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  1. You could argue that Austria could hold the game in its own right, Innsbruck-Salzburg and including famous resorts like Kitzbuhel in the bid
  2. Some interesting comments on this thread Firstly the airport had over 16million passengers in 2019 and as a visitor on business, I have never experienced any delays. There were already proposals for a new Terminal3. The missing infrastructure is connections to the city, but a metro expansion would make a huge difference. As one of the Top25 most visited cities in the world, I imagine that Budapest could handle an influx of visitors. As for venues, the city is hosting the World Athletics Championship in 2023 with a new 40,000 seater .. this is the same capacity as being touted for other bidders, potentially could be upscaled and the new Ferecs Puskas stadiums is available for ceremonies and football etc. You've got FINA hosting events in the city with the new Danube Arena, a new very large arena for Handball championships and and the Laszlo Papp, another larger indoor arena. Sailing events could be even held on the 'Hungarian Sea', Lake Balaton Whilst is seems bizarre the IOC have anounced Brisbane as the 'preferred contender', you wonder if this could simply be people betting on the Hare and ignoring the Tortoise.
  3. There were some discussion about a joint bid in 2017 building on the Olympic Agenda 2020 allowing co-hosting. It seems unlikely that the Poles would be in favour as the referedum for Krakow 2022 rejected the proposal by almost 70%, though less than 36% voted. The bid was to include Jasna in Slovakia for the Alpine events, though Zakopane 2006 was completely within Poland. If this is a non-starter for the Poles, what about the Czechs? They've already dipped their toes in the water with Prague 2016. So might it be possible to look at the other games. So how about a Prague 2030/2034 The first question would be the outdoor bits. They have the ski jumping hills - Certak at a distance of 135km towards Poland has all the hills required. The mountain is a little more problematic. Rokytnice nad Jizerou has a vertial of 630m-1315m so about 125m short but the town is actually at 520m and the peak at 1344m so the 800m vertical is achieved. Alternative Cerna Hora - Janske Lazne is listed at 650m-1260m but again the lifts go up to 1603m. It won't be the first time an Olympic course was extended beyond its normal vertical (Calgary 1988 for one). Like all games, a bobsleigh run would be required but the Altenberg track is less than 120km away just across the border in Germany As the indoor areas, there are two large areas in Prague (02 Arena and the Tipsport Arena) and medium sized arenas in Liberec and Hradec Kralove. And finally we get to the Great Strahov Stadium, largest in the world, that was proposed as the Olympic village in 2016, or a huge leisure world. There is more than enough space for a Richmond Oval type facility, plus village (which could then be turned into residences) There are multiple sources of potential corporate sponsorship for a 'Czechia' games and the ability to host spectators with Prague being the 5th most visited city in Europe. A capital city as host is maybe what the IOC would dream of.
  4. There has been some romantic suggestions that one day Sarajevo could host the Winter Olympics again. With the idea about maybe bring back the games to the former Yugoslav countries, how about possibly hosting the games in Slovenia with Ljubljana as the anchor? Ljubljana is the capital city so of course has a number of facilities beyond its size with a population just under 300,000 people with the second city Maribor 132km away and the country's third city Celje, in between. The natural geography of Slovenia makes itself suitable for winter sports with Kranjska Gora and the Maribor Pohorje Ski Resorts both hosting FIS events amd Planica being the largest ski jumping facility - there is also hills at Kranj, just north of Ljubjana. In terms of indoor facilities, there is Arena Stozice arena which can accommodate 10,500 people, the Tivoli Hall complex with a large hall for 6,000 and a smaller hall for 4,500. There are also venues in Celje (5,000) and in Maribor (3,000) but the later could be replaced with a larger hall. There is possibilty of a Richmond Oval type plan that could work in Maribor. The sliding track is always an issue, but one could be built to replace the Sarajevo slide which is beyong economic repair. As for ceremonies, the historic Bezigrad stadium could be renovated and expanded to become a national stadium. Slovenia certainly has the topography, and the possibilities, but economically will remain a remote possibility. It could however work.
