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  1. I would say RWC Opening Ceremonies have been hitting a spectacular trend for the past few years, especially for something so low budget. But this Ceremony in particular was pretty great even amongst the recent one's.
  2. I would laugh til the cows come home if Australia beat out a China bid for the second time..... with freaking BRISBANE of all cities But I'm guessing the IOC are about to dig in deep with their new 'regional bids' policy for 2032, which is one of the only reasons I can imagine they'd put so much stock in Queensland. I'd keep my eyes out for some Rhine-Rhur favoritism too if that bid can garner more traction. I would shine a light on United Korea Seoul-Pyongyang, but that bid is only real as long as SK and NK can keep their relationship toed along the DMZ. And who knows what will come of their fledgling post-Pyeongchang bond over the next decade.
  3. plantlife around the stadium is looking real nice as well
  4. Honestly the only thing that would spark some type of response from the IOC is if everything in Hong Kong somehow came to a head during the games in Beijing. The juxtaposition of Beijing 2022 headlines right next to some manner of violence in Hong Kong would be a media **** show. But it's probably unlikely things would line up like that, especially with 2022 still two years out. At the end of the day this is purely internal politics, and the IOC aren't gonna dip their fingers into it unless it directly upsets the brand.
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