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  1. One of the things I absolutely admired the hell out of for the Australians for, was there diligence and incredible hard work at road construction. When there was a section of road cordoned off in Australia, there were guys working their tails off in the coned off areas. You blokes would have an absolute heart attack seeing the lack of work done in American road construction areas, it is absolutely nauseating.
  2. of course they are. Just like the World Cup in Russia, the IOC is going to have to hold their nose and jump in. Its about survival at this point. Im not sure they would survive a Beijing boycott. Sidebar, if anyone is going to have to make a move NOW, its gonna have to be FIFA with the Qatar world cup, that one HAS to move, it is an unmitigated disaster.
  3. The IOC is ride or die with Beijing now. There is no night in shiny armor to save it. It HAS to succeed for them. China has a bullseye on their back right now whether they like it or not, and its mostly justified. Their handling of the pandemic was simply shambolic, and yes they should share a heavy blame for that. The Olympics is by far and away their best chance for a charm offensive at a world that is very..........very mad with them right now. Kazakhstan would have been struggling mightily to pay this thing off with the huge plummet in oil and natural gas prices. The Tenge is absolutely tanking right now. The "stability" of China is looking like a good bet right now, because Kazakhstan would have made us pretty nervous right now with their current financial situation.
  4. This is going to have a new theme for Italy too. I think at least some circles, theyre going to want to show this as a theme of resiliency and that we have recovered. This is a wound that will only be just beginning to scar over, and money be darned, this will be viewed as a part of the healing process. By everyone? No, of course there will be as many who think it is as frivelous as before, but there will be enough people who want to see it through over the finish line.
  5. I never thought we'd be thankful that Beijing would actually be in charge of this, but think of if Almaty won this right now. I always liked the idea of the Almaty bid. It was compact, had real snow and real mountains. There were some valid points that it would be a superior option. But 2020 has happened, and I think if the IOC were counting on Almaty right now, they would be extremely nervous. Almaty is completely locked down by the corona virus and likely would stop work for at least a few months (China would continue the work at all costs). The Kazakh currency, the tenge, is absolutely tanking because of the drop in the world economy, but is especially feeling the pinch because they are so dependent on oil. With oil remaining between 10-20 dollars a barrel, and the global economic downturn, I am not sure they would have been able to keep up with the costs with the government operating on a bare bones budget. Even big China is going to feel the pinch from this one.
  6. That is absolutely what should have taken place in hindsight. I agree it would have made a ton more sense and wouldnt have left nearly the amount of white elephants.
  7. 2030 Sapporo, 2034 SLC, i guess the real conversation is gonna be 2038. Both are safe picks, which is exactly what the IOC needs right now. They were extremely lucky the Italy bid jumped out at the last minute a-la Major League Soccer's Nashville bid.
  8. Makes sense. Sapporo 2030 allows SLC 2034 exclusivity on sponsors. Not a bad move if thats how it goes down, as both will be solid hosts. IOC wants and needs "safe" right now.
  9. yeah thats a no........ South Korea/North Korea might sincerely have a better shot.
  10. 2038 is almaty's time to shine. Whoever of Sapporo or SLC doesnt get it in 2030, the other will get it 2034. Im growing more and more excited about the 2026 in italy though, what a nice come out of nowhere story to close the deal there. I think thats gonna be a great games.
  11. This one has been popping up more and more lately. Probably one of the more practical bids for that timeframe. Probably the closest thing Australia has to a direct rival IMO.
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