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  1. yeesh, been to Ukraine, that money is sorely needed elsewhere, and I meen sorely.
  2. agreed. That opens up bidding to so many more cities if so
  3. Its interesting for sure, but it would need to build a TON of infrastructure to support it. I like Barcelona/Pyrenees in the future (2038 after Sapporo hopefully), but I am not seeing 2030.
  4. Sapporo arent bidding until their new beloved High speed rail is done, and that got delayed past 2030. 2034 looks nice for them. Austria had a nice bid (in theory) with Graz. If it was gonna happen for Austria, that was it. Lillehammer is a possibility, sure. But even then, I have a hard time believing the IOC passes up the red meat that SLC throws at them.
  5. They sure are. Hes going to pick someone just like him so Russia can have a system that stays just like it is I think. There will need to be mass protests a-la Soviet Union breakup before that changes.
  6. I dunno, itd be 17 years down the line. If someone in a similar authoritarian mold of Putin is in that could tip the thumb on the scales. The success of the World Cup could make it more enticing too. 18 years from the world cup, it could be "time" for something again, and plenty of time for the forgiveness for doping card to be played.
  7. Im not so sure its serious. I dont see Minsk or Belarus as a serious contender. Russia would prefer the pomp of it all themselves. Assuming Brisbane is the object of the IOC's desire right now, St Petersburg could comfortably make a run themselves in 2036. Beautiful city too, would love to see the olympics there.
  8. 2030 is SLC to lose, with Sapporo looking like the a strong favorite for 2034. Theyll have their fancy little train thats so important done by then. Maybe 2038 we can have our fun little Almaty dream; they might be more economically (and hopefully democratically) ready by then.......maybe.
  9. I think numbers matter. 0-5 fatalities would be no issue. 6-20 would be a finger wag. 21-30 would probably be a very serious discussion, but if for some reason a riot broke 50 fatalities in the world public eye....... I think all on boycotts would be heavily discussed. 100 or more, call the thing off, its done; no one outside of Russia and North Korea would participate. If something like that happened, like, absolute, last-call emergency.........could SLC conceivably pick up the slack? Or is even that a no-go?
  10. Hong Kong doesnt look like its going away any time soon. If a body count gets started in Hong Kong, will the IOC be under any pressure to pull the games? They could be risking boycott by some countries for their stance on the Uighurs as is (1 million ethnic incarcerations is not a good look)
  11. Just got to thinking this. It is getting pretty nasty in Hong Kong right now, and escalation could be on the horizon. If tanks start rolling through Hong Kong and there are fatalities, is there any chance the IOC pulls the plug??
  12. and Shanghai and St Petersburg (something tells me bygones will be bygones at that point)
  13. Im not so sure, FIFA has managed to dance around it. Russia was one thing, but its literally criminal on multiple levels that that thing is even considered to be played in Qatar. If FIFA can weather the storm, the IOC will figure out a way too
  14. We got a few more options and it isnt quite as bleak as it once was, thanks to Italy. Its still not great, but winter can survive with even a few bids.
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