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  1. and of course in 1998, SLC almost went out in R1 and had to win a run off with Aosta After that, the assistance of a few brown envelopes aided the closeness with Nagano They learnt their lesson in 2002 ... bigger brown envelopes from the start
  2. For Lillehammer to add those additional sports would be minimal ... Kanthaugen hosted freestyle skiing and half-pipe, and Hafjell the slopestyle in 2016, the curling already has a purpose built arena and there is likely to be enough capacity to host additional women's hockey games A games encompassing the true spirit of the games vs a games forever tainted by bribery ... clearly an easy call
  3. I think those people saying that 2030 is SLCs to lose are being over confident. After all, it will be only 2years since LA2028, and I cannot ever recall two games (Summer & Winter) being held in the same country in such close proximity of time. With Sapporo it will be 10years since Tokyo2020 though the appetite for these games might diminish if the costs of Tokyo are to be believed. The romantic attachment (if this is to be believed) that the IOC have for Lillehammer will make them a very strong contender maybe without some of the issues that SLC and Sapporo might have. Sapporo will have a lot of work to do to build some of the venues required or expand the footprint of the games to include some of Nagano's facilities such as the bobsleigh run. SLC vs Lillehammer makes an interesting comparison. Unless there is a plan to replace the Vivint Smart Home Arena, the Committee would need to significantly increase the size of the Peaks Ice Arena (2,300 seats) and/or the Ice Sheet at Ogden (2,000 seats) to get to the minimum arena capacity standards though a temporary option could be built. Otherwise, SLC is good to go. For Lillehammer, a similar situation exists with a single larger arena required to meet the IOC's standard if the Hamar Olympic Arena cannot be expanded, and Pyeonchang has already shown the way with a large temporary solution for the ceremonies. I would also not rule out a bid from a central European country like Austria with a combined Salzburg-Innsbruck being offered. Again, whilst the more challenging to justify facilities exist - jumping hills, bobsleigh run - the lack of suitably sized arenas is a problem, though two largish cities could justify a conference facility (speed skating) and a larger sized arena, if not creatively using one of their football stadiums as a temporary solution
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