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  1. 180 sessions requested from 8 of us that are going. Received 0.
  2. I am probably not going to get anything. I figured the live sales will be enough to grab the easier tickets: Opening Ceremony TOOOC01 Gymnastics Individual Finals TOGAR10 Gymnastics Team Finals TOGAR08 Swimming Finals TOSWM02 Swimming Finals TOSWM04 Swimming Finals TOSWM15 Football Prelim TOFBL30 Table Tennis Prelim TOTTE01
  3. I am not trying to amass a lot of tickets. I just don't want to have an account that got nothing. So I am thinking of having a few accounts, and just ordering from the account that actually wins tickets or wins the best tickets. I am hoping that doesn't warrant a cancellation of purchase.
  4. Hi, I am new here. I was wondering if we could create multiple accounts under the same name to increase our changes? Since there's no limit to the number of events people can request tickets for, I fear that even the less popular sports will be difficult to get tickets to.
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