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  1. I wish a country could have two separate bids at the same time. Then we’d really see both Salt Lake and Denver in “action.”
  2. WE'RE GOING TO KICK OFF THE SUMMER FUN NEXT YEAR WITH AN OLYMPIC BID BALLOT! PERFECT START! At least now the bid cities have less time to hold referendums or withdraw!
  3. Barcelona vs. Erbumrum. You can guess who wins. But seriously, saying anything relating to the olympics is "no-cost" is a joke. Don't go around saying "Oh, The Olympics is a no-cost" Even IF you're saying it to an arguably rare sustainable winter bid.
  4. Yes. Yes they are. If I were them, I would do one or the other. Preferably the WC because then we have someone to share the economic losses with.
  5. Sorry, busy cracking myself with that. Anyways, How is there a way for Stockholm to make it to the final ballot. The only way I can see them making it to the ballot is if a pro-olympics dictator takes over before January. That gives me an idea! And then that whole "Western Democracy" thing is going to be lost. It's a lose-lose for the IOC in terms of Sweden and Stockholm.
  6. This is gonna be fun to watch.. Swedish NOC: Yes! A change in government! Hopefully they supp- New Parliament: Nope. Swedish NOC: DAMMIT! NOT AGAIN! or Swedish NOC: YES! WE GOT GOVERNMENT SUPPORT! IF WE HAVE THEM, WE HAVE EVERYB- Swedish Public: Stop it right there. We want a referendum. Swedish NOC: OK! IT'S GOING TO PAS- *referendum fails* Swedish NOC: DAMMIT! NOT AGAIN! No way is Stockholm making it to the final ballot. No. Way. Just not possible.
  7. "All the capitalist pig athletes are in one place!" *nuke* r.i.p
  8. Ok, that was stupid. I think when I said "And by money, I mean guarantees that cities will make some kind of profit.", I think I meant have it not be a complete trainwreck after the games, like Athens & Rio. They need to be sure that it win't just be "Woo! We hosted a 3 week sporting event and we now have a bunch of stadiums which we will never use!".
  9. Finally, someone says the have to do the process differently. When Bach said that "Only qualified cities will make the shortlist" or whatever, I don't think that he realized that, that number might be zero. The IOC needs to spend more money on the bid cities so that there will be more bidders. And by money, I mean guarantees that cities will make some kind of profit.
  10. And they could bid with Andorra, too!
  11. pls belgium stay in i wanna win swepstaeks
  12. Maybe, Maybe not. Like you said, They don't really want the games right now. That's pretty much the bid-killer right there.
  14. ANd this thread is dead.. (Because of Iceland's losing.)
  15. Or maybe just luck. You never know! (At least not until after the WC!)
  16. Just when I thought Graz might actually have a chance of making it to the final vote, this happens.
  17. I think Baron won this. Not Because he has Germany, but because he has Croatia, who beat Argentina 3-0.
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