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  1. 2030 Sapporo, 2034 SLC, i guess the real conversation is gonna be 2038. Both are safe picks, which is exactly what the IOC needs right now. They were extremely lucky the Italy bid jumped out at the last minute a-la Major League Soccer's Nashville bid.
  2. Makes sense. Sapporo 2030 allows SLC 2034 exclusivity on sponsors. Not a bad move if thats how it goes down, as both will be solid hosts. IOC wants and needs "safe" right now.
  3. yeah thats a no........ South Korea/North Korea might sincerely have a better shot.
  4. 2038 is almaty's time to shine. Whoever of Sapporo or SLC doesnt get it in 2030, the other will get it 2034. Im growing more and more excited about the 2026 in italy though, what a nice come out of nowhere story to close the deal there. I think thats gonna be a great games.
  5. This one has been popping up more and more lately. Probably one of the more practical bids for that timeframe. Probably the closest thing Australia has to a direct rival IMO.
  6. Would have to see more details, but Madrid seems like it would be amongst the more practical bids of 2032, which of course means the IOC wont chose it. I am interested in hell with a Barcelona/Pyrenees winter olympics, I just dont think 2030 is the right time.
  7. well 2032 is after a full decade. That said, I fully expect this to go to Brisbaine in 2032. 2036 however.........wide open for a city like St Petersburg
  8. yeesh, been to Ukraine, that money is sorely needed elsewhere, and I meen sorely.
  9. agreed. That opens up bidding to so many more cities if so
  10. Its interesting for sure, but it would need to build a TON of infrastructure to support it. I like Barcelona/Pyrenees in the future (2038 after Sapporo hopefully), but I am not seeing 2030.
  11. Sapporo arent bidding until their new beloved High speed rail is done, and that got delayed past 2030. 2034 looks nice for them. Austria had a nice bid (in theory) with Graz. If it was gonna happen for Austria, that was it. Lillehammer is a possibility, sure. But even then, I have a hard time believing the IOC passes up the red meat that SLC throws at them.
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