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  1. Had Beijing hosted the 2000 Games Toronto Canada hosting the 2008 Games with London still hosting the 2012 games there could be a massive Royal family thing for the ceremonies. I could imagine they would have Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Opening up the games like he did in Melbourne 1956 follow on the past host Greece his Grandfather opened up the first Olympic Games in Athens 1896, Queen Elizabeth 2 would have attended the closing ceremony doing a speech welcoming the world to London in the handover ceremony.
  2. They will just need to build a new curling centre and Speed Staking oval, They should move it closer to the down town area they could build a complex around Trillium Park or next door between the 2010 Games Village and Cambie Bridge they will need to find a location for the games village. A Vancouver Canada 2030 Games could open up a Stockholm Sweden to host the 2034 Winter Games after the Paris 2024 Summer Games Italian 2026 Winter Games Sweden could be more open to host the Winter Games in a more compact plan like their 2022 winter bid.
  3. Sapporo Japan 2030 - Salt Lake City USA 2034 Harbin China 2038 - Montreal Canada 2042 Back to back USA China games with the growing market in China could really boost the money for the IOC the Beijing 2022 Winter Games could be a very great games China would likely get another Winter Games before the Summer Games Beijing 2022 was a test bid I think China will want to bring the games to the ICE city of Harbin. 2042 is Montreal 400th birthday it could be 32 years without a games in Canada so a Eastern Canada bid would likely win a bid.
  4. Brazzaville is even less develop then Dakar and is in a worse area for safety and health wise I don't think Africa is ready for 2022 maybe in 2030 with Nairobi Kenya or Cape Town South Africa hosting those games, Thailand bid for the 2026 Summer Games is looking brilliant plan. A double back to back Asian 2022 and 2026 Summer Games would be good for the Youth Olympic movement maybe go back to Singapore with the new Stadium being opened since the 2010 games or get Tokyo Japan to host the games as a backup, Tokyo, Beijing or Singapore 2022 - Pattaya Thailand 2026 a Caribbean city for 2030.
  5. The President's of South Korea can only get elected for one term his term will be up in 2022 of all likely possible next President's of South Korea, Ban Ki Moon is the most likely to support a unity bid for the Games, President Moon Jae'In approval ratings is in the low 40s right now South Korea is largely a Conservative country without a Ban Ki Moon Presidency it's possible the next President will likely be a member of Liberty Korea Party which could help a Seoul South Korea only bid.
  6. Agreed and I think it could backfire on Thomas Bach as he wanted theses games in Africa it would be nice to have the games in Africa but they can't go too it for going to Africa sake, Brazil just manage to host the games. The Option that the IOC could do is to get Tokyo Japan as the backup host for the 2022 Summer Games and have a back to back games in Asia again with Tokyo Japan hosting the 2022 games and Bangkok Thailand for the 2026 games.
  7. They could stay in Beijing China for the year and get them to be the back up host for the 2022 Summer Youth Olympic Games first city in the world to host both the Summer and Winter Games host the Summer Youth Games in the same year as the winter games be the ultimate year for China or have Tokyo Japan host the games in 2022.
  8. What if there was a vote turn into Beijing favour with both Beijing and Sydney won both 44 votes each in the final round with Juan Antonio Samaranch casting the deciding tie breaker vote to Beijing to host the 2000 Olympic Games? How would the 21st Olympic Games look like? With the failed 3 Olympic Games from Australia Australia would not bid again for a generation Beijing China 2000 2002 - 2006 Games would still be the same places Salt Lake City USA 2002 - Athens Greece 2004 and Turin Italy 2006 Summer Games host cities would be most likely this. Toronto Canada 2008 Tokyo Japan 2012 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 2016 Moscow Russia 2020 Seoul South Korea 2024 Los Angeles USA 2028 Rome Italy 2032 Winter Games host cities Harbin China 2010 Almaty Kazakhstan 2014 Munich Germany 2018 Denver or Reno USA 2022 Stockholm Sweden 2026 Vancouver Canada 2030
  9. Ok looks like Jakarta is out of question now so Shanghai China looks to be the greatest threats to the Brisbane Bid. China is another cash cow for the IOC now with the USA hosting 2028 having the two Superpowers of the world hosting the games back to back so it could be a repeat of the 1980s with the Soviet Union and USA the two Superpowers of the world back then hosting back to back Moscow 1980 - LA 1984, LA 2028 - Shanghai 2032. It would be ironic if the Shanghai Bid won by 2 votes against the Brisbane bid the other way around from the 2000 bidding race.
  10. I think Jakarta Indonesia bid and Shanghai China bid can still beat the Brisbane bid if the IOC wants to go to a new place for the 2032 Summer Games Jakarta Indonesia is the top pick for the IOC, They hosted a brilliant Asian Games in 2018 Indonesia is the largest Islamic country in the world and by going to Indonesia they could put a stop to Doha or Dubai from hosting the games if they award the games in 2021 Indonesia will have 11 years to get ready for the games so working on transport projects and other stuff.
  11. Maybe they will reach out to Singapore to finally get them to host they got the venues for the games Singapore 2026? Back to Delhi 2026?
  12. I wonder if Thomas Bach is in talks with the Mayor of Munich in getting a bid from Munich Germany to host the 2030 Winter Games as a nice legacy from his years of being the IOC President to Germany, The 2032 Summer Games is very likely to go to Asia either Shanghai China or Jakarta Indonesia. With Milan Italy having the 2026 Winter Games could bod well for a Munich Germany 2030 bid Things could cool down and could go down well if they have venues in Garmish-Partenkirchen and in Innsbruck Austria if they want to save the cost in building venues and let's hope in a few years time the anti Olympic movement cools down in Europe let's hope for a great outcome from the Tokyo Japan 2020 Summer Games. Milan - Cortina Italy 2026 Munich Germany - Innsbruck 2030
  13. That is why I said they need to get the Commonwealth Games and host it put on a great games before they even bid for the Olympic Games Kenya is the most stable country apart from South Africa able to host the Olympic Games in Africa so 2040 at the earliest. Shanghai should built the Olympic Park along the river North East transform some of the industrial area into the Olympic Park that industrial island near the Shanghai International Fashion Center would be a great place and on the other side of the river would be a great place for the games village if they build a 100,000 seat Stadium for the games with downsize to 90,000 after the games.
  14. The Australian economy is not in a great shape right now and there is allot of talk it will enter a long rescission in the next year of two the public might turn against the bid from Brisbane if that happens. There is no need for a big oval stadium in Brisbane the Gabba hardly sells out for Cricket and AFL, John Coates rule will come to a end soon and what is interesting is Thomas Bach wants flexibility for the dates for the games so the 2032 Summer Games could be the last games with date restrictions under the NBC deal. Melbourne right now is the best city for the games in Australia right now with the date restrictions likely to go from the 2036 Summer Games it could open up a January Olympic Games and February Paralympics Games, The Cricket could be held at Marvel Stadium for that summer and the Australian Open could go to another city for that year. If the 2032 Summer Games go to Asia the 2036 games will likely not be held in the Asia Pacific region so the Australian Games may not happen for a while yet.
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