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  1. After uploading the image to Imgur, right-click that image post and select "Open image in new tab". Copy and paste that image URL from the new tab to the text box. This link would automatically change into that image in the text box itself, unless settings have been modified otherwise. Have you or @Anthony tried this measure?
  2. Here's mine for Milan-Cortina 2026! The logo takes inspiration from the Art Deco movement that flourished in Italy beginning in the early 20th century. Following from behind the contour of the letters on the wordmark are specific abstract representations of the Milan Cathedral (blue) and the Alps (green) that include the Dolomites, near which Cortina d'Ampezzo is located, as well as the design of the emblem (red) for the 1956 Winter Olympics hosted there.
  3. This took me the longest, from concept to completion! ENTRY #4 is... CAIRO 2032!! The logo features a stylized white "sun", inspired by Coptic origin of the name of Cairo -- Kahira, which means "land of the sun". It also contains the name of the city written in Arabic (see photo below, apparently not my official submission for Cairo 2032). The three colors blue, yellow, and purple represent the core Olympic values -- excellence, friendship, and respect, respectively.
  4. ENTRY #3! Heading to summer... NEW ORLEANS 2032!! The logo is a stylized representation of the fleur-de-lis, a symbol based on the Iris versicolor species that is symbolic to New Orleans, Louisiana and other places with history of French settlement. The three petals take the form of tongues of fire, symbolizing the Olympic flame. The blue ribbon in this context is not only reminiscent of the finish line ribbon, associated with foot races that have persisted throughout Olympic Games history, but also the Mississippi River, along which New Orleans is located.
  5. ENTRY #2! BUCHAREST 2030!! Inspired by the Romanian peony (Peonia tenuifolia), one of the floral species considered emblematic to Romania, the logo also contains, at the center, a brush stroke style representation of the map of Romania (gold in color), including the capital Bucharest (turquoise in color) on its very location.
  6. Here's my (perhaps, official) ENTRY #1! DARMSTADT 2030!! The logo features a landmark attributed to Darmstadt--the Hochzeitsturm, or "Wedding Tower"--through its "five-fingered" roofing, which has served as the seat of "contemporary art and culture" in the city. The "five fingers" detail is then applied into the illusion of a snowflake, reminiscent of winter, and a cube, oriented asymmetrically to convey the sense of motion, dynamism, and progression.
  7. Ahhh!!! Medical clerkship duty recently has got me missing a great deal! Good thing this comp's extended!
  8. Just got my exams over with... Here now (finally! -- left myself logged in while I had to study...) to say thanks to Yoshi and Sir Rols for a job well done pulling off this comp... Sorry to see it having to go through that impasse days earlier, but worth the trouble in the end... Congrats to Paul with his stunning Mumbai logo! Voted for it because of its simplicity and the striking fluidity on the contours made by the fronds... Yeah, certainly better... Putting subjectivity and application considerations aside, I had to wonder why a logo designer or agency can't pull off a brilliant finishing product (like Paul's here), when no one could stop them from exerting their audacity and grit to do so much to make a masterpiece of a logo. 'Cause I haven't seen that in a while (or have I desensitized myself?) Year-long clinical clerkship commences by June, will be going round the hospital from then every day and hoping I would get a break to return for next annual comp...
  9. He he! No biggie! One thing there might be that, when all the logo designs had to be zoomed in for Round 2, Logo A then looked a bit off, as though the illusion of eccentrically shrinking squares was further lost, looked less appealing.
  10. Hello! Here, I designed a few Olympic "posters" to go with my Mexico City 2032 logo! (Hope I got the translation right...)
  11. Lots of entries on the line! Another thing, though -- it seems that there is no function that would limit the selection of the entries in the voting up to strictly five. One could get away with voting at least six without reading the rules. Is there or has there been anything to address this? Just something to watch out for, not exactly a big deal...
  12. Woot woot! Thanks so much for the greetings! I thought I've gone into a brilliant kind of logo comp. And there must be no better logo comp than this, by virtue especially of how this was conducted, like previous editions -- from the announcement of the comp prompt to the quality of the submissions to the announcement of the winner (Borat's smile made a good touch on this one.) I'd like to thank and congratulate yoshi and Sir Rols for pulling this off for 12 editions. Paul's entries, including his Almaty 2030 design, are astounding. The use of brighter hues of cool colors in that logo makes the beholder indeed embrace the winter, and, perhaps, constitute a deviation from the explicit more common use of the "apple" or "apple tree" symbol. In his explanation of the design, I would concur as to its simplicity and its modern feel. I'd like to add to the explanation that featuring the mountainscape on the wheat-shape figure makes an allusion of a "window" or "portal" to Almaty, showing the city's identity and its capabilities to hosting such a massive winter sports event as the Winter Olympics. So, yeah... with such ingenious application on the design, no wonder Paul has made an excellent reputation in this industry because that is greatly reflected in his entries. Sir Rols is right. Keep up the good work, as always! I want to add, in fewer words than 10, Zurich is a toughie. (But, it has perhaps as much worth as Almaty to be a host city for the event.) My design went too simple, so much that I should've tried "selling this out" with an explanation of the logo and the application of it in venue dressings, banners, field of play elements, look of the games, etc. (But, that time, I had no space in my schedule to do those.) Anyways, thank you again for the felicitations! I'm ecstatically looking forward to Part 2 with Mexico City and Mumbai! Best of luck!
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