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  1. Thanks for replying. To me, it's looking pretty bleak right now. Just today, Trump stated that this uncertain time when eveyrthing's shutting down may go through July/Aug. So there's goes the Olympics. Sure, I hope we all still get to go for those who had planned it. But I don't want things to start being fine just a week beefore the Olympics either. I'd still be wary to travel then.
  2. I'm shocked that there isn't a thread on this topic. I know there's a thread on media coronavirus news, but I want to know from you guys HERE. To those who were planning on going for a long time now...since October 2018 for me...are YOU still going? So far, as you know, the Omypics isn't canceled yet. This is a dream trip for me & fiance' & I have put in about $12,000 into this trip. IF the Olympics IS canceled, Cosport, the company who sells the sports tickets doesn't seem to be budging regarding any kind of refund. I'll still have to find out from my airline I got the plan
  3. It's Oct 2019 & we're 9 mos away! What have you got accomplished so far for anyone traveling there? - flight tickets plan to get that this wk of 10/21/19 - passports early Nov (Already got hotel.) What else do I have to do?
  4. So we're 9 mos away from Japan you guys! What things should we have done by now other than flight tickets & passports! What travel insurance are you guys using? I see.
  5. Ah, OK, I have a "flight buddy" who's doing the same! When are you buying your tickets? This week too? Is it better to buy through JAL online or call them? It doesn't look like they leave from the closest airport to me, so I may have to call to see.
  6. anthonyliberatori, thanks so very much for taking the time to do this. I'd like to buy these before the week's over. I'll look closely at what you said. I was thinking that I really want to try JAL Airlines. Have you or anyone used them to fly? Right, I know I'm looking at $2300 - 2500 for 2 people. Yikes. But it has to be done. Isn't it good to search INCOGNITO so you get the fairest, cheapest prices & the computer doesn't know you're looking?
  7. I hardly ever fly. Who wants to help me out please?? I need to buy some FLIGHT tickets NOW. Who can give me or PM me the link for the BEST price for: 2 people from Ontario, California to Tokyo, Japan landing at either the Haneda OR Narita Airport for the dates July 29, 2020 to August 4, 2020 It seems like due to 1-2 stops, it's best to leave 1 day early, I assume, right? SO really leaving July 28, 2020.
  8. So CoSport sent an email today now selling hotel packages along w/ the sports. I already got my hotel taken care of. scooter133, never heard of it, so I'll have to read through it.
  9. Thank God I got 1 sport (athletics aka track & field), which I bought 2 tickets on Sat., 7/6! That will probably be all I get, which is fine. I would have liked artistic gymnastics, so I'll see what they do next.
  10. The latest on CoSport says: Message last updated: 4:06 PM With overwhelming demand for Tokyo 2020, event tickets on a standalone basis have sold out, while you may still purchase available packages if they suit your needs. Please check periodically for CoSport updates on new ticket availability.
  11. I'm working w/ a travel company & it's included in what I'm paying along w/ these other things: Premier Accommodations in Tokyo at one of our conveniently located properties right in the middle of the action. Experience Tokyo Package: Choose one culture experience or sight seeing excursion from our list of options. You’ll have the opportunity to discover Tokyo and the culture of this host city in the best format that fits your interests and abilities. Our Experience Tokyo options will be finalized in Summer of 2019. Tokyo Metro Transportation Pass will be provided per p
  12. New member here! I like Asics anyway, so I'd get both of those types of sneakers in the blue & red. Know the US English version of it to buy?
  13. Hi, new member & this will be my 1st time to ANY Olympics. I'll have a Tokyo Metro Transportation Pass, but don't know anything else yet.
  14. Hi, new member here! I got a pair of track & field tickets so far & "in line" via CoSport for artistic gymnastics where there about 23K+ people in front of me in line right now.
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