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  1. So we have some information on the Paralympic handover. Prologue by Woodkid makes a return, Sadeck Berrabeh will produce a sequence. There will also be a sign language version of the French anthem performed by Betty Moutoumalaya and the finale will feature music by DJ Pone, founder of the Fonky Family collective. https://press.paris2024.org/news/paris-2024-invites-the-world-to-an-extraordinary-paralympic-handover-celebration-e4cf-7578a.html
  2. Also I would imagine them getting Maneskin, the Eurovision 2021 winners involved buuuut, seeing as two of the male members, Damiano and Thomas kissed each other live on Polish TV (in a country that's becoming anti-LGBT), they could be highly controversial in China if MiCo 2026 chose them to perform.
  3. Tbh, I'd love a symphonic version of Fratelli d'Italia. Paris 2024 really nailed it with the class of their symphonic La Marseillaise. Also Italy loves their classical music so that would be a bonus on the cultural aspect of the handover.
  4. Looks a lot more fun than the Olympic ceremonies! Paralympic ceremonies really have a lot more fun and entertainment than the Olympic ones.
  5. The concepts for the Paralympic ceremonies have been revealed. The opening ceremony concept is "We Have Wings", the concept aims to raise awareness of the courage of Paralympians who are trying to spread their wings "no matter which way the wind blows". And the closing ceremony concept is "Harmonious Cacophony". It acknowledges diversity among people and transforming their differences into a shared unity. Finally, here's a sneak peek at what's to come. Why do I think the propellers are a reference to Doraemon? Maybe he'll make an appearance?
  6. Wait, Yimou's been appointed to do it all again for 2022? Also I could see Valentin Petit (director of the Ride film for the handover) or another well-known French artist or film director being chosen for 2024.
  7. I thought it was cool! Shame that big flag they planned to fly never got a chance to shine. Damn bad weather. But they did the handover and they are ready! Hoping their Paralympic handover will be cool too!
  8. I can expect the bigger Fuji mountain to back for the Paralympic ceremony. Or the shorter one will probably stay but modified slightly to help with those on wheelchairs (if the final lighter is on a wheelchair)
  9. It matches the motto, "United In Emotion" too. It was a very emotional Games. Well done to the people of Japan and Tokyo for trying their damn hardest to bring these Games to life despite this awful pandemic. Hoping they can replicate that with the Paralympics. Tomohiro Ishii from TBS is speaking to BBC Sport now. Also the cauldron from the opening is back. The Fuji part where it sits has been shortened slightly.
  10. here's hoping either Beijing or Paris actually bothers recording some fresh arrangements for the anthems.
  11. Also the show will be pre-recorded and beamed live to Tokyo, as opposed to the usual live performance cos you know, COVID = no French performers are allowed. But hopefully, whatever the Paris presentation will look like in France will be good nonetheless.
  12. Also this is the music used for the cauldron lighting. Kazuname Watanabe's Dr. Coppelius: 7. Rise of the Planet performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. The part they used for the cauldron lighting starts around 3:02
  13. Anyways, is there any pics of the outdoor cauldron in Tokyo Bay? Uncovered and alight with the sacred flame?
  14. The ceremony may have been scaled down but overall, I think Japan did their very best to try and put on a COVID-safe show with all the controversies and sackings looming over these Games which is pretty sad to see considering Japan was so hyped for these Games before the nightmare that was 2020. The cauldron design was so beautiful and I'm hoping to see something similar with the outdoor cauldron if we get pics of it. Hopefully the closing ceremony will bring something fun for some people maybe. Looking forward to seeing what Paris 2024 offers.
  15. That cauldron is beautiful! I didn't expect the sun to open up and become a flower! Also first hydrogen flame too. Is the outdoor cauldron in Tokyo Bay lit?
  16. "Until the tiny pebbles, grow into massive boulders" is the correct lyric... Why is there no edit function in this place? It's worse than WhatsApp...
  17. The floating stones could be a reference to one of the lyrics in Kimigayo, the Japanese national anthem. 細石の 巌と為りて "Until the tiny pebbles, grow into moving boulders"
  18. I know this sounds like a copy of Tokyo, but I'm hoping Paris features a little "Thank you/Merci" part after the French anthem, cos Paris sadly suffered two terrorist attacks in 2015, Nice had one in 2016 and also the Notre Dame was sadly burnt down in a fire in 2019. It's only right for them to give their gratitude to the world for their support during those tragic times.
  19. I highly doubt it, apparently there will be a natural flame but made from environmentally friendly gas like Rio, if i recall.
  20. That music sounds epic! I'm excited to see what they have in store for Tokyo at the closing ceremony.
  21. Well, if he calls it quits cos he failed to remove the corruption, his successor better be ready cos he or she will have some VERY BIG shoes to fill.
  22. Honestly, I agree. I mean, look at the amount of vaccinations the UK has had so far. Why can't the world look up to them? Oh yeah, cos our PM is an idiot!
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