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  1. So the bidding deadline happened for the 2026 Commonwealth Games and there are no news about the race from the Commonwealth Games federation about the 2026 Commonwealth Games, What is going on right now?
  2. So the bidding deadline for the 2026 Commonwealth Games was New Year's eve and so far we heard nothing from the Commonwealth Games federation, Does anyone have inside info from the federation? Toronto should move their 2026 FIFA World Cup Games to Rogers Centre and Demolished and rebuild the BMO Field so that will be the Commonwealth and Olympic Stadium 90,000 seats down to 60,000 after the games in a Stadium Australia like stadium.
  3. Unless the new future Catalonia Republic wants to go for the Winter Olympic Games with Barcelona Paris 2024 might be the last Western European Olympic and Paralympics Games for awhile 20-30 years the only places in Europe which could very likely put forward a bid is Hungary now Vitkor Orban have constitutional powers he could write in hosting the Olympics Games in it which would be great for the 2032 Summer Games in Budapest and Russia. Kazakhstan might be the place to save the 2026 Winter Games if they don't want to go back to Sochi Russia too soon also the LA 2028 guys could stop the 2026 USA Games the world is changing fast and Europe is in the decline the market for sports growth is in Asia right now with that we will see more games in Asia Azerbaijan could host a Winter Games. Chilean and Argentinean Winter Games could be great for the American TV markets as Canada have the European problem right now as well.
  4. If I was in the IOC I would give Italy the deadline of January 11 with the commitments and I will understand the reason why Stockholm bid does not have support yet for 2026 with No government in Sweden ATM, I would say to the Stockholm guys the 2030 Winter Games is you're for the taking when the government is formed but it's looking like there will be another election around March to May with the government being formed around June and award the 2030 Winter Games to Sweden at the next IOC session in 2020. Also the Stockholm city government said No to 2026 but could be open to be having the 2030 or 2034 Winter Games. It's time to start making Plan B host city by ring up the mayor of Almaty and the President of Kazakhstan and say the 2026 Winter Games are your'es for the taking if Italy don't commit by January 11 then start calling up Kazakhstan, We could have Almaty Kazakhstan 2026 - Stockholm Sweden 2030.
  5. The French trade Unions support the Olympic Games so that could be good for Paris 2024 but if the bid thing happen and they don't want to host any more then the 2024 Games will be moved to Los Angeles, The 2028 games could go to Jakarta Indonesia after the amazing job they did as the back up host city for the 2018 Asian Games, Would be the great legacy for Joko Widodo bringing the Olympic Games to Indonesia.
  6. Sweden could be going to another election in April next year, If that the case the anti Olympic Games Green and Liberal party could be out of the Swedish Parliament so the outcome of that election could result in the Nationalist Sweden Democrats being the largest party in the new government with the Christian and Moderate party with the Left Party giving support after all the Left party is anti EU. With the Green party out of Parliament they could back the Conservatives so the government could be formed by May 2019, With the Sweden Democrats likely to back the bid a new election could be good for the bid as the anti Olympic Games Green and Liberal party will be out of Parliament.
  7. Macron will be long gone by the time of Paris 2024 it will be Marine Le Pen who will open up the Paris 2024 games, I bet the IOC is regretting going to Paris first not Los Angeles it will take some time to restore the order in France we could be facing a few of years of intense riots in France that they might have to change places with LA have host 2024 - Paris 2028.
  8. Paris is in a riot right now I don't think it will work or go down well.
  9. Ok we much chose from either Lord Sebastian Coe or John Coates to be the President
  10. We need a new IOC President Bach is like the Lord Killianin 2:0, Just a Question of whom should be the next President from 2021? JAS Jr, Lord Sebastian Coe or John Coates.
  11. There are couple of Warehouses across the road from the Montreal Olympic Park which could be turn into a complex and have the Speed Staking venue inside one of the Warehouses with some shops at that build and the other Warehouse could be turned into a new Convention centre the temporary media and broadcasting centre.
  12. The cost for the Montreal Winter Games in the city will not be that high they will just need to expand the Maurice Richard Arena and build an speed staking arena which currently there is no indoors one in Eastern Canada I put the cost all up $350 million, The Quebec government could fund the Ski jumping centre, I'm sure this Quebec Conservative Nationalist government would love to get the investment which was planning to go to Calgary to Quebec they could even be open to building a sliding centre in Saint Sauveur Quebec as well. Boisbriand will be a great place to build the Games village if there is just one village it will be half way between 40 mins to each games cluster at Montreal Olympic Park and Saint Sauveur the only two venues which will not be in the cluster or Montreal Bell Centre would be ICE Hockey venue two in either Ottawa Tire Centre or Quebec City Videotron Centre and a couple of events for Alpine skiing in Lake Placid..
  13. People like Quaker and FYI would rather No Games then it going down South. Under this plan the games could go into way into the future without going to Europe let's be real Europe is on the decline now it's time to go to new markets the safe market is now in the Asia pacific region in the world. International federations will wake up and smell the possible money for new markets of 400 Million people in South America and grow the Asian Winter market more by having the winter games in Australia and New Zealand. The Asian middle class is rising which is great for the sports market, They can do this without going to Europe for a while Almaty Kazakhstan 2026 - Salt Lake City or Denver USA or Montreal Canada - Lake Placid USA 2030 - Sapporo Japan 2034 - Santiago Chile 2038 - New Zealand 2042 - North America 2046 - Harbin China 2050
  14. Under the 2022 plan they were planning to build it like the LA 2016 plan interestingly have the athletes marching in under the mini arch, They could expand this stadium to 50,000 seats after the Winter Games they could go for the Summer Youth Olympic Games.
