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  1. I thought the music playing when the sun opened its petals and became a flower of hope and vitality was beautiful. Also they had 85 drafts such as a flame in a heat-resistant glass sphere or a spinning flame similar to Singapore 2010 to create a spherical appearance. The concept of the cauldron itself, according to the creative director, is "All gather under the Sun, all are equal, and all receive energy"
  2. Anyways, is there any pics of the outdoor cauldron in Tokyo Bay? Uncovered and alight with the sacred flame?
  3. The ceremony may have been scaled down but overall, I think Japan did their very best to try and put on a COVID-safe show with all the controversies and sackings looming over these Games which is pretty sad to see considering Japan was so hyped for these Games before the nightmare that was 2020. The cauldron design was so beautiful and I'm hoping to see something similar with the outdoor cauldron if we get pics of it. Hopefully the closing ceremony will bring something fun for some people maybe. Looking forward to seeing what Paris 2024 offers.
  4. That cauldron is beautiful! I didn't expect the sun to open up and become a flower! Also first hydrogen flame too. Is the outdoor cauldron in Tokyo Bay lit?
  5. "Until the tiny pebbles, grow into massive boulders" is the correct lyric... Why is there no edit function in this place? It's worse than WhatsApp...
  6. The floating stones could be a reference to one of the lyrics in Kimigayo, the Japanese national anthem. 細石の 巌と為りて "Until the tiny pebbles, grow into moving boulders"
  7. I know this sounds like a copy of Tokyo, but I'm hoping Paris features a little "Thank you/Merci" part after the French anthem, cos Paris sadly suffered two terrorist attacks in 2015, Nice had one in 2016 and also the Notre Dame was sadly burnt down in a fire in 2019. It's only right for them to give their gratitude to the world for their support during those tragic times.
  8. I highly doubt it, apparently there will be a natural flame but made from environmentally friendly gas like Rio, if i recall.
  9. That music sounds epic! I'm excited to see what they have in store for Tokyo at the closing ceremony.
  10. Well, if he calls it quits cos he failed to remove the corruption, his successor better be ready cos he or she will have some VERY BIG shoes to fill.
  11. Honestly, I agree. I mean, look at the amount of vaccinations the UK has had so far. Why can't the world look up to them? Oh yeah, cos our PM is an idiot!
  12. I highly doubt they'd want another Games ever in their country after this mess.
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