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  1. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    Could Beijing be stripped if Hong Kong Protests go south?

    I think numbers matter. 0-5 fatalities would be no issue. 6-20 would be a finger wag. 21-30 would probably be a very serious discussion, but if for some reason a riot broke 50 fatalities in the world public eye....... I think all on boycotts would be heavily discussed. 100 or more, call the thing off, its done; no one outside of Russia and North Korea would participate. If something like that happened, like, absolute, last-call emergency.........could SLC conceivably pick up the slack? Or is even that a no-go?
  2. Hong Kong doesnt look like its going away any time soon. If a body count gets started in Hong Kong, will the IOC be under any pressure to pull the games? They could be risking boycott by some countries for their stance on the Uighurs as is (1 million ethnic incarcerations is not a good look)
  3. Just got to thinking this. It is getting pretty nasty in Hong Kong right now, and escalation could be on the horizon. If tanks start rolling through Hong Kong and there are fatalities, is there any chance the IOC pulls the plug??
  4. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    Ukraine Sets focus On Future Olympic Games Bid

    yeaaahhh, probably not.......
  5. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    Indian Government Yet To Approve Potential 2032 Olympic Bid As Race Emerges

    and Shanghai and St Petersburg (something tells me bygones will be bygones at that point)
  6. Im not so sure, FIFA has managed to dance around it. Russia was one thing, but its literally criminal on multiple levels that that thing is even considered to be played in Qatar. If FIFA can weather the storm, the IOC will figure out a way too
  7. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    Which one will win and what is the vote difference?

    We got a few more options and it isnt quite as bleak as it once was, thanks to Italy. Its still not great, but winter can survive with even a few bids.
  8. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    Which one will win and what is the vote difference?

    Thinking 2030 SLC is all but a sure thing, its obviously the heavy popular favorite. After that, I do think Sapporo, Grenoble/Annecy/Chamonix, agree when Putin is finally done Sochi could be an option again, and......yes.......maybe ole Almaty will finally get taken to the dance by then.
  9. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    Which one will win and what is the vote difference?

    Hellas Verona will be building a new stadium.
  10. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    Which one will win and what is the vote difference?

    Speaking of new soccer stadiums, we see that Milan is talking about getting a new soccer stadium by then..........but Verona is building a new stadium by then
  11. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    Breaking: Milan-Cortina Wins 2026 Olympic And Paralympic Winter Games Bid

    yup, frankly the safer (and right) vote one. Italy was a late hero to the race, the exact hero that the IOC needed. This is exactly the bid that was needed to get more of Europe on board if it goes well. If it doesnt go well financially however........ Italy will have sucked up the pride and ate the overruns in cost, I dont think Sweden and their pie in the sky shocking underbid would have done that however.
  12. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    Stockholm/Åre 2026

    wasnt nearly good enough of a bid, but frankly it was incredibly surprising they lasted this long. like night of the living dead, their corpse just kept walking until someone finally brought it down.
  13. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    The Milan Cortina Italy thread

    this was the right bid and the right pick, Italy saved the IOC's butt. Reminds me a lot of Nashville's MLS expansion bid. Last one in, but they were in it to win it and rode it out while others dropped out.
  14. mountainboarder_530@yahoo.

    India Builds Strategy To Bid For 2032 Olympic Games

    India makes Brazil look like a good idea........but you know the Olympic types........ Theyd just as much love it. I wont discount it because they have proven that stupid in the past. Itll probably be one of the more favored bids sadly. Almost as bad an idea as Qatar 2022, which I also hope they pull the plug on.
  15. and with that, RIP to any chances of a Colorado games.