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  1. If Calgary votes NO and the Italian and the Sweden bids remain until ballot time I don't think the IOC would do a double award, So that means the 2030 Winter Games at the 2023 IOC session could be a vote between two Asian cities Almaty Kazakhstan and Sapporo Japan if the USOC and LA 2028 is still funny, It might just be a good chance to go to Almaty Kazakhstan they have a compelling story over Sapporo Japan and the IOC might want the USA to host the 2034 Winter Games to get more money after the NBC deal is off from 2032, Stockholm Sweden 2026 - Almaty Kazakhstan 2030 - USA 2034?
  2. In that race Cortina got the lowest amount of votes but will it be like the 2018 race? Where the they only needed the one ballot, Milan Italy the Annecy of this race, Calgary the Munich of this race and Stockholm the PyeongChang of this race the bridesmaid's country of the 1994, 1988 race eg 2010, 2014 the country yet to host the Winter Games, If Calgary fails I don't see them coming back in 2030 and the Canadian Olympic Committee might work on Toronto Canada 2032, Toronto Canada getting the 2030 Commonwealth Games could be good for the 2032 bid. Denver have a public vote on the 2030 Denver bid in 2020 if they pass the vote it could be Denver 2030? It could work out with Stockholm Sweden 2026 - Denver USA 2030 - Almaty Kazakhstan 2034.
  3. Looks like this bid will be kicked out in January, If Calgary votes YES if I was the IOC I would give the Stockholm bid more time in getting government support as they are still working to forming a government and they could have to have another election so Sweden if they stay around then get the government also work on doing a double award deal in getting Stockholm Sweden getting the 2030 Winter Games the Sweden government could be more likely to support the bid then as they have more time. Get rid of the Turkish bid next week then work on Calgary Canada 2026 and Stockholm Sweden 2030 double award deal then we could be all good for the Winter Games.
  4. If Shanghai host the 2032 Summer Olympic and Paralympics Games it would be a great handover from Los Angeles as the Republic and People's Republic of China first summer games was both in Los Angeles USA 1932 and 1984 another great handover show possible, It would be interesting both ways if it LA 2028 - Seoul/Pyongyang 2032
  5. Well it looks like good bye to the Italian 2026 bid can they have the IOC session back now?
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/sep/25/swedish-pm-stefan-lofven-losing-confidence-vote Sweden will have a new Prime Minister but it will take weeks to find a new Prime Minister, Let's hope Stockholm will have a new Mayor too then it could be all action go for Stockholm Sweden 2026.
  7. I think the ceremonies and the Olympic Stadium will be in North Korea as they have a 114,000 seat stadium while the Seoul Olympic Stadium only has 69,000 seats if 2032 is indeed the battle of Asia and with this Korea bid I think the IOC, Should do a double award for 2032 and 2036 in Asia with Korea having one of the games so the other games would be Shanghai China, Jakarta Indonesia, Delhi India all up against each other. I would have Jakarta Indonesia 2032 - Korea 2036.
  8. Italy 2026 will be out of the picture in a couple of weeks so the best thing for the IOC is just go to Stockholm and Calgary like crazy and work out a double award deal let's hope Calgary votes YES and have Calgary Canada host 2026 and Stockholm Sweden host 2030 there is more of a chance that Sweden will get government backing if they host the 2030 Winter Games the last games they hosted was back 114 years ago from 2026 they can wait for another 4 more years and they can. Calgary 2026 - Stockholm Sweden 2030 would be the best bet deal for the IOC.
  9. If the USOC says NO and Sweden say NO then the only logical thing to do is go and ring up Almaty Kazakhstan and get them to host the 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympics Games.
  10. The Italian bid is in a complete mess and if Calgary votes NO then **** will really hit the fan by then the LA 2028 guys might so NO to Salt Lake City USA 2026 then where would the IOC go to let's be real the only reason why Almaty Kazakhstan did not bid for the 2026 Winter Games was they thought they had no chance for a 3rd straight winter games in Asia in a row. If Sweden call the quits where would the IOC go take you're pick Turkey or Kazakhstan? Almaty Kazakhstan is by far superior then Erzurum Turkey the only thing the IOC will have to do is call up the President of Kazakhstan and Mayor of Almaty and say the games are yours for your taking.
