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  1. I see. I'm excited to see what it'll look like uncovered.
  2. It's possibly covered for secrecy maybe. I'm also praying that it has real fire burning, not that crappy fake flame from Napoli. I get that they did it for the environment and possibly as a fire prevention thing as that stadium they used is very old.
  3. Also noticed the design of the proposed cauldron has scaled down compared to the proposal images. Guess they wanted it and the flag stand to have a modern/traditional aesthetic.
  4. Seems like that will be the cauldron. They're keeping Rio's theme of small cauldrons that don't damage the environment. Good on them. I also like the idea being Mount Fuji with the sun rising being the cauldron. Now this is why I'm excited!
  5. So the opening ceremony is tomorrow! Good luck to all the athletes competing in Lausanne!
  6. 8 minutes left before we see the logo So exciting!
  7. That's what I'm thinking. The dots will probably form the shape of the emblem.
  8. I'm thinking it'll be a fleur de lys?
  9. I think they'll be forming the logo through the map? Who knows what it'll be
  10. The emblem reveal is being streamed tonight in just a few minutes! Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cgjca-Qxfs
  11. Hopefully Tokyo's lighting won't be too flashy or inspirational. All we just want is them to light the flame and send it to Japan.
  12. There are some noticeable changes, the agitos are redrawn and are thicker, the colours are also brighter as well. Hope that helps
  13. Only one day left and today, the International Paralympic Committee has updated their iconic Agitos symbol. Expect this to appear on the new Paralympic emblem for Paris 2024. Dunno if Tokyo or Beijing 2022 will update theirs with the new-look Agitos.
  14. It's now 3 days until the big reveal of the new emblem! It'll be streamed live on the Paris 2024 Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts next Monday at 7:15pm (Paris time), from the Grand Rex cinema in Paris.
  15. Well, Paris 2024's social media accounts are all white now. And the website is unusable for now. Probably in anticipation for the new logo to be revealed.
  16. Oops, forgot the link http://www.francsjeux.com/breves/2019/10/09/annonce-en-vue/55860
  17. Well, it's been confirmed on this French website! Says the emblem will be revealed at a ceremony at the Grand Rex in Paris on Monday 21st October. Set the date, mes amis.
  18. So the applicants for the emblem were given to Paris 2024 in November last year. And I just read on Wikipedia that the official logo will be revealed on 21st October. If this is true, I'm looking forward to it.
  19. Well, it's better than no World Cup at all. Hopefully, once 2022 comes around, Qatar could possibly put aside the major controversies.
  20. I love the little references to previous hosts concluding with Lima as it's their (and Peru's) first time hosting such a huge event like this.
  21. Actually, this was chosen by the IOC to host the 4th Summer Youth Olympics in 2022.
  22. As a Brummie myself, I'm so excited for tomorrow and this fresh new logo and brand for the Games! Also today saw a quiet rebrand of the Commonwealth Games Federation and its brand. With a new look for the three triangle symbol. Expect to see this in the new Brum 2022 logo. And also a new name!
  23. Hope this will give FIFA a chance to strip Qatar of hosting rights and give it to a safer Asian country to host it. Australia or South Korea would be best, Japan not so good as they're already hosting the Olympics in almost a year's time.
  24. Is there an official livestream of the ceremony being streamed today on YouTube?
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