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  1. Would agree, i never foresaw where the focus was off of primetime, I'd be interested to see how many people watch the major events live while at work. The possibility of people stopping their work to see Katie Ledecky or Sydney McLaughlin in a gold medal final could be interesting, to say the least.
  2. I knew NBC was going to deemphasize primetime, especially with Days Of Our Lives moving to Peacock.
  3. So USA Network is airing the night sessions of figure skating live? Opposite i assume the Today Show on NBC?
  4. CBC has announced their Olympics crews, and on hockey they've got Chris Cuthbert and Bryan Mudryk, interesting that they are using a TSN guy on the coverage. Brenda Irving has the figure skating coverage, that used to be Cuthbert's role and before him, Ted Reynolds.
  5. I find it interesting that the women's volleyball gold medal match will be on both NBC and USA Network. I'm guessing it's because NBC has to show news in the East?
  6. Given it was an american winning gold, i was shocked that USA Network didnt pick up the fencing event in it's entirtey.
  7. CBC has always had a news person co-host the Opening Ceremony, going back to when Peter Mansbridge was on The National.
  8. I've always wondered, is it common to have one of the Today anchors join Costas or Tirico for the opening ceremony? Because i remember Peter Jennings(who was ABCs main news guy) joining Jim McKay on ABC's coverage in the 80s.
  9. I think that Chris Marlowe is the only one still left from NBCs crew in 88. Does anybody remember who his partner was that did play-by-play. Chris started on PBP in 92.
  10. USA Network is listed to carry swimming, track & field, diving while Olympic Channel is going to be the home of the Olympic tennis and wrestling tournaments.
  11. here is who they've got for golf...... https://nbcsportsgrouppressbox.com/2021/06/02/nbc-olympics-names-golf-commentators-for-this-summers-tokyo-olympics/ Looks like it's split up between Japan and Stamford......
  12. As far as soccer, they've got quite the lineup too...Arlo White, Andres Cantor, Lisa Byington, Mark Followill, Jenn Hildreth and Derek Rae. Not to metion Diffey and Gannon on track and gymnastics.
  13. I seem to remember Ted Reynolds doing swimming in 88, and he and whoever was with him really played up Kristin Otto as much as NBC did. Of course, they were just as excited by the Americans as NBC was, but they did it more even-handled unlike NBC.
  14. I watched CBC and NBC in 8 for sure(I had one of those big dishes then.) Brian Williams did a much better job as host than Bryant Gumbel, who was NBC's prime time host. To my knowledge, Brian was CBC's regular host then on major events not named Hockey Night In Canada. Can anybody remember who did swimming for CBC? I remember Don Criqui doing it for NBC, but i can't remember who did for CBC, Ted Reynolds?
  15. I've got to get used to Diffey doing track instead of Tom Hammond now.........
  16. Looking at the IndyCar schedule, NBC will need someone else for the Toronto race on August 8. I guess Kevin Lee will fill in while Diffey is in Tokyo
  17. Who does NBC have in line to rpelace Tom Hammond and Al Trautwig this year?
  18. The NHL will cancel games before they mess with the Olympics.
  19. NBC could have some issues with their NHL coverage, now that the Canucks have to cancel a bunch of games due to COVID-19 protocol. How will NBC manage that now?
  20. I can tell you that from first hand experience. On hockey, Bob Cole and Harry Neale were big Canada homers during their games. So was Don Cherry. I remember Don Wittman doing curling too. What i remember about that was, during the anthem after Canada won, he shut up and let the pictures do the talking.
  21. CBC was my choice when it came to hockey during the Olympics. Bob Cole and Harry Neale were so much better than whoever CBS used in 98. They did a pretty good job, given that NHL players were in the Olympics for the first time and they did Hockey Night In Canada.
  22. Speaking of 1998, i had to be very careful to not tell my mother about some events, because i had seen them on CBC 16 hours before CBS showed them. One example was the ladies figure skating final, i did not tell her what happened, for fear she would know before CBS showed it in prime time.
  23. I still remember in Nanago in 98, watching CBC and I could hear the anger in Brian Williams's voice(the CBC guy) because the snowboarder from Canada was disqualified. I just cant imagine McKay or Gifford during the ABC era being that mad over a decision like that.
  24. I'm surprised that ABC didn't devote it's prime time schedule to the 1980 Winter Olympics.
  25. Kind of like the Olympics in Rio, what's been happening with the NHL playoffs, NBC is having to juggle their NASCAR and Indycar coverage with hockey. In some cases they've had to use CNBC, USA and even NHL Network for games.
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