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  1. Okay I know it's a tad bit early but we are almost half way done with 2019. As expected, I think the Tokyo olympics are going to set the standard for what the games should be (At least management wise). If you're as excited as me, then please share. My only concern is the number of tourist have increased dramatically which is hurting the local culture (Especially in Kyoto). So if you're planning to attend, please be a respectable tourist. We only have one Japan on this planet (I wish we had more).
  2. Hey Anthony, yeah it's a super exciting but a DEMANDING industry to work in. I use to be a event executive for a 4000+ venue. Make sure you go with a company that has a proven track record and 200+ employees. The larger the company, the more events they have under their belt. Also if they own a few of their own venues, that's even better. BTW, Google these guys. They took care of the Rio Olympics: Cerimonias Cariocas 2016. All the best!
  3. Agree with @stryker - If the concept fails, this will be one expensive mistake. Planning these massive events isn't a child's play and requires looking at a lot of data points. Especially historical ones.
  4. Messishadow

    Paralympics and Olympics merger

    @plusbrilliantsexploits - Agreed. They should keep them separate. This way you appreciate them more.
  5. Messishadow

    Qatar 2022

    First Russia did an incredible job. Now let's wish Qatar the best. I'm also excited to see the additional team in the US / Canada / Mexico World Cup. Love to see more Asian teams in there. Maybe even India or something.