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  1. Early numbers does not look good looking at the things on Twitter NO is ahead with 18,000 votes 55% No 45% YES.........
  2. Looks like this bid is over. Montreal should make a bid to host the 2030 Winter Games with Lake Placid, Montreal could have one of the ICE Hockey arena in either Quebec City or Ottawa they have the Bell Centre, They could do what Beijing China is doing and have the Curling at the Olympic Pool they just need to build temporary stand and the Olympic pool centre will be out of business for a couple of years for it. The only thing that Montreal needs to build a speed staking arena which they could build across the road from the Olympic Park and expand the Maurice Richard Arena to host the Short track and figure staking they could build the games village on the Waterfront down the road from the Olympic Park, With the ICE Hockey teams who are playing in either Ottawa or Quebec City they can just book out a hotel for them.
  3. If FIFA and the IOC come together they could be ok with 2034 FIFA World Cup in November - December with Australia and New Zealand hosting Santiago Chile host the 2034 Winter Games in July - August, The sports federation could be ok with the date change to help with setting up a Summer base in Chile for Winter games training in July.
  4. Interesting Nairobi pulled out in hosting next years Commonwealth Games federation meeting could they make a surprise bid to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games? I know that Nairobi Kenya is going for the 2025 IAAF World Championships so if they both host events they could be good for the first main African Olympics Paralympics in the 2040s? Kenya don't have issues of a city battles like South Africa has. 2032 Summer Games is shaping out to be the battle of Asia, If Europe still don't have it's act together in for the 2036 games by 2028-2029 Peru and Argentina could be serious host in 2036, If Nairobi Kenya does host and do a great job in hosting the Commonwealth Games and the IAAF and the economy in Kenya is strong in the early 2030s they could host the 2040 games.
  5. If Europe is bailing out in hosting the Winter Games if Calgary Votes NO and the USOC do not want the 2026 Winter Games then they can't say when the games are held so tough love, I think the 2026 Plan B cities will be either Sochi Russia or Almaty Kazakhstan, Then take the road down South to Santiago Chile, New Zealand then come to Mendoza Argentina, Build Winter sports hub training centres in the Southern Hemisphere. The IOC has got to be open to date changes if they want more cities to bid for the games Chile, New Zealand and Argentina are all Western countries and will be in very safe hands for the IOC to go to for a few while it might mean going to Southern Hemisphere to keep the games going on while Europe goes through it issues and for a new generation to take over the governments.
  6. NO not at all I would not even recommend a 2026 bid from Argentina right now the best city would be in Mendoza, But they will need to get the University Winter Games and host that before they go for the Winter Games so if they go for the 2025 or 2027 Winter Games they could be the ideal city in 2038. My Plan B cities for the 2026 Winter Games are Sochi Russia or Almaty Kazakhstan Sochi pretty much have everything just need's a new games village and Almaty just need to build the Games Villages, Sliding Centre and a Ice Arena very experience city when it comes to winter sports events now. International federations could support the Winter Games in the Southern Hemisphere to have a Olympic training base where they can train during the European Summer Santiago is hosting the 2023 Pan American Games and is more likely to host the winter games then Argentina is right now and grow the winter sports market to new countries Europe might not have another games for a generation with the lack of interest from Europe in the Winter Olympic movement right now.
  7. The Winter Games still have a long term future if the IOC follow this route if the USOC LA 2028 is a pain in the ass for 2026 then the IOC Plan B can go to Almaty Kazakhstan in 2026 my route will be Plan B 2026 2026 Almaty Kazakhstan 2030 USA 2034 Sapporo Japan 2038 Santiago Chile 2042 New Zealand 2046 North America 2050 Harbin China Europe is going through massive stress right now that the Olympic Games is the last thing on many people's mind maybe in generation time now Europe may have the Olympic Spirit in them the current generation of European politicians are very weak, I would write Europe off for at least a generation.
  8. PLAN B The IOC is ringing up the President of Kazakhstan saying Almaty 2026 is heres you'res for the taking right now a nice farewell party for you for you're legacy come and take it in Switzerland in June 2019. The IOC should open up the Winter Games to Santiago de Chile in 2030 they are very busy right now with the 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games but Santiago de Chile 2030 would be great for the Olympic movement.
  9. So we could have another Brexit Trump like event for Calgary it feels like there is a silent YES majority vote after all Vancouver 2010 was super popular in Canada unity it was only the far left protesting against the games at games times if their is a YES win the Canadian Taxpayers federation creditably will be shot down the toilet after all they joined the far left campaign. The older baby boomers might want to give the younger generations the chance that they had in the 1980s I don't think it's all over yet we will find out in under 3 weeks times.
  10. Barcelona would only need to build a Speed skating Arena which could be built in the Olympic Park area and the games village they could work with Andorra for some events, Build the Ski Jumping centre and sliding centre in La Molina, Palau Sant Jordi which hosted the Volleyball at the 1992 Summer Games can be used for Ice Hockey and Curling, Palau Municipal d'Esports de Badalona which was used for basketball in 1992 for Short track and figure skating and there is a Arena right next two Camp Nou for Women's Ice Hockey.
  11. I think Lima Peru is in a better shape to host the next Summer Games in South America then Buenos Aires Argentina is they are hosting the 2019 Pan American Games the venues in Peru are bigger then the ones in Argentina, Peruvian economy is also stronger then the Argentine one. 2032 is clearly shaping out to be the battle of Asia so it might be Lima Peru vs Buenos Aires for the 2036 games.
