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  1. And I know appeal isn't the only aspect for winning a bid, but it's generally more inline with Agenda 2020, less risky with the cost, and thus, more appealing to the IOC.
  2. It's very safe to say that Stockholm is very likely to win the vote at this point, considering that they have MUCH more appeal than the Italian bid. Now, the question is probably, will the Italians remain interested in the years to come? If they do, they might have a good chance for 2030 or 2034 So it might, maybe, be smart to do a joint award, because, then, the IOC knows that both will accept.. Unless, both are only interested in 2026. TBH, I'm not sure if this is the case with either bid. If either of them are okay with waiting a couple years after 2026, then a double is possible. If not then, It won't happen. And although this might upset the USOC, there are other hosts than SLC.
  3. Salt Lake, Denver, Reno, Minneapolis, Albany, Quebec City, Erzurum, Bursa, Astana, Borjomi, Sochi, St. Petersburg, Beijing, Ushuaia, Lahti, really, the list goes on. All jokes aside, there was a time with no elections like this. Remember, they didn't do this in the earliest days of the Olympics (Though I'm not sure if I'm entirely right about that..) Possibly, they could do a system like: "Okay.. What's the best host and who are we interested in?". And then they could go ask the city that they chose if they want to host. And if they say no, find another. I remember they did similar to find a replacement for Denver. Hopefully it dosen't go to that point, however.
  4. Because this is DEFINITELY going to help with those rising costs and dwindling cities bidding!
  5. Someone, somewhere, has made a 2032 Olympics Wikipedia page! I know I might be the only one that cares but that's okay! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2032_Summer_Olympics
  6. Two months of a decline is a “recession”? Puh-Lease Plus, the article also projects 0.6% GROWTH in 2019. While it’s not ideal for the bid, it’s certainly not a recession and, as such, does not mean that the Milan-Cortina bid is dead. Please think about your posts BEFORE you post them.
  7. That's hardly a recession. Italy's economy is still in decent shape, and, as long as that stays the same, which it probably will, Milan-Cortina is fine. You never know what will happen by June though. We will just have to wait and see.
  8. Contragulations, Stockholm-Åre, you now have more than a 0% chance at getting the nececssary government guarantees!
  9. So if there is a winter games in the southern hemisphere, Why does everyone assume it to be hosted in July-August? This is probably a stretch, but they could, maybe, host the Olympics itself from April-May and then the Para May-June. It averages about 62f in April and 57.2f in May. Not that far off from Sochi. Maybe the IOC could contribute money toward movig snow?
  10. Only if that happens BEFORE June. (BTW, that ain't alot of time.) F*ck you Ok.. First of all, the chances of the USOC saying no is, well, slim to none. And even if they do, there's still more than two real options. To name some citie(s), Ushuaia, Lillehammer, Innsbruck and if worst comes to worst, Beijing. And don't count Sapporo out entirely because of one stupid train line. Besides, there's always a slight chance that it'll get done before 2030/31. Almaty might, MIGHT, be given 2030 in a joint award. And that's if they get really, really, REALLY lucky.
  11. Ok, but the security costs still cost billions. That, in itself, is STILL pretty expensive. Quoting Zeeshan Aleem from Vox: Allen Sanderson, a sports economist at the University of Chicago, says that post-9/11 security “adds between $2 and 5 billion to the price tag to start with.” That's a lot. And, considering it's, well, Sweden, even that might be hard to get support for.
  12. *Anger Intensifies* (Yes, I'm from washington state)
  13. Wow, I used to make a LOT of messages over and over again. Spam messages. Huh. Glad I don't do that now. I sound WAY lass annoying!
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