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  1. Yup, I see it that way too. Italy will call their bluff. They know the IOC does not have a leg to stand on right now. If there were like, 5-7 countries waiting in the wings to jump at it would be one thing. But they only get to use the SLC parachute once, and I dont think they want to pull that string just yet.
  2. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1100938/coni-letter-sports-minister uh oh......... How bad is this? IOC may not like it but I think Italy has all the leverage to call their bluff
  3. Trump's executive orders will carry about as much weight as a gnat's butthole after the election. Trump can attack them, it wont mean anything when hes behind bars. In two and a half months, the day he steps out of office, New York is going to extradite and charge him for a bunch of stuff they have on deck. Hes going to be much more occupied with trying to stay out of jail than attacking biden. Trump will be 1000 percent irrelevant very shortly, at least until 2024. By which, obviously, Beijing will be over by then. There is a more than reasonable possibility Beijing could be boycotted, but not with anything to do with the orange orangutan.
  4. Good points all around on that. When looking at it from those points, practically everything needs to go right in 2021 for Japan to be successful, and the IOC is going to need to help steer that ship successfully, otherwise, yeah........I guess Sapporo would be easily scuttled if Tokyo is cancelled or fan-less.
  5. They do, I do not question that. First its about getting Tokyo over the finish line next year, but the IOC's every other sentence to the Japanese Olympic Committee should be Sapporo, Sapporo, Sapporo, Sapporo. "you guys are doing great here in Tokyo, we'd love you to do the same with Sapporo", just to the point of it being overwhelming.
  6. Yup, its increasingly looking like SLC wants 2034, which is fine and makes sense for multiple reasons. Now its time to butter up Sapporo to make sure they bite on 2030
  7. After watching whatever I watched last night, and if middle America votes him in again, I am not sure we have a leg to stand on when it comes to China.
  8. Just think, in a parallel universe there are posters on this messageboard saying "oh thank god we didn't pick China". I know there were a few whispers (not blowing my own horn, but I was one) about the political repercussions coming to a head as long as a year ago warning about China boiling over, and here we are. The situation is all a sudden absolutely that serious.. Just red-teaming it, if Almaty got awarded, I wonder what we would be concerned about? The Tenge dropping because of oil prices would have certainly been one. The surprise transition of power would have been another (though that went surprisingly well). Sure, there have been small protests against the government, and I am also sure it would have been slightly embarrassing, but again, we would have at least said "well.........at least theyre not running literal concentration camps like China", because that is the standard all a sudden. It would have been fun for me to watch as an urban planning and the like is a huge hobby of mine and I would have loved to see how it played out in Almaty.
  9. This Tokyo - Beijing sequence of the games are going to be crucial for the IOC. If they manage to pull it off, they can hang their hat on adversity and being able to respond to a crisis like this. They MUST have at least Japan work, because there is at best a 50/50 shot of the beijing olympics going down without a boycott of north america and europe
  10. I think the authoritarian thing was well known for both countries, but if comparing, one has literal......actual concentration camps with numbers in the hundreds of thousands detained within them. And then tries to justify themselves once more as fighting terrorism. They are both authoritarian, and lord knows Kazakhstan prison cells probably have actual torture going on with them. So yes, there is an actual heirarchy to which is worse in that regard. Kazakhstan also doesnt have a hong kong situation either. Furthermore, I think the Olympics could have done great things to develop Almaty and the infrastructure within; building new hotels, new roads, trams, stuff like that. So, my question is, could almaty have pulled it off??
  11. It was a sincere joke around here, but hindsight being 20/20.......in 2020, Almaty is unquestionably the safer choice of the two. China was obviously perceived to be the safer bet with a treasure trove of cash. I also was always a bigger fan of the Almaty bid frankly speaking. While no darling angels, their bid was compact and had those "mountain" things that are pretty critical to hosting Olympic events (that and an actual winter sports culture). It was a vintage "project 2020" bid that checked off a lot of boxes. Instead we give it to the country that is literally running concentration camps in the 21st century. Watching the IOC attempt to cozy up to that and say that "we dont do politics at the olympics" is going to be nauseating deflection. Beijing is going to be a nightmare. A boycotted nightmare and an embarrassment. It always should have been Almaty. Finally, the cost overruns are going to scare off even more nations. Even Sapporo, who is now apparently in pole position for 2030, is getting a little skittish at the prospect because of Beijing and Tokyo, and that would be a shame because they would host an excellent Olympics IMO.
  12. of course they are. Just like the World Cup in Russia, the IOC is going to have to hold their nose and jump in. Its about survival at this point. Im not sure they would survive a Beijing boycott. Sidebar, if anyone is going to have to make a move NOW, its gonna have to be FIFA with the Qatar world cup, that one HAS to move, it is an unmitigated disaster.
  13. The IOC is ride or die with Beijing now. There is no night in shiny armor to save it. It HAS to succeed for them. China has a bullseye on their back right now whether they like it or not, and its mostly justified. Their handling of the pandemic was simply shambolic, and yes they should share a heavy blame for that. The Olympics is by far and away their best chance for a charm offensive at a world that is very..........very mad with them right now. Kazakhstan would have been struggling mightily to pay this thing off with the huge plummet in oil and natural gas prices. The Tenge is absolutely tanking right now. The "stability" of China is looking like a good bet right now, because Kazakhstan would have made us pretty nervous right now with their current financial situation.
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