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  1. A lot of olympic tickets were release/dropped today. On Cosport and on Eventeam France! Athletics finals, Diving finals, Hockey finals and much more. Full list of what was released here: https://www.os-site-tracker.com/us/examples?id=8240

    Notifications about these ticket drops are sent by our system, os-site-tracker.com. If you sign up you will receive instant emails when tickets become available. Have a look at all the positive reviews on our website and be ready to grab those Olympic tickets!

  2. 9 hours ago, zekekelso said:

    Other sources? For a couple recent Olympics somebody has appointed themselves a ticket guru on Twitter, made it a full time hobby to track ticket availability and tweet stuff out. This is especially helpful for people who live in EU countries and often can buy from many countries. I first heard of such people here on gamesbids. Somebody above mentioned reddit... I wouldn't be surprised if there was info there. Personally, I don't bother with other sources (out of laziness and a lack of internet hipness) ... I just check the cosport website almost every day. Takes about 15 seconds. Right before the games I might check out Ebay or Craigslist... but keep in mind there is a lot of ticket fraud out there. I'd only consider buying there under the absolute safest of terms. 

    For team sports, most of the time you buy a ticket for "Match G" and you won't know which of the teams is playing until long after you've bought your ticket. You can sometimes make reasonable assumption to narrow things down (US teams tend to be scheduled on times that are good for NBC) and if you buy the gold medal women's basketball match, you're probably going to see Team USA. The one exception is football - especially women's football. You should be safe waiting until the draws are announced and be able to get tickets through the official Japanese site for any Team USA matches. Keep in mind that many of the matches are outside of Tokyo... which could even be a benefit from a tourist standpoint. 

    You say you check the Cosport website everyday. So did you see that yesterday there was new availability? Handball and Weightlifting. Probably not because the tickets were sold out in minutes. Therefore the website i mentioned earlier(and that i created) os-site-tracker.com is a great help.

    If you want to buy from someone else through online platforms i would not choose craigslist. Go for stubhub or viagogo, or maybe even ebay. On these platforms sellers have strict delivery terms, so if they do not deliver they might get a fine. Although i would advise waiting with these platforms untill you really see no other options. For now i would still try the official ways as in Cosport of every other ATR.

  3. On 7/23/2019 at 1:36 AM, scooter133 said:

    Has anybody used this website? Does it work?


    Hi Guys,

    Saw you mentioned this website, which is actually my website! A little more info about the website: i started it 8 years ago for the London Olympics and it was a big succes. For Rio less people were interested but it was also a succes. For Tokyo the demand for tickets is much higher and therefore the interest in my website too. I can say that during the last weeks a lot of people were able to buy tickets from Cosport USA, Cosport Australia, Cosport EU and a lot of other EU ATR'S like DerTour, Eventeam, Sunweb, Vietentours and TeamGB thanks to my website. In short what it does:

    As you've guys seen and mentioned tickets are often dropped without announcement, my website monitors these drops and as soon as new tickets get available it sends out an email to all registered users within 2 minutes of the drop. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you first want to see some references, have a look at my twitter timeline, lot's of people with succes over there. https://twitter.com/Kevin_Plsm

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