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  1. I hope they dump that plan and have all 4 ceremonies at San Siro Stadium they can have another 235,000 more ticket sales for the ceremonies if they have it all at San Siro Stadium.
  2. 2030 Salt Lake City USA or Sapporo Japan 2032 Shanghai China for visiting old friends. After China welcomed the World in the summer and winter games with Beijing 2008 and 2022 China will be a established country for the IOC. There is only 1 New Frontiers left for Asia now for the Winter Games that is Kazakhstan if Salt Lake City get's 2030 Almaty Kazakhstan could look strong for the 2034 Winter Games. Jakarta Indonesia is the strongest for New Frontiers for Asia for the Summer Games after being a brilliant back up host for the 2018 Asian Games they are the biggest country with the biggest economy in South East Asia if Europe host the 2032 Summer Games then Jakarta Indonesia could be a strong city to host the 2036 Summer Games Budapest Hungary looks to become the strongest bid in Europe for 2032 Summer Games, Germany like Sweden is look warm and Russia if it not with Moscow as the bidding city won't be that strong, Viktor Orban could bring very strong backing for a compact games in Budapest I can see Orban being the Prime Minister of Hungary for another decade, I think the regionalism with Italy 2026 will be a once off event, The IOC likes to have compact games Budapest Hungary could host a Summer Games if the IOC wants to go to Europe in 2032. Winter Games in Europe New Frontiers is Sweden but that will likely not happen for a while the strongest Frontiers is Barcelona no winter games have taken place in Western Europe they have pretty much all the indoors venues just need to build the snow and sliding events which could be shared with Andorra.
  3. For the Youth Winter Games Sofia Bulgaria looks to be the strongest bid, Harbin China is interested in a Youth Winter Games so they might get the 2028 Winter Games if Lake Placid makes a bid for 2032 it could be until 2036 until Sweden host a Youth Winter Olympic Games.
  4. I could see 3 bidding cities very likely for 2030 Almaty Kazakhstan, Sapporo Japan and Salt Lake City USA.
  5. Stockholm Sweden should have went with the 2022 Bid plan not this wide spread binational plan with a country over the seas like Latvia and Fulan would have been a nice compact games with a few events in Are.
  6. I'm shocked about that win like really looks like dual countries bids will not be happening in the future.
  7. The Milan Cortina Italy 2026 bid presentation did not even do the venue plan concept nothing on that not one bit is clearly the worst and cringey bid presentation I have seen, The Stockholm Are Sweden 2026 Bid presentation was the better I think in a couple of hours time Stockholm Sweden bid will win hands down in the range of the low 60s votes for Stockholm Sweden.
  8. I think they could give the games out 9 years from the hosting the games so in 2021 the 2030 Winter Games will be picked and in 2023 the 2032 games will be picked. If Milan Italy lose on Monday, Rome Italy could make a bid for the 2032 Summer Games with Matteo Salvini will most likely be the Prime Minister by then to take the bigger event the anti Olympic Games Mayor looks to be going by then, Viktor Orban could make a bid for Budapest Hungary there are a few places which could make Brisbane have a run for it's money. In Asia their will be a likely Shanghai China and Jakarta Indonesia bid as well.
  9. There will be 85 people voting I think the results will be this Stockholm - Are Sweden 50 votes Milan - Cortina Italy 35 votes.
  10. Finally some great news we have a race on our hands now for the next two and a half months, I'm on team Stockholm now if Stockholm Sweden host the games they will be the 2nd city to host both games. For the 2030 Winter Games bidding race could have allot of cities in the race like Almaty Kazakhstan. Salt Lake City USA, Sapporo Japan and Montreal Canada if they want to follow Beijing China 2022 and Stockholm Sweden 2026 in past Summer Olympic Games host cities in hosting the Winter Olympic Games. After 4 new countries winter games host in a row that will likely disadvantage Kazakhstan, Sapporo Japan might be too soon after Beijing 2022 and Tokyo 2020 by 2030 it will be 20 years since North America will have hosted the games so it will be a race between Salt Lake City USA and Montreal Canada for the 2030 Winter Games.
  11. I would require Milan Cortina Italy to have all 4 of the ceremonies at San Siro Stadium and Stockholm Sweden have all 4 of the ceremonies at Friends Arena.
  12. It would not be Paris 2028 that will be dead in the water we could see Los Angeles USA 2024 - Jakarta Indonesia 2028 Jakarta was an outstanding back up host for the 2018 Asian Games they could easy put on and be the back up host for the 2028 Summer Olympic and Paralympics Games, By then Jakarta would have a good railway system, The Current President of Indonesia is very likely to get re-elected before Easter and if 2024 games are moved to Los Angeles he could try to get the 2028 Summer Games to Indonesia.