  15. There is always Almaty Kazakhstan they can go to in 2026 then North America in 2030, Sapporo Japan would be looking great for 2034.
  16. Been looking more into ski slops around Quebec they could have some snow events around Saint Sauveur which is a hour away from the Montreal Olympic Park, PyeongChang used some golf courses for the Cross country ski and biathlon, There are some hilly golf courses on Bizard Island which is near the main Airport in Montreal they can use for theses two events. Freestyle skiing, Snowboarding and some Alpine events can be held around Saint Sauveur. Lake Placid could host the Men's big down hill Alpine events, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined and the Sliding events based on 2018 18 of the 102 events will be down but if they build a Ski jumping hill around in Saint Sauveur they could get that down too 11 events in Lake Placid mainly Sliding events and some Alpine events. 3 Games villages need to be build in Montreal, Saint Sauveur and Lake Placid they pretty much can have all the medal ceremonies in Montreal.
  17. Just brush up on this plan for 2026 there are less venues which need to be built now then there was in 2015 pretty low cost games for a new Olympic host city.
  18. Montreal the plan that they can do for the ICE events. Ceremonies Montreal Olympic Stadium Capacity 61-66,000 Medal Plaza Saputo Stadium Capacity 20,801 Curling Olympic Pool Current Capacity 3,000 they can put down another 2,500 temporary seats on the other side of the pool to make it 5,500 seats. Short Track and figure Staking Maurice Richard Arena current Capacity 4,750 expand it to 15,000 seats for the games and after the games down to 8,000 seats. ICE Hockey Venue 1 Bell Centre 21,228 ICE Hockey Venue 2 Option A Quebec City Videotron Centre Capacity 18,259 ICE Hockey Venue 2 Option B Ottawa Canadian Tire Centre Capacity 18,652 The only venue that Montreal needs to build is a Speed Staking Arena there is no indoors Speed Staking Arena in Eastern Canada right now they can build a 12,000 seat venue either across the road from the Olympic Park or down at the Waterfront next to the games village they could do the games on a cheap $2 billion with Snow and Sliding events down at Lake Placid.
  19. Pierre de Coubertin must of seen the decline of Europe one day in the future that is why he did not want a permanent host if we go more then 30 years without a European Winter games then so be it, The Asian and Latin American markets are on the rise and it's time for the IOC to take advantage of that market. Maybe in the 2040s they could go back to Europe a back to back Chilean and Argentina Winter Games could be good sometime in the 2030s/40s. Right now the markets and internal pressers in Europe is not in a great shape it's things could improve in the next 10 to 20 years but it's best to avoid Europe Almaty Kazakhstan 2026 - USA or Montreal Canada - Lake Placid USA 2030 - Sapporo Japan 2034 - Santiago Chile 2038 would be the best course of Action for the IOC.
  20. The IOC can go to non European Western countries such as Chile, Argentina and New Zealand for the Winter Games, We are very close to having the Winter Games in the Southern Hemisphere Santiago Chile will be very busy for the next 5 years with the Pan American and Parapan American Games in 2023. But after that I could see them really going for the Winter Olympic and Paralympics Games it will be very tough for them to compete with other Latin American cities for the Summer Games so the winter games will be there best bet Santiago Chile could indeed host the Winter Games sometime in the 2030s.
  21. I think it's with Europe it's mainly the current generation of politicians in power and the massive internal problems in Europe the games does not feel old and tired the pressers which Europe is going under have not seen for a very long time, It's best for the IOC to not worrie about Europe for the next 20 years things should chill down in Europe by the end of the next decade, Let's be honest the Calgary 2026 bid team was very inept they could of run a better campaign and won the vote it was very much the bid team. I would write Europe off until 2042 for future Winter Games Budapest Hungary could make a bid to host the 2032 or 2036 Summer Games now that Viktor Orban got super majority constitutional changing powers right now they could write in the Hungarian constitutional to host the 2032 or 2036 games as a way to bypass a public vote and get the IOC on side.
  22. The Winter Games will not be axed they will just re open the bid if Italy and Sweden pulls out to allow Kazakhstan to put in a bid for 2026 then we can have the US host 2030 and Sapporo Japan 2034.
  23. O course Not they can just go with Almaty Kazakhstan in 2026 let's be real the only reason why they did not bid cause they thought there would be No way their will be 3 Winter Asian Olympic Games in a row they will easy be open to host the 2026 Winter Games this plan can keep the Winter Games going on for a while still. Almaty Kazakhstan 2026 - USA or Montreal Canada - Lake Placid USA 2030 - Sapporo Japan 2034 - Santiago Chile 2038 The Summer games are in a good shape 2032 is shaping out to be a battle of Asia if Europe don't get it's act together the 2036 games could be in South America Shanghai China or Jakarta Indonesia 2032 - Lima Peru or Buenos Aires Argentina 2036 - 2040 could be Asia or Europe.
  24. Sweden might not have a government for a while so things are not looking good for Sweden maybe get them to host the 2030 Winter Games I don't see them forming a government by June next year.
  25. The Swedish government could be formed in a few hours but looks like it's not looking good and Sweden might have to go to the polls again next year so Sweden might not have a government yet for half of the year, I can see Italy pulling out sometime next month. The IOC better get on the phone with the President of Kazakhstan and the Mayor of Almaty to get them to host the 2026 Winter Games.
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