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  1. It could go elsewhere I'm sure where it won't be such an eyesore. I do agree that we should be using wind power but we shouldn't build one turbine just so it will give the impression that BC has an environmental concience. It won't even power the entire resort. It's just for show.
  2. I think this is the best thing they've done yet. The images are very west coast and are different and interesting as opposed to other Olympic games. I'm a huge fan.
  3. Would you prefer it was sandwiched between a few blocks of parking like most other North American arena/stadiums? GM Place is one of the best around. It has an amazing location smack in downtown, expertly designed and state-of-the-art. I can't think of a better use for that space between the viaducts anyways. Perfect location. Just because we didn't evict a few hundred people so we could have a nice big Olympic Green doesn't mean it's a bad location
  4. I found a little clip of it on YouTube. It doesn't feature the whole speach but does have the whole credits sequence. It's quite good. Not the greatest quality though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8q-7SIg2Hw
  5. Did anyone see NBC's final sign off after the closing ceremonies? I'm Canadian so usually I watch CBC but I'm in the US right now so I was stuck watching NBC for the last half of the Olympics. I don't care for most of their coverage but I have to say the final sign off with the credits was very well done. The anchor's monologue was expertly written and executed, and after he did his speach they showed images of China and the games accompanied by some good music. I don't know the name of the song but I have heard it before. That being said if anyone can find it online on YouTube or something they should post it. I've been looking but can't seem to find it yet. It summed up the games well.
  6. haha the solution for having a roof! we will just digitally remove it from the telecast.
  7. It's not international size. The IOC allowed us to use NHL size ice for the games a few years ago, which is good because those would have been costly renovations. It's perfectly fair too because North American players used to have to adjust to the international size and now the others will have to
  8. This is good news. What they could do so they don't have to shut down the stadium for a year while they build a new roof is build it as a separate structure over top of the existing roof and when it's finished remove the inflatable one. Perhaps that would make it too high I don't know, just a thought.
  9. Obviously you didn't read my complete post. He did not back away calmly as the police entered he picked up a stapler and held it up to throw it when they decided to taser him. You made up that fact that his mother did contact somebody to look for him because she didn't. I work in the airline industry and somebody would have helped her. The idea that nobody in the airport would help is completely wrong and there is no reason to beleive it. The man was belligerent and completely out of control. The video does not show how he was acting before he decided to go to that door and start throwing stuff at people. If he had been acting similarly to employees in the restricted area then they have no reason to help him for their own safety. That is the same for any job that deals with the public, you don't deal with frustrated threatening people. It's so frustrating that everybody has to jump on the RCMP bashing bandwagon, and that the media in this country is so rediculously biased. All we have seen is a tainted picture of what happened over the 10 hour period and the rest has been speculation. Anyone acting as this man was deserves to be taken down by the police whether it's by taser or not. Nobody would have a problem with it if he hadn't died. In fact if he hadn't everyone would agree with the RCMP's actions. Perhaps tasers shouldn't be used, but that is a different debate. In this case the RCMP did what any police force would have done and perhaps that is what needs to be changed, but constantly bashing them for this is completely unjust and unfair.
  10. I unlike all the other bleeding hearts defend the officers for what they did. The consequences were obviously very tragic and sad but it was necessary. The reporting on the video last night on Global was among the most un-neutral reporting I have ever seen. The constant monologue saying "this is where he got frustrated... this is where nobody helped him... this is where he stopped breathing" was dispicable. They conveniently left out the fact that just before this man got tasered he picked up a stapler and was getting ready to throw that at the officers. He was obviously not going to calm down. I'm sorry but I have been to airports where I don't speak the language and I have been frustrated too, but I did not start throwing computers and tables and destroying property. There was also the mistake on his mother's part telling him to stay in the baggage claim area which is a restricted area. Could he not phone somebody? Why did she not ask airport or airline workers to look for him after the first two hours of the ordeal. There is more to this story than what we are seeing and it's so frustrating to see everybody jumping on the RCMP bashing bandwagon. Any normal individual would not start throwing computers and tables and threatening to throw a table at that lady in the video. There has to have been something else wrong with this man than being "tired and frustrated."
  11. we should so organize a protest to protest the protesters. i have been wanting to do that for months now. if i can i would make a trip to vancouver to take part, these people are idiots who just want to make a scene. does the APC have an office? we should go vandalize it and see how they feel. half of them dont even know why theyre doing it they do it because they think its fun. one of the ones at the premier's office said he doesn't want any political discussion. why? because he has no clue why hes doing it! if they really had a problem with people being evicted then go to china its worse there. but then again they dont have the problem of lazy people who want the government to hold their hand their entire lives.
  12. they say beautiful british columbia, atleast most of them do. i just might get one of those
  13. wow, i hate how they're half assing this project so much. I hate all the NIMBY's in this city that ruin everything.
  14. Why would you even say that? This shows how little you know about what you talk about because Vancouver is used as a model for urban planning around the world. The building was designed to not even last a year but they decided to keep it up while constantly checking the integrity of the structure. When they realized that it was no longer safe they decided to take it down. Bad planning would have been not checking and parts of the roof falling off.
  15. I like the new proposal but I don't like the direction that the stadium is facing. In both proposals it's open on one side to allow the view of the mountains, however in the new proposal the buidling is facing in a more easterly direction and the view of the mountains isn't as spectacular. I realize that it's a stadium and the view isn't exactly top of mind but I think what makes this stadium so neat is the view and how it was encorporated into the design. I used google earth to simulate what the view would be and it's just not the same.
  16. I really hope it stays up after the Olympics. It would be terrible to tear it down and build more condos. That may seem like the most profitable thing to do now but who knows the future, plus why do we have to do everything because we might get more money. It's a landmark, it's only 24 years old. They should sell it to a private company that could re-vamp the entire thing and take it through an over-haul. If it get's torn down i'll be so MAMMAAMMAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Well I just saw the news and the roof does not look good at all. There are several rips in it visible from inside. The BC Place crew is covering their asses so much as well. The kept saying the building heat was on then the reporter said "yeah 10 degrees" and the worker repeated "building heat was on as usual." It's pretty obvious that they popped the roof. Instead of turning on the heat to melt snow that accumulated over night they increased the pressure inside to try and remove the snow that was quickly being made heavy by rain. You can see snow accumulations in this video as the roof is deflating also when it rips again snow is clearly visible falling off the ripped section. And controlled deflation my ass. I'm pretty sure it was deflating no matter what. That whole is huge.
  18. That 1% drop in the GST actually saved me a fair amount if money when I bought my laptop. Imagine buying a car. It's not useless so stop being greedy. What would your Liberals have done??? NOTHING
  19. ummmmm ok this guy is a complete idiot. He wants to save us from something but if we do what he suggests we'll fall into what he wants to save is from. If we quit now all the money spent will go to waste and there will be no money made come 2010. What an idiot. You had your referendum in 2002 and you lost, get over it! We have the Olympics and they're not leaving us now.
  20. That sounds like fun! I'll be sure to be in Vancouver to see that
  21. It looks stunning. I especially like the interior with the huge glass walls and the wood. Can't wait for it to be done!
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