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  1. Slightly hijacking the topic - I have the Squaw Valley opening ceremony from CBS if anyone needs that
  2. Unfortunately not, I have opening ceremonies until Seoul. I do have Pyeongchang from the OBS feed (Eurosport had three additional tv channels carrying the OBS feed) but I guess everyone has a copy of that already.
  3. Does anyone have the Nagano opening ceremony? I've been searching for that for a while. I have quite an extensive collection; opening ceremonies from 1960 onwards, 40-ish hours of live TV coverage for Rome '60, over 60 hours of TV coverage for Grenoble '68, etc.
  4. I don't plan to post the broadcasts online (as that'd be a massive job and whatever I post on YouTube will probably get removed pretty quickly due to copyright issues) but if you're interested, an overview (including screenshots) is available here: http://motorracingvideoarchive.com/#/olympic
  5. Hi! I hope this is the right section; is anyone on this site collecting olympic television recordings and would like to trade? I have lots of old television broadcasts from Rome 1960 onwards (around 30-40 hours of live television coverage!) up until 2018 (almost entirely as Eurosport carried three channels showing the full OBS feeds) all in DVD or HD format. I am still working on a detailed list (including screenshots, etc.) but that's not yet ready so if anyone needs any more information, just let me know.
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