  11. A good way for the IOC to stay out of Turkey if need to is to get Almaty Kazakhstan to have the games I'm sure the President Nursultan Narzarbeayev would simply be glad and make a order to have the games, Almaty 2026 would be 100 times better then the Turkey bid, Almaty is the major city of Kazakhstan near by China it pretty much have all the stuff needed to host the Winter Games a nice compact plan too good economy in Kazakhstan.
  12. I hope the IOC picks Almaty Kazakhstan over Sapporo Japan in case if it them two cities for the 2034 Games this rail thing is a cop out indeed the California high speed rail won't be done until after the games If Calgary votes NO I can really see the IOC ringing up Kazakhstan to get them to host the games. The IOC might work to lobby the Swedish government to have the 2030 games I think they will be more open to have the 2030 games then have Almaty Kazakhstan for the 2026 winter games so the Islamic world will not freak out about Turkey getting kicked out of the race this would be the best Public relations move by the IOC, Double award Almaty Kazakhstan 2026 - Stockholm Sweden 2030.
  13. If Sweden do pull out of the race and it's just Calgary Canada left for 2026, The IOC should do a double award with Calgary Canada 2026 and USA 2030 with the 2030 host city will be a domestic race headed by the IOC with the winner being picked at the 2021 IOC Session, In 2020 Denver will vote on the Olympic Games Bid. 2030 race would be likely be Anchorage, Reno - Lake Tahoe, Salt Lake City, Denver, Boston and Albury - Lake Placid. If in that case Calgary Canada 2026 - USA 2030 - Almaty Kazakhstan 2034, Let's hope Europe 2038 if Calgary votes NO then the IOC should call up the President of Kazakhstan and the Mayor of Almaty to get them to host the 2026 Winter Games, They can just use their 2022 plan for the games Almaty could save the day for the IOC for 2026.
  14. 2032 looks like it's shaping up to be a battle of Asia North-South Korea bid, Shanghai China, Jakarta Indonesia, Delhi India, If Doha Qatar, Baku Azerbaijan and Istanbul Turkey bid as well we got a massive race from Asia under way, I rate this bid as the 3rd favorite in Asia Shanghai China and Jakarta Indonesia are the top two, Korea 3, the rest don't have a good chance at all. Then we got possible bid from Cairo Egypt, Brisbane Australia and a possible bid from Germany and Hungary too, Would the IOC go to Europe in 2032 and leave the massive race for Asia to host the 2036 Games? Budapest Hungary would be a great way to give the final top 10 Summer Olympic Games powerhouse which is yet to host the Olympic Games the games and to build up the interest to the games in Europe.
  15. The Italian bid is in mess and now this we could be down to 3 in a week time with Calgary Canada, Stockholm Sweden and Turkey, The best option is getting rid of the Turkey bid next month and to work on a double award deal with Calgary Canada 2026 - Stockholm Sweden 2030, Let's hope Calgary VOTES YES on November 13 maybe if Sweden is getting the 2030 Winter Games then it will improve the chances of it getting the Swedish government support if they have the games later.
  16. Well looks like the anti Olympic Games Mayor of Stockholm will be looking like she will be re-elected based on the National election results from Sweden so it;s looking like good bye to Stockholm Sweden 2026, One way or the other I think Sapporo Japan would not mind taking the 2026 games the high speed rail in California won't be done by LA 2028 that is the only issue for Sapporo right now, If the Calgary public votes NO on November 13, The IOC could be working on Salt Lake City USA 2026 - Sapporo Japan 2030 deal from November.
  17. It was Thomas Bach Captain call to go to Africa for the 2022 Youth Games so it's pretty much all on him for the reason why the games are going to Senegal.
  18. Complete madness I thought they would of picked Botswana they have the best performing economy in Africa pretty much a 2nd world country now, Senegal is a 4th world country less develop then even Zimbabwe is, If I was an IOC Member I would demand Thomas Bach goes as the IOC President and get Singapore to host the games again theses games will be a complete flop I would not send anyone kids to a country like Senegal.