  12. Where the new government of Quebec won only a few seats in Montreal is right across the road from Montreal Olympic Park it's a industrial area right now they could help transform that area build the games media and athletes village and the media village, They can use the Olympic Pool for Curling, Expand the Maurice Richard Arena for Figure skating and short track, Saputo Stadium can be used as the medal plaza, Across the road North from the Olympic Park they can build the speed stating arena and build a temporary Ice Hockey Arena which could be transformed into a school after the games. Build the media centre and the games village around that area too. Bell Centre is the other Ice Hockey Arena and Montreal Olympic Stadium for the ceremonies venue. That is Montreal side shorted. The new government of Quebec want's to cut the size of the Montreal city government and if Calgary votes NO I think the new Quebec Premier will be happy to get the investment where Alberta don't.
  13. If Calgary Votes NO in 4 weeks time and the USOC don't agree to be 2026 plan B if Sweden and Italy drops out of the 2026 bid race will their be a joint bid by Montreal Canada and Lake Placid USA to host the 2030 Winter Games? Montreal Canada and Lake Placid USA are the only two hours apart Montreal host the ceremonies and ice events and Lake Placid USA for the sliding and snow events the new Conservative Quebec nationalist government of Quebec could use the games as a outreach to Montreal as they only won 3 seats on the Islands of Montreal they could use the games is provide infrastructure boost to the city the only major things they will have to build is a speed skating arena and the games village, Upgrade the Montreal Olympic Stadium for the ceremonies and Lake Placid is upgrading the venues for the 2023 Winter University Games. Montreal Canada - Lake Placid USA could be a great place for the 2030 Winter Games, Two iconic host's of the Olympic movement 54 years from the Montreal 1976 games and 50 years from the Lake Placid 1980 games the games back to Eastern Northern America as well would be amazing.
  14. To deal with the USOC would be a mess that LA 2028 2026 thing, The only logical place for the IOC to go as a plan B is Almaty Kazakhstan after blowing off the Turkey bid they got a government which could easy step in and get the games they won't need to build much for the games compared to where they were in 2015 after hosting a very well run Asian Winter Games, Uni Winter Games and World Expo in Astana, Almaty 2026 would be a safe choice for 2026 Plan B. After this whole mess with Europe from 2022 and 2026 I would not even get them to bid for the next 4 games and if I was in the IOC I would say that Southern Hemisphere would be getting the Winter Games pretty soon Santiago de Chile is busy for the next 5 years with the 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games 2034 or 2038 would be a great time to bring the games to the Southern Hemisphere in Santiago de Chile. 2026 Almaty Kazakhstan 2030 North America 2034 Sapporo Japan
  15. We are talking about if Calgary votes NO and Sweden and Italy pulls out on who will be hosting the 2026 Winter Games.
  16. If Italy pulls out before November 13 then Calgary Votes NO then it will be interesting, Open up the bidding again let Almaty Kazakhstan in? Back to South Korea or a double China with Harbin 2026?
  17. They sure did have the best victory ceremony music I seen from the Olympic Games maybe PyeongChang South Korea 2026 would be the best.
  18. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1070973/stockholms-bid-for-2026-winter-olympics-in-serious-doubt-after-city-council-reshuffle Looks like it's game over for Stockholm Sweden 2026 Winter Games now the Stockholm city government have now been formed so it's now just Calgary Canada vs Milan Italy in the race now.
  19. Because Sochi Russia got everything in place for the games and Almaty Kazakhstan did not bid cause they thought two games in Asia in a row and there was no possibility that they could get it in 2026, Vladimir Putin and the President of Kazakhstan would easy jump in to be the Plan B if they get asked to be, Almaty would more likely get the games over Sochi cause of PR reasons.
  20. The IOC is lying about having no Plan B o course they will have a plan B, With the USOC and LA 2028 having the deal with NO 2026 the plan B could be going back to Sochi Russia in 2026 or Almaty Kazakhstan if everyone else bail. Sochi has everything ready only thing they will have to build is another games village and build some new hotels as the temporarily hotels from the 2014 Winter Games are now homes. Sochi Russia is the new Innsbruck 1976 for the IOC it's ready to go for another games another games could make the White elephants back in use and have tenants after the games build on the legacy from the 2014 Winter Games.
  21. Lima Peru got the 2019 Pan American games next year and they might outshine Buenos Aires 2018, I think 2032 Summer games is clearly in Asia favour right now as it's shaping out to be the battle of Asia with the the Joint bid from Korea, Shanghai China, Delhi India and Jakarta Indonesia bids, South America might have an chance in 2036 again if Europe don't get's it's act together Buenos Aries Argentina vs Lima Peru if Calgary votes NO we might have Toronto Canada in the 2036 race as well.
  22. Another Munich 1972 in the waiting this games would be a total mess in the making I would not send anyone's kids to Senegal a 4th world country, It's madness if the worst comes true then the Olympic movement will not go to Africa for a very long time. Gaborone Botswana was clearly the best place to go for the games out of all the bids from Africa.
  23. Do you have a link to it? I can't find it anywhere
  24. I think the Sweden Democrats would support the bid as a way to boost Swedish Pride the Sweden Democrats if the Centre right block form government Nationally then it could be very good for the Stockholm bid, If Sweden Democrats do support the bid the sliding events will be in Sweden I don't think they will want to co host with Lativa. It's just mainly European lefties which is really anti Olympic Games however for the Paris 2024 bid the trade unions supported the bid as a good way to support the workers employment Sweden don't really have a big strong Union movement right now.
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