  5. https://www.rheinruhrcity.com/catalog/en/
  6. The argument for Vancouver would be like this - IMO 1. Most of the facilities used previously that would be reused again would in 2030 need only minor upgrades - add another 12-30 years and we are talking major upgrades or new builds 2. Money has already been set aside for some of the community centres that could be used - they are likely to be built whether a bid happened or not, but a Games could allow for better facilities that might otherwise be built (hence public support?) 3. The big social issue in Vancouver is affordable housing/social housing - building a village for 3000+ athletes/coaches etc - convertible after the games would be a step towards alleviating this 4. and of course, the cost of hosting the games, like for Salt Lake City, will be much reduced because some of the more expensive facilities are already in place As a comparison and correct me if there are new plans I don't know of Ceremonies: Vancouver - BC Place (updated since 2010) Ceremonies 54,500 SLC - Rice Eccles 45,807 Hockey 1: Vancouver - GM Place 18,630 SLC - Maverick Center 10,100 Hockey 2: Vancouver - UBC Arena 7,200 (currently 5,000?) so slight upgrade needed SLC - Peaks Area 8,400 (currently 2,300) (i) Figure: Vancouver - Pacific Coliseum 14,239 (upgrade required) SLC - Vivint Smart Arena 17,500 Curling: Vancouver - Hillcrest Centre 6,000 (a) SLC - Ice Sheet at Ogden 2,000 (ii) Speed: Vancouver - Richmond Oval 8,000 (b) SLC - Olympic Oval 6,500 (currently 3,000) (iii) From a pure infrastructure perspective both candidates would need to upgrade some of their facilities. For Vancouver, a couple of main arenas need some upgrade but the main issues would be (a) which could be replaced by a new arena in Newton or the existing Langley Events Centre (5,276) whilst (b) could be replaced by the proposed Surrey Community Centre. For SLC, (i) would need a very large capacity increase whilst (ii) and (iii) would require significant capacity increases. All other venues appear in good working order If Vancouver enter v SLC, from a technical perspective it is really 50-50
  7. and the 1948 Summer Olympics went to London which was not exactly a neutral country in WW2
  8. A United States bid where they are holding the Summer Games two years earlier ... apparently SLC don't think they match up against the likes of Sapporo https://www.foxnews.com/sports/salt-lake-city-eyes-2034-olympics-after-sapporo-bid-for-2030
  9. How about Vancouver 2030? Unlike Calgary, there appears to be a little more support in BC, with maybe 60% in favour of making a bid - 2010 did make money despite what people think with the ex-VANOC CEO pushing the idea ... and a new Olympic village could assist in dealing with the No1 issue of housing affordability and homelessness. BC Place has been modernised into a world class venue since 2010 and a number of the venues such as GM Place (Ice Hockey1), the Pacific Coliseum (Figure Skating) and the Thunderbird Sports Centre (Hockey2) could be easily used again. Whilst the use of the Hillcrest Cenre and the Richmond Skating Oval would be far more problematic due to the success of their post 2010 legacy, a new speeding skating type venue in Surrey and a curling arena in Newton would create a future 'legacy; - this would spread out the venues a little more than in 2010 but in the scale of some bids this would be minimal in terms of distances. Of course, all outdoor events would be held in Whistler. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/vancouver-2030-olympics-bid-plan-legacies-ideas It will only be 20years since the previous Vancouver games but St Moritz held in 1928/1948
  10. It is such a disappointment that we don't look like seeing Munich 2030. An international city with direct international connections to five continents, with all the venues already in place bar an extra coat of paint and meeting the minimum capacity requirements without the need to add a single seat Ceremonies - Olympic Stadium Bobsleigh/Luge - Schonau am Kongisee Speed Skating - Max Aider Arena, Inzell Cross Country/Biathalon - Ruhpolding Skiing/Ski Jumping - Garmisch Partenkirchen Figure Skating - Olympiahalle Ice Hockey Main - SAP Arena Ice Hockey Second & Curling - two from Olympia Eishalle, Audi Dome, or further afield Curt Frenzel Stadion (Augsburg) Saturn Arena (Ingolstadt), Eisstadion am Gutenbergweg (Landshut) or Olympia-Eissport-Zentrum (Garmsich) the last 4 either DEL or DEL2 arenas all within about 90kms of downtown Munich. Bavarian sponsorshop possibilities could include Siemens AG, BMW, MAN AG, Audi, Allianz, Munich Re etc. SLC would not be a slam dunk anymore
  11. Do members of the forum actually think this is an option that the IOC might seriously considered if officially put forward? 13 cities with an approximate distances of a maximum 160km between the furthest edges, excluding Kiel. There are 16 existing stadiums of 30,000 seats, 24 large sports halls so 80%+ venues are already in place. The one missing component is the ever problematic Olympic Stadium - a potential remedy will be 1FC Koln. The Rhein Energy Stadium with a capacity of 50,000 seats is deemed too small. They want to expand to 75,000 seats. There are a number of issues with the expansion of the current site that would make it economically unviable to do so under an official assessment. The city which rents the stadium actually makes a loss due to the current capacity. The club have investigated the possibility of a private stadium near the A1 which provides great access. The first argument against will be that fans will not accept an athletics stadium due to the poor viewing angles but in Europe it has already been demonstrated that an athletics stadium always planned to be converted to football (Etihad, Manchester) or one will moving seats (Stade de France) have worked whilst the Stade Pierre-Mauroy was designed for multiple configurations. If 1.FC Koln and the city can come to an agreement alongside the bid committee to build a main site stadium, with the option of multiple configurations and maybe a rectractable roof and you have a happy football team (new stadium, increased revenues, limited building costs), a happy city with a multi use stadium which can bring in additional revenues to help offset any losses if the yo-yo football club continue to up and down and a solution to the Olympic Stadium issue.
  12. It does not seem to stop people saying SLC 2030 is the favourite having just had LA 2028 I'm not sure the IOC can be that picky
  13. I think Madrid might be a case of 5th time lucky .... if there is the money available there are definitely the venues ... and even the issue of the athletics stadium might be resolved by a temporary expansion of Vallehermoso stadium from 12,000 to 60,000 with temporary seating rather than host the athletics in Barcelona or Sevilla
  14. and of course in 1998, SLC almost went out in R1 and had to win a run off with Aosta After that, the assistance of a few brown envelopes aided the closeness with Nagano They learnt their lesson in 2002 ... bigger brown envelopes from the start
  15. For Lillehammer to add those additional sports would be minimal ... Kanthaugen hosted freestyle skiing and half-pipe, and Hafjell the slopestyle in 2016, the curling already has a purpose built arena and there is likely to be enough capacity to host additional women's hockey games A games encompassing the true spirit of the games vs a games forever tainted by bribery ... clearly an easy call
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