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  1. I meant how do you make the curves and what do you use to make it.. To be fair I probably just shoulda said that..
  2. Paris: The Running Spirit! Erzurum: New Places, New Opportunities! Los Angeles: Angels In Motion
  3. Also, how do you make those amazing logos?
  4. Honestly, I don't know why, But I don't like London 2012's logo
  5. If you're not being sarcastic then it's a good idea but if you are being sarcastic then.. um.. ok then.
  6. We could also so a Paris 2024 logo comp
  7. So, all they have to do to is make everybody else drop out with that plague!
  8. I honestly just thought of the cities off the top of my head.
  9. Whoops. I really should look into that more.. (Europe 2 times isn't too impossible considering asia 2018 and 2022 but I'll make a revised version later XD)
  10. Bump. PS, Is that site up yet?
  11. The year they pass a flipping referendum is the year they will win
  12. Also, If you don't have one, Making a discord chat might be a good idea.
  13. Just do an easier version of a full bid comp so that people (including me) would stay in.
  14. Maybe we could try a condensed version of a full games? We still have to make bid books, But there's a template in place and we just have to fill it in instead of making it from scratch? (Also, If there is a 2026 bid comp, I'm putting a reservation on Sion!)
  15. I didn't notice that XD 2060: Toronto Rome
  16. Beijing 2.0 Update: Now named Shanghai!
  17. Ok, ok, here's the better version: Yep, this version is much better
  18. sorry for posting the same thing twice my reply didnt load the first time
  19. So they could have support problems just like Boston/Denver? But what if the city that had direct talks was Rhein-Ruhr (Rhine-Westphalia) and not New Delhi or Brisbane? I think they have a chance, not a very large chance if Australia bids, and especially not if both Australia & South Africa bid, but they have a chance.
  20. Might as well. 2026 WOG: Calgary 2030 WOG: Lillehammer 2032 SOG: Brisbane 2034 WOG: Sapporo 2036 SOG: Madrid 2038 WOG: Salt Lake 2040 SOG: Toronto 2042 WOG: Turin 2044 SOG: Durban 2046 WOG: Almaty (For lack of better names) 2048 SOG: Buenos Aires 2050 WOG: Christchurch 2052 SOG: Busan 2054 WOG: Zakopane 2056 SOG: Berlin 2058 WOG: Santiago 2060 SOG: Toronto 2062 WOG: Harbin 2064 SOG: St. Petersburg 2066 WOG: Zaragoza 2068 SOG: Tulsa San Francisco 2070 WOG: Ostersund
  21. My guesses are: Brisbane/Melbourne, Australia Rhein-Ruhr/Hamburg/Berlin, Germany Budapest, Hungary New Delhi, India Seattle, USA (One is allowed to dream ;D) Busan, South Korea Toronto, Canada Rome, Italy Madrid, Spain Istanbul, Turkey Kazan/St. Petersburg/Sochi, Russia Bangkok, Thailand
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