  13. It will be interesting to see if history repeat it self in 2030 if it comes down to between Sapporo Japan and Salt Lake City USA, If Salt Lake City USA loses to Japan by 4 votes again like in the 1998 bidding race against Nagano and if that is the case if Salt Lake City lose will they bid again in 2034? Milan - Cortina Italy or Stockholm Sweden 2026 - Sapporo Japan 2030 - USA or Canada 2034. Will the USOC go to Reno Nevada or Anchorage Alaska to be the 2034 bidding city? Will there be a Canadian Bid for the 2034 Winter Games Vancouver or Montreal?
  14. If Italy does host the 2026 Winter Games the next place I can see Europe hosting the next Olympic Games for the Summer Games will be either be in Budapest Hungary or Russia if Viktor Orban get's re-elected in 2022 and after they host the 2023 IAAF I think Orban will want to make having the Olympic and Paralympics Games in Budapest Hungary his legacy, The IOC could go to Budapest Hungary in 2032 in that case to get the interest in Europe and leave the battle of Asia for 2036, If Europe get's the 2032 Summer Games the Battle of Asia is still likely to go ahead in 2036.
  15. The anti Olympic Games and tourist Mayor of Barcelona is very likely to get the boot out of office the stars could align very well for Barcelona 2026 or 2030 could JAS Jr save the day?
  16. Catalonia and Basque parties could become the King makers in the Spanish Parliament in the election next month it will be the election to watch this year bigger then the EU elections, If Catalonia and Basque is controlling Spain they will want to make the advantage and have massive projects in Catalonia and Basque before they go. Big build up with a snow sports hub leave Spain then when they host the games it will be in the new Catalonia Republic.
  17. It's going to be a landslide lost to Brasov again Sofia Bulgaria will win hands down for the 2020 Youth Games the Capital city and the closest thing you will get to Greece hosting the Winter Games.
  18. So say Stockholm Sweden get's the games then the public rejected hosting the games a couple of years later, Putin might be watching very closely the IOC might have to go back to Sochi Russia in 2026 if Stockholm rejects the games and be the next Innsbruck. Innsbruck hosted the 1964 and 1976 Winter Games after Denver rejected the games 50 years later history could repeat itself with Sochi Russia hosting the 2014 and 2026 Winter Games if Stockholm rejects hosting the games after being awarded the games.
  19. If Sapporo Japan get's the 2030 Winter Games then I can see the IOC going to Jakarta Indonesia for 2032 to get away from East Asia going to China or South Korea again will be boring Indonesia could be a great new market for the IOC to go too the Super power of South East Asia.
  20. If the Italy 2026 bid fails due to 5 Star movement which is even against High speed rail then I can see the Lega Party under Salvini coming back with a majority or a coalition with the Brothers of Italy in the Italian Parliament and they will go for the bigger event in 2032 for Rome Italy Summer Games.
  21. From the looks of things it's the 5 Star Party which is holding things up the coalition is likely to collapse there is likely to be a election this year in Italy the bid might fall apart if it still don't have the support from 5 Star Party. If Italy goes to a new election the Lega Party support could govern on it's own or likely to need the support from the Brothers of Italy if the 2026 bid falls apart then they might want to go for the bigger event in Rome 2032 Summer Bid. Rome could vote in the Lega Party city government after the failers of 5 Star and Rome Italy 2032 could really boost Nationalism as the top cake for the Lega Party.
  22. I wonder if they will do a Sochi and do an outside cauldron and light it outside the stadium since there are no events being held in the Birds Nest or have an inside and a outside cauldron.
  23. Ok Indonesia is less likely then Peru as Peru is way more develop then Indonesia, Lima is a better city to host the Olympic Games than Jakarta is Shanghai China 2032 - Lima Peru 2036 - Europe 2040 that depends on if they do a brilliant job in hosting the 2019 Pan Am Games.
  24. The AFL will be in the pain in the ass for it unless they will have the AFL Grand final in Perth in 2032 for it it will be a nightmare and it will have to be held in late October with the Football Finals at Marvel Stadium and the grand Final at Perth on the last Saturday of September which will be the 2nd biggest stadium for the AFL it will take a few weeks to get it ready for Athletics and ceremonies. Olympic Games from the 15th to 31st of October the Paralympics Games from the 17th to the 28th of November then the MCG will be ready to host the Boxing Day test match.
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