  19. So they could have Salt Lake City USA 2026 I'm sure Utah officials would love that if it goes down to that case it would be funny if we end up with Beijing handing the flag over to Salt Lake City in 2022 and Los Angeles handing over the flag to Shanghai in 2028. Salt Lake City USA 2026 - Sapporo Japan 2030 double award could be in the cards next year.
  20. After reviewing the 2010 World Expo Opening Ceremony today, I must say the 2032 Summer Olympic and Paralympics Games would be awesome in Shanghai I'm sure that they would want to top Beijing 2008 as an intercity rivalry the games will really put Shanghai as the world top city it would have been like if New York City hosted the 1952 Games. Build an 100,000 seat Olympic Stadium along the River close to downtown theses games will really finished the plan for Shanghai which when back in 1990 had no skyscrapers to make it a top class global city within 42 years would be an impressive job the 2032 games would be the final job to do for that. Shanghai China vs Jakarta Indonesia in the final round for 2032 would be very close I think could be like 2022 all over again this time Jakarta would be like Almaty, Indonesia is predicted to have the 4th largest economy in the world by 2050 there could be a Jakarta Summer games down the track like there will be for a Almaty Kazakhstan winter games sometime in the 2030s.
  21. After a super well run Asian Games I think Jakarta is in the prime place to host the 2032 Summer Games it will be great to go there as it will stop places like Turkey and Qatar crying about the IOC don't want to go to the Islamic world, 2032 was looking like going to the Southern Hemisphere for South Africa but now that is out of the running they could not even host a Commonwealth Games I think Jakarta is the only city in the Islamic world with merit to host the games right now. Jakarta Indonesia 2032 would be the 4th games held in the Southern Hemisphere it's the 4th largest country by population and is predicted to be the 9th largest economy in the world in 2030 4th largest by 2050, Looks like Indonesia and India will be the next two Asian countries to host the Summer Games Indonesia 2032 likely and Delhi would need to get back the trust after the badly run 2010 Commonwealth Games to prove and make up for it with the 2030 Asian Games after they make and have the trust we could see an Indian Olympic Games sometime in the 2040s.
  22. It would be a tour of Disneyland with Tokyo 2020 - Paris 2024 - LA 2028 Shanghai got a Disneyland but in all seriousness, The next Asian place to host the summer games after Tokyo Japan 2020 is likely to be Jakarta Indonesia 2032 or 2036. The 2018 Asian Games seems to be very well done going on all right done a amazing job as a back up host after 4 years notice imagine what they can do with the next 14 years, Jakarta is building allot of subway lines and transportation, By going to Jakarta the IOC could knock off two birds in one stone by going to South East Asia and the Muslim world at the same time now. 2032 could be an interesting race between Egypt, Indonesia, India, Hungary, Brisbane Australia and Shanghai China if the IOC want to go somewhere new for 2032 Indonesia and Hungary are likely the top favorites Shanghai vs Brisbane I think Shanghai would win it.
  23. This must be good news for the IOC there is still a while to go now but things could be working to Calgary's favor I'm sure the Canadian Olympic Committee must be sending door knockers to Calgary right now. If Calgary votes yes then Sweden might not want to continue with their bid the Italian bid is a mess and Turkey right now their economy is close to collapsing now.
  24. It's looking like the Italian bid is becoming a real mess and the Olympic Games is the last thing on mind for Turkey now their economy could collapses anytime from now, The IOC must be hoping the anti Olympic Games mayor of Stockholm to be kicked out of office next month in the election, The Social Democrats and the Greens support in Sweden looking to drop by 12% which could be good news for the Olympic Bid in Sweden and by the time the government could be likely formed by in Sweden Calgary Canada might be out of the race if there is a NO result. If that happens and is just left with Sapporo Japan in the race along with Stockholm I think it would be good for the chance the government of Sweden and Stockholm will back the bid as it's a now or never case a double award with Stockholm Sweden 2026 - Sapporo Japan 2030 very likely? A Calgary NO result could be good for Sweden in getting government support.
  25. If there is a Sweden Democrats government after the election next month, I don't think they will be open to have the sliding events in another country so the plans for a sliding events could change depends on the government of Sweden.
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