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  1. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    India Builds Strategy To Bid For 2032 Olympic Games

    India makes Brazil look like a good idea........but you know the Olympic types........ Theyd just as much love it. I wont discount it because they have proven that stupid in the past. Itll probably be one of the more favored bids sadly. Almost as bad an idea as Qatar 2022, which I also hope they pull the plug on.
  2. and with that, RIP to any chances of a Colorado games.
  3. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    Which one will win and what is the vote difference?

    Italy by 10
  4. Im starting to think Italy is gonna pull this out.
  5. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    Newly Released LA 2028 Olympic Budget Remains “In Line” With Bid Estimates

    pretty much California High Speed Rail 2.0 going on here. Its true, America cant build things on budget anymore.
  6. I know its water under the bridge at this point, but Stockholm could have literally done this for 2022 and been heroes. Now we gotta suffer through beijing. 2022 stockholm, 2026 Cortina/Milan, 2030 SLC would have looked like a beautiful lineup.
  7. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    The Milan Cortina Italy thread

    If you would have told me there would be not one, but two European countries seriously in it given all thats gone down, I would have said you were high. Ill take my crow right now though. Im sure the IOC couldnt be happier. Italy doesnt surprise me. Sweden.........sure as hell does. Just when you think theyre out of it, they pull you back in.
  8. oh wow......... Gotta freely admit 2026 towards the end got a LOT more interesting than I expected. The IOC Im sure couldnt be happier. Sweden back to the front. Looks like we got ourselves a gentlemen's duel here.
  9. Very possible. Be that as it may, unless Stockholm continues its unlikely surge, i think thats what we are going to get.
  10. I like it, you cant compleeetely shy away from new construction/upgrades with a bid. Its a simple, common sense approach. Refurbishing a historical sliding track that apparently has a good deal of prestige in the luge/bobsled community is hardly going against the idea behind Project 2020. The more you think about it, the more it really is common sense for Italy to be awarded the games. Ill eat my crow, I didnt think Id see another European games for quite awhile. Italy saved the day for the IOC. Hopefully it sets a good example for future potential European hosts like Annecy and Barca/Andorra.
  11. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    New Poll Finds 87 Percent Across Utah Support A Future Salt Lake City Olympics

    wouldnt object to that roadmap at all.
  12. This thing is increasingly likely to go to Italy it looks like.
  13. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    Barcelona Could Join France And Andorra For Pyrenees 2030 Olympic Winter Games Bid

    hope they try, its an interesting concept.
  14. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    Brașov Named Romanian Candidate For 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games Bid

    Brasov is beautiful, ive always wondered about them as an actual candidate for the real deal, but financially is probably not feasible for Romania. They've had a hell of a time building that airport as is (........and as a tourist who loves brasov but hates bucharest, cannot wait to see that airport built fast enough to avoid bucharest)
  15. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    Almaty 2026

    isnt SLC still unanimously the fall back?