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  1. Santiago Chile is hosting the 2023 Pan American and paraPan American Games With the lack of interest from Europe and also with Asia could be hosting a few Winter Olympic and Paralympics Games in a row, Is it the time to bring the Winter Games to the Southern Hemisphere? I think if Italy, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and if Sweden rejects hosting the games then they have no right to say when the games can be held, So I think it could be the time to bring the games Southern Hemisphere. Santiago Chile is the best city to bring the games down South for the first time as it's a major city they can use the venues from the 2023 Pan American Games only really have to build the snow events venues the ski resorts is very close by to the CBD the games could grow winter sports in South America which will grow the winter games as well. What do you think about Santiago Chile hosting the 2034 Winter Olympic and Paralympics Games?
  2. The Austrian bid is even in a worse shape then the Sion bid the Graz bid is only supported by the city government not the state government, Sion bid was backed by all 3 local state and federal governments and it still lost, Graz bid will be out sooner then we all think it's not at all going to happen.
  3. If that happens if Calgary votes NO and Putin might want another games in Russia so Sochi Russia 2026 the IOC will be back in Europe and might have Sapporo Japan for the 2030 games, Salt Lake City officials will be so mad at the USOC for making them stay out of this race.
  4. If the Calgary public votes NO to the Olympic Bid the IOC would be in big troubles if none of the European bids are remaining, I would be doing anything to get Sapporo Japan to stay in the race. The IOC should not hope on Europe for the next two games after 2026 as well if I was in the IOC Sapporo Japan would get the 2026 games I would also do a double award at the 2023 IOC Session for the USA to host the 2030 Winter Games and Almaty Kazakhstan for the 2034 Winter Games. The 2030 Winter Games for the USA I would tell the USOC the IOC will get to pick the American city in 2030 it will be a great bidding race between the American cities of Anchorage, Reno - Lake Tahoe, Salt Lake City, Denver, Albury - Lake Placid New York.
  5. Now that North America is hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup, Would FIFA go to the last remaining continent which has not hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2030 to Australia and New Zealand?
  6. With Vitkor Orban party having super majority in the Parliament of Hungary right now I think he could rewrite into the Hungary Constitution that Budapest must bid to host the games until it's get's the games with that it will bypass a public vote in Budapest. Budapest Hungary 2032 could be possible if Hungary want the games with more sporting venues getting built or are build regardless of the 2024 bid I would not write off Budapest 2032.
  7. Since 2000 I would say the best 5 Olympic Games that were never were was with 1 Rome Italy 2004 it would of been amazing with Saint Pope John Paul 2 still around we could of had another Olympic Games Mass like their was in Rome 1960 with Pope John 23 Turin like ceremonies in Rome with possible the President of Italy co opening up the Games with Pope John Paul 2 the ceremonies and the games would of been grand in Rome, With that Sion 2006 would of happened. 2 Bangkok Thailand 2008 had Bangkok Thailand been elected in the shortlist and won the hosting an respected country with Bangkok hosting many sporting events like the Asian Games the respected last King of Thailand opening up the games it would of been a great way to bring the games to South East Asia back then the troubles of Thailand would of likely not of happened if the games happened. 3 Moscow Russia 2012 - Los Angeles USA 2016 would of been a great way to write the wrongs of the 1980s with the Boycott movement Moscow 2012 would of stopped the big spend of Sochi 2014 and likely that PyeongChang South Korea would of hosted the 2014 Winter Games with Munich Germany hosting 2018, With NO Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 the Olympic movement would of been strong today. 4 Shanghai China 2020 with the failed Beijing 2000 and 2008 bids China would of gone and bid with Shanghai after the 2010 World Expo the fastest growing Chinese mega city would of been a great host to the 2020 Summer Games. 5 Toronto Canada 2024 with the 2008 plan 48 years since Montreal in having hosted the 2015 Pan American Games with Vancouver hosting the 2010 Winter Games it would of been an great way to bring the games back to Canada build the Olympic Park on the Waterfront.
  8. If I was Thomas Bach I would be calling up President Nursultan Nazarbayev to get him to put in a bid for Almaty Kazakhstan for the 2026 Winter Games if the public of Calgary votes NO to the Olympic Games if it just Erzurum Turkey just left in the race. That way the IOC won't have a public relations mess and the Olympic movement would still go to the Islamic world it won't be going to the middle of Nowhere city in Turkey but the biggest city in the economic powerhouse of Central Asia Kazakhstan. From the 2022 bid which pretty much everything is pretty much in place now apart from the Sliding events venue all that Almaty Kazakhstan have to do is to build that and the games villages with the upgrades to the Central stadium for the ceremonies venue. Almaty Kazakhstan would put on a great low cost games in a safe area on the world not next two a massive war zones in two neighboring countries the economy of Kazakhstan is doing pretty good, The Almaty Kazakhstan 2026 Winter Games would be pretty much President Nursultan Nazarbayev last act as the President he would be 85 years old when the 2026 Winter Games are on.
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