women’s Football in Australia, serving the Asia-Pacific region through elite training and playing opportunities During the Group Stage, team travel distances will be minimised by clustering 4 groups in each individual country. From the Round of 16, travel between Australia and New Zealand would take place from the east coast of Australia only
  18. I agree Also, the bid books are officially available for the public: Australia New Zealand Bid Book Brazil Bid Book Colombia Bid Book Japan Bid Book
  19. ...NZ Football chief executive Andrew Pragnell said the bid's historic qualities would be a big selling point. "There's been dialogue between the two countries for years, and we were in some positive dialogue even before the Women's World Cup expanded, even though we were conscious we were both pursuing our own solo bids, but at the end of July, when the expansion took place to 32 teams, that's what really made a joint bid a natural solution. "This is the first ever cross-confederation bid FIFA has ever seen, so that's huge, and that fits in really nicely to FIFA's strategy of the global game working together and being more connected. We're a gateway to both Asia and Oceania and the ability to leave a legacy and have an impact on some of our Pacific Island neighbours and some of the smaller Asian nations is huge for us." "New Zealand and Australia have been at the forefront of gender equality, both in sport and in society as a whole, so that's a really strong point, but we'll both put our hands up and say, actually, we've got to do a lot more, and I think FIFA will see that and think they can really push the envelope of football globally." He was unable to go into detail about what matches are being lined up for where, but said New Zealand would be home to "roughly 45 per cent of the content" including half of the 48 group stage matches. Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin are all being lined up to potentially host matches – including a quarterfinal and semifinal – New Zealand's role in the tournament set to be larger than anyone would have expected. On the other side of the Tasman, games are set to be played in Adelaide, Brisbane, Launceston, Melbourne, Newcastle, and Sydney, which will host the final. Article: Stuff
  20. Australia and New Zealand form bid to co-host 2023 Women's World Cup Australia and New Zealand will join forces in their bid to host the 2023 Women's World Cup after reaching an 11th-hour agreement before the bid deadline on Friday. Football Federation Australia have abandoned plans to bid for the tournament alone and will instead partner with New Zealand Football to co-host the expanded 32-team tournament They will bid for the event against Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Japan and possibly a joint bid between North and South Korea... Read full article: The Sydney Morning Herald
  21. You're better off doing a joint bid with Sydney. I would prefer Auckland hosting the games solo (which is possible) at least before 2050. Albeit, Auckland has it's fair share of infrastructure and stadiums to sort out, before hosting major events such as the Olympics. However, we can share the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2023...
  22. How about if Auckland or New Zealand goes a completely new direction and look into a possible Universiade? Albeit Auckland sorts out the stadium situation and completes it's major infrastructure projects. I think this would be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. This event could be use as a litmus test if New Zealand can really pull off an Olympic Games (Much like the 2017 World Masters Game were) and also to promote University sports in New Zealand. A fact to ponder is that the Summer Universiade hasn't been to the Southern Hemisphere since Brazil hosted it in 1963. We rank 36 on the all-time Summer Universiade medal table with 15 Gold medals and 47 medals in total. It's a shame that the Universiades gets little to no coverage in New Zealand otherwise we could be sending larger delegations to these games compared to the 50 or so athletes that were sent to the 2019 games.
  23. It would be interesting to see the likes of Port Moresby hosting the 2026 edition of the games, but almost seems far fetched to me. I would put my bets on Malaysia hosting the 2026 edition. I doubt that my home country NZ will host the games anytime soon, maybe in the 2040's at the least. Auckland will definitely want the Games if it will help them get a step closer to host the SOG or the SYOG (Which I hope they at least put a bid for before 2